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Ngxu Family update

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    Ngxu Family update

    Hi, apparently the last update solved the Gen Bus problem. I'll test again but yesterday I was able to switch to Engine Gen buses from APU Bus on turnaround when shutting down Engine after landing with no APU on all flights. Great!

    Also, does anybody seen that speedbrake effectiveness has been substantially increased?

    Looking forward to the changelog, but as long as is not inclusive maybe those are not included in the list.
    I'm really enjoying every single flight on this beauty now.

    Thanks to the team! 👏
    Joan Alonso

    Speed Brake effectiveness should be unchanged.

    If you're flying the BBJ though: Due to less gross weight you have less energy. Thus the speed brake seems more effective as there's less energy to destroy.
    Bring the plane up to the typical 60t of a full 737NG and it should be exactly what you were used too.


      Volume of the rattling sound with extended speedbrakes has been increased and the shaking effect has been added or at least increased also I believe, maybe this gives the impression of more effectiveness
      Manolo Ruiz Carrió


        Maybe the speedbrakes, while used as such, should be explained as spoilers, as that‘s how they work.

        We know how a wing works, the air on the upper side has to flow faster and so it creates a lift force. Adding spoilers on the upper side however doesn‘t really add drag, drag is added when you add flaps. So the spoilers on top of the wing actually spoil the lift.

        The 737 is a very slippery aircraft that glides exceptionally well. Now spoiling the lift will force the plane to pitch up to counter the obligatory descent that would result from the spoilt lift. This nose up attitude eventually adds drag to the airplane (like in every airplane that pitches up) and it slows the plane down.

        In the 737 this effect is a lot smaller than in for example an A320 that pitches up significantly more.
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        i7-6700k, GTX 1080TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz, 4k
        Marc Ehnle


          The spoilers do add drag. Given the way they break up the airflow it would be impossible not to. It's the combination of increased drag and reduced lift that makes them work.

          The problem with the 737NG is not that it is especially slippery, all modern airliners are very slippery. It's that the flight spoilers in the 737 aren't particularly effective. It was just the same in the less slippery 737 Classic and 737-200.


            Thanks guys!

            Apparently I was wrong on both.

            I will submit a new ticket for the Gen Bus problem.

            Just in case I'm missing something and in order to know if someone else noticed it:

            I often shut down engine 2 after 1 minute cool down on taxi in, sometimes I'll switch APU later (arriving to the stand) and sometimes I switch from Ext. Power directly then shut down Eng1 without APU. The thing is that as soon as I do not use APU Gen on engine shutdown on the previous flight I subsequently can not switch the corresponding Engine Gen after engine start on turnaround. I believe that as soon as I shut one engine down and there's no other power source for a while (APU or Ext.Power) that Gen won't come alive on next flight.

            It seems to me that the Generators logic is a little messed up. I checked may times and it's not a panel state or saved flight problem so for now I can only do single engine taxi in with APU.


            Joan Alonso


              Originally posted by Joan Alonso View Post
              I often shut down engine 2 after 1 minute cool down on taxi in,
              I could be wrong, but I thought the cooldown time was 3 minutes.
              Captain Kevin

              Kevin Yang


                Thanks Kevin,
                Yes, that its what FCOM says but I believe that some companies may have an option to make less than those 3 minutes. From what I've seen on YT, there are many RYR that shut down Eng2 one minute after landing, I'd say that they have some kind of certification from Boeing or CFM to do so.
                Joan Alonso


                  For single engine taxi the cooling time is 3 minutes. If you reach your parking position before those three minutes you are allowed to shut the engines down nontheless.

                  The effects of the missing cooling time are not significant if you only rarely shut an engine down before the end of the cooling time. If you however do it regularly you will significantly reduce the engine life.

                  The three minutes are obeyed for single engine taxi in any airline I know of. Be aware however that IDLE reverse also counts already. Thus you can take around a minute for the landing roll, then wait another 2-2:30 and you can shut one engine down.
                  There are no exceptions for any airline for the cooling time. You can't beat physics


                    Got it, thanks Emi!
                    Joan Alonso