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Flying NGXu - First Impressions

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    Flying NGXu - First Impressions

    Hi all,

    These are my first impressions flying the NGXu.

    To get started, my legacy home-built PC circa 2013 running Win 7 is coming up to the end of life soon, and needs a refresh in a bad way. I have been flying the FSX/NGX for close to 7 years now and a step-up to P3D is a welcome transition for me. Everything about it is seems different from what I’m used to, and yet it all oddly feels and looks familiar at the same time; like in some kind of a parallel universe, LOL.

    Several weeks ago, I finished a new PC build. The hardware build itself was fairly quick, took only about 4 hours to complete; but it wasn’t until this morning when I finally finished installing and configuring everything to the point when I thought that it was ready for a test flight. I took the extra time to get prepared for a flight from Providence Rhode Island (KPVD), over the Block Island Sound, and back to Providence. A quick jaunt to see how everything feels before I get back to my usual VA routine. I did make a short clip of it which I may post on the YouTube later.

    My new PC is a Ryzen 7 3700 8 core 16 thread 3.6 GHz CPU with a stock cooler mounted on a 570 motherboard chipset, 16 GB DDR4 3600 RAM, with fast NVME boot and application drives. For graphics, I have an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super overclocked with 8GB memory projecting on dual 2160P 144 Hz G-Sync monitors. Having dialed in all ultra-high settings, I was getting fairly consistent FPS in the high-50s throughout the flight, although it did drop off slightly toward the end as I was getting closer to the ground. There is no doubt, NGXu demands a lot of processing power. Ideally, an RTX 2080 Ti would probably be a good graphics card for this, but it’s stupid expensive and not worth it for an average simmer with a day job and a couple of kids, in my very humble opinion; YMMV. A graphics card should not cost as much as a mortgage payment. Although overall frames looked smooth, I may still want dial back on the high def settings just a bit in the future, even with the relatively high-end PC specs.

    Overall, the visuals are just stunning. Everything from the aircraft exterior paint, LED lights, wing edges, metallic surface reflections, down to the interior flight deck was top notch. PMDG have really knocked the graphics out of the ball park. Having accumulated nearly a thousand hours flying the legacy NGX, I was ready for something new and more visually exciting. I think the same could be said for the entire flight simming community. And with this release, we got it, and in a big way! The PMDG team did a fantastic job! The flight deck controls look cleaner and crisper. Everything is in the right place and working as it should. I did experience a glitch with not being able to see the HGS display data, but I think the issue is on my side entirely as I have not heard of anyone else having this issue. A few more bells and whistles were added to the ground services, including fuel trucks, push carts, loading ramps, stairs, and even a passenger bus… wow! The fuel loading and passenger boarding is more realistic now, I can definitely see using these functions for improved realism. But even with all this software bling, I have to admit that it all seems a bit over the top to me – I really don’t need all that, all I really need is to concentrate on flight planning and execution, but maybe some of you may appreciate all the extra niceties; if you’re into that sort of thing – you got it.

    At first, I thought I would finally say goodbye to the FSUIPC. However, after further consideration I still think that some fine tuning may be needed with steering controls on the ground and several other control features; ground steering is a bit unresponsive and somewhat unrealistic. I read in the manual where it says that FSUIPC is fully supported now with NGXu, and after tinkering with it a bit more, I believe that the chapter on FSUIPC is not yet closed to some extent.

    The flight dynamics are absolutely superb. Everything about NGXu seems authentic, from the panel movements on the ground to the interior and exterior sounds. The sounds are perfect, there is no more need for any 3rd party add-ons; these work better out of the box and better than anything I’ve ever experienced before (except in a real airplane).

    The EFB is something new to me, I had to skim through the 100+ page manual, which was not fun. I’m sure I will come to like it with time, but as of this moment I probably still do not fully appreciating its full potential. It would be nice to finally ditch the old TOPCAT after all these years; it served me well but is getting old and I don’t see any updates forthcoming. So, I am committed to making the EFB work. Having Navigraph ultimate subscription is not required, but is a good idea. The charts displayed on the EFB are not as clean or crisp as one might expect. It’s a bit small and looks a bit fuzzy and angled in a precarious way. I think I would rather prefer to look at the charts on a second monitor, or even on a smartphone for that matter. However, performance planning with EFB is a God-sent (once I figure out how to use it properly). The manual that comes with it is extensive; however to be honest, I would appreciate a simple 2-page flow chard insert “for dummies” in order to simplify such a complex instrument to an average simmer such as myself; all we need is something to get us started, and then if we want details, we can read more about it in the manual to fill in the knowledge gaps.

    All that said, I did load some additional software external to PMDG to further enhance my experience, some of the more prominent ones including:
    • TrackIR
    • EZDok
    • REX Sky Force 3D
    • REX Environment
    • Active Sky for P3Dv4

    Lastly, I really appreciate the $99 discount from PMDG on future FS2020 product. I don’t know too many companies that do this nowadays, although more of them probably should. Thank you guys!

    Overall, the entire experience I just went through from upgrading the PC hardware and software was made worth it with this addon from PMDG. NGXu is an icing on the cake! Awesome job team!

    Thank you - Serge

    Another great post give this man a star
    Wayne Such


      Here is a short clip of my first VA-assigned flight with NGXu from KMCO to KATL. Starts out with flight deck initiation flows. Scenery is way over-exposed. I know it's rough, please be gentle

      [P3D] Boeing 737-800 NGXu Orlando to Atlanta