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I cant find a way to register PMDG and obtain new pilot ID

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    I cant find a way to register PMDG and obtain new pilot ID


    I'm needing help trying to find out how to register for a new pilot ID on the website but there is no link for registration.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or have a missed something completely that I should of seen?

    Thank you.

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    GFO isn't available yet, it's still in BETA
    Joe Colehouse


      It's been 2 years and they are still in beta


        lol 2 years


          Uhmm remember they've been working on 1 million other things as well..
          Anton Vind
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            The way I see it this project is dead. It has been in development for about 4 or 5 years now. Even back in FS9 PMDG planned to eventually have a functioning ACARS system implemented. That was more than 15 years ago...
            I doubt we will ever see it released.
            Karsten Sandleben


              Hi Karsten 😉
              How can you see that the project is dead, when all the available evidence points to its continual active development.
              When released I have high expectations that we will see a most valuable advance to more realistic fleet operations.
              Cheers, Richard


                It‘s not dead. Unfortunately schedules aren‘t set in stone and if nothing had happened GFO would orobably have been out for a while. But MSFS DID happen and one developer can only do one thing at a time. Believe me that the respective devs are just as frustrated that they can‘t go on as quickly as they would like to. GFO is definitely not dead but the situation is probably best described that there is a lot to do on the -700 for MSFS with the left hand, at the same time work on the -600 and -800 with the right hand, fixing stuff in the DC6 with the left foot since there are impatient pilots like myself who can‘t stand any more delay and then there is a family to be cared for with the other foot… ^^

                I forgot to place GFO somewhere didn‘t I? 😳
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                Marc Eland
                GFO Beta


                  GFO in the meantime became overtaken by others. I would be surprised to see this going live as presented 2 years ago since it than will not be interesting. I also hope that they do not thing about making it payware since others are providing CPDLC etc for free on their products. Also in MSFS.
                  Cheers Jonathan Schmeier


                  • Ephedrin
                    Ephedrin commented
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                    Imagine you have a Porsche 911 driving at 50km/h that gets overtaken by a VW that drives 80.

                  • sennah8
                    sennah8 commented
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                    and who is what in your comparison?

                  Is there another product out there that keeps track of a global fleet of aircraft, knowing not only where they are located but the condition the aircraft was left in by the last pilot?
                  Tim Lincoln
                  My YouTube Channel


                  • Want2BFlyin
                    Want2BFlyin commented
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                    RichardMcDonaldWoods Yes, from what I understand, GFO will keep track of a specific aircraft's hours and maintenance requirements. So, in theory at least, if a specific aircraft tends to get abused more than other aircraft, it may be more prone to failures.

                    There are things like Volanta and SimToolKitPro that offer a few features similar to what GFO will offer, but I have yet to hear about anything that comes close to the full set of features proposed with GFO.

                  • RichardMcDonaldWoods
                    RichardMcDonaldWoods commented
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                    I would not be at all surprised to see a development that removes the apparent overlap in maintaining the aircraft records. Perhaps a merger of the best bits of GFO and Volanta ??

                  • Want2BFlyin
                    Want2BFlyin commented
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                    To be fair, I am not involved in any way with GFO, but from what I understand about the plans for GFO it will contain most of the features of Volanta and expand on them.

                    Map: Volanta's map is decent, but we already know that GFO will also contain a map. Will the GFO map include the weather? Perhaps, though I have found that the weather depicted on maps in Volanta and SimToolkitPro doesn't always accurately reflect the weather that I see in the sim (and I'm not sure that it ever will). There are also a lot of times when the weather depiction just adds unnecessary clutter to the map. Will the GFO map overlay information from VATSIM/IVAO? I don't know at this point, but I certainly hope so.

                    Aircraft: Volanta allows me to keep track of the aircraft that I have flown. However, unless I am completely missing something, I cannot see where other pilots have flown those same aircraft (based on registration number) since those other pilots have their own copies of that particular aircraft in their fleet. What I do with my copy of the aircraft does not affect the copies that other pilots have, and vice versa. I believe Volanta does provide some form of persistence between flights, but this is only available in their premium offering which I haven't purchased yet because there are only two or three things that it offers that I would find useful. I think that persistence also only applies to my copies of the aircraft and does not affect the copies of the aircraft that other pilots have.

                    Flight logging: Volanta offers a basic form of flight logging and, to be honest, flight logging doesn't need to be very complex. I would be surprised if GFO doesn't include some form of flight logging.

                    Activities: I personally don't care about Volanta's activities, though I can see why other people might enjoy them. They just don't fit into the way that I fly personally, and the only way that I would ever complete one of them would be accidentally during my normal flying. I'm not sure if anything has been mentioned about a similar feature in GFO. If it isn't included, I personally won't miss it but I can certainly understand if others want it.

                    Schedules: Another thing that is tucked behind Volanta's premium option. I've not used it so I don't know how it works, but I would be surprised if it would work the way that I prefer to search for my next flight. Again, I don't know if this is something that will be included in GFO, but if it is included there is a good chance that I will still use my own method for searching for flights.

                    Until we get GFO, I have made use of ProjectFly (this seems to be abandoned at this point), SimToolkitPro, and Volanta. I'll probably get the Volanta premium subscription at some point just to see what it comes with. Who knows, I might actually be pleasantly surprised with the way their flight schedule search is set up. When GFO does eventually come out, I expect that it will have all of the important features that the current products offer, and expand on them as well as include some new things that the current products don't offer. Now, one thing that I really would like to see in GFO is some of the various tools that SimToolkitPro contains. The searchable airport database, landing wind calculator, and built-in checklists have come in handy at different times. I don't currently stream my flights, but it would also be nice if GFO were to include some of those tools as well.

                  Hi Tim,
                  I believe that the original idea was for aircraft to be shared by all simmers. Service schedules can then be activated based on the aircraft hours rather than a pilot's flying it. The aircraft records will be stored in the cloud so available to all to check out/in.
                  I am only interested in flying as per real world. I do not yet know whether I shall be able to choose my destination or whether GFO will do this. For real world flights I will refer to the Real World Flight Plan Database, whilst expecting to re-plan each flight with SimBrief due to wind differences.
                  Interesting times are certainly on the way 😁
                  Cheers, Richard


                    Originally posted by RichardMcDonaldWoods View Post
                    I am only interested in flying as per real world. I do not yet know whether I shall be able to choose my destination or whether GFO will do this.
                    As far as I know, once you have the aircraft in your possession, you can choose to fly it wherever you'd like. Once you're finished with it, just check it back in, and somebody else can take over from there.
                    Captain Kevin

                    Kevin Yang


                      To add to what Kevin said, I believe the only restriction that GFO will place on you is that if you decide to fly a specific aircraft, you have to depart from wherever that aircraft is located currently. That could potentially limit the use that I would get from GFO.

                      For example, if I wanted to fly a hypothetical Lufthansa flight from KORD to EDDF using one of their 747-8i aircraft, I would only be able to do this using GFO if one of their 747-8i aircraft was currently located at KORD within GFO's database. I asked a year or two ago if GFO would include the ability to "reposition" an aircraft to an airport that I want to depart from and was told that they would not be including any form of "teleportation" in GFO.

                      Outside of that, I am really looking forward to using GFO.
                      Tim Lincoln
                      My YouTube Channel