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[14NOV19] PMDG 737 NGXu Update (Build 9930) is available

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    [14NOV19] PMDG 737 NGXu Update (Build 9930) is available


    We have just made Build 9930 of PMDG 737 NGXu available to you via the Operations Center 2.0

    Before you do **anything** please be certain that you have run OC2, and selected FILE/UPDATE THIS APP. If you fail to follow this step first, you may try to install the NGXu update on an outdated Operations Center and it will give you trouble.

    If you have a problem with short attention span, and forget.... Just start over again by getting OC2 updated first and then you will have an easier time of it.

    This update is available via Operations Center 2.0 **only** at this time. You can obtain the update by running Operations Center 2.0, clicking Aircraft and Liveries, and then clicking on Aircraft Updates.


    There are a ton of small fixes packed into this update, but our primary focus was on three areas:

    1) Making adaptations to give the product more flexibility and better interaction with users who choose to use shaders.
    2) Making adaptations to give the product more flexibility and better handling qualities with respect to ground taxi steering.
    3) Some improvements to the overall sound quality in external and "wing view" settings.

    The rest of the change list is attached below- and is by no means conclusive.

    We anticipate pushing another, much smaller update to you on Friday, or possibly during the weekend. It really depends upon how many items we can pick off for you in order to keep progres moving forward.

    One of the fun things about Xu is that we are working with a single platform so it dramatically cuts our time from code-to-release, and also allows us to keep adding functionality at a rapid clip.

    Enjoy, and happy flying!

    PMDG 737 NGX Lifecycle Maintenance - BUILD 9930 (Released 2019-11-13) [ View Issues ]
    ================================================== ===============================
    - 0008133: [Systems - Fuel] 900ER with Aux tanks loads back with Setup B config (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008129: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Altitude display when equal to transition (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008040: [EFB - Performance and Computational] New assumed temperature derate model for FMC (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008123: [Sounds - Internal/Cockpit] Auto-Throttle switch sound (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008116: [Main Panel - ND] ND Range Disappears (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008115: [Main Panel - ND] Right click at ND max range, range value drops off display (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008125: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Flap handle animation (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008034: [General - Installer] Uninstall Removes Shortcuts.ini file. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008109: [General - Unsure] Pushback truck dissapears (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008015: [Systems - Hydraulic] Nose gear Alt steering (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008114: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Oxygen Press gauge on overhead misaligned with housing. (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008029: [Systems - Electrical] Low OAT kills engine Generators (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008108: [External Model - Liveries] 900 paintkit metallic issue (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008112: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Gauge glass not properly reflective (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008107: [FMS - Performance Pages] EXEC Light illuminating on PROG page with PERF INIT not executed (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008060: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Hiding Right Yoke to hide it turns the baro knob (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008083: [General - Comms/Navs] Mic Selector selection saves (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008104: [EFB - General] Brightness controls reversed (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008102: [External Model - Geometry] Tweak Flap positions. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008043: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] NGXu Domelight brightness (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008105: [External Model - Geometry] Contrail effects missing smoke bitmap (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008074: [General - Unsure] Additiona Panel options issues (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008103: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] LAND ALT and FLT ALT knobs have wagon wheel effect when turning, and look like they rotate backwards (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008098: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Windshield is missing black border on outboard sides of winshield center post (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008099: [External Model - Geometry] Door L2 black texture (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008100: [External Model - Geometry] Beacon splash on upper wing adjustment (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008101: [External Model - Geometry] CFM56 Engine nozzle tweak and added missing pylon drain tube. (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008097: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Yoke rotation doesnt go beyond 87.5° in practice (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008092: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] 900 models and taxi light (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008096: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Green indicator lights on ENT and CLR buttons on IRS panel not showing properly (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008095: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Lighting on Collins knobs do not match those on efis (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008094: [General - Engines] Enhanced full rated thrust (max N1) model for display in upper DU (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008084: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Switch Guard misbehavior (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008088: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] F/O wipere has no texture (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008089: [External Model - Geometry] 900 Models Fuel Hose postion (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008085: [Systems - Lighting - VC/2D] MIP Lights light the Captain Wiper (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008066: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] When breaks overheat planes does 360 (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008082: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Toe brakes not animating when brakes applied (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008075: [Main Panel - MCP] Honeywell MCP digits misallined (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008078: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Engine start knob does not have push pull behavior (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008081: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Autobrake knob pulls out before rotating into MAX (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008069: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] F/O Map reading light (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0007881: [FMS - Performance Pages] Lateral RNP manual entry in FMS can only accept tenths (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008071: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Right rotary Transponder digtis (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008073: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Bottom row of FO EFIS buttons turn black when pressed (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008072: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] INOP sticker on FO efis ADF 2 switch penetrates the switch (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008065: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] F/O OBS course selector (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008061: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] FO memory device click spots not correct (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008063: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Standby airspeed tape pegged at 450 (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008037: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Request: fold up fo armrest (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008054: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Flight Recorder switch behavior (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008059: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Add SELCAL codes to n number placard for etops equipped aircraft (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008036: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Request separate texture for each radio panel (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008049: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] F/O EFIS click spot (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008062: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Captain pfd clickspot inop (abashkatov) - closed.
    - 0008035: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] HGS Deactivated sticker not necessary on airplanes that have no HGS to begin with (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0008032: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Draw order of VC nose and fins on nose is wrong (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0008031: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] FO Wipers not textured (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0008033: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spots hard to find on Jumpseat. Should be a click spot on red latch. (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0000000: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Various coloration issues addressed.
    - 0000000: [Virtual Cockpit - Lighting] Various lighting adjustments
    - 0008026: [General - Unsure] - Performance improvements related to light blending model.
    [61 issues]

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    First! Eager to get home from work, and into the simulated Boeing lol.
    Angelo Cosma


      Last edited by Tbarker1989; 14Nov2019, 18:57. Reason: The problem I had decided to change it mind and work lol
      Tim Barker
      FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist


        You guys are the best! The problems I had are now fixed!!

        Even though I had gotten used to the new steering method, the updates you just made have made it even better!

        Peter Bellermann
        Last edited by pbellermann18; 14Nov2019, 19:31.


          Can we expect another update on Saturday or this is it?


            Originally posted by Stefan_888 View Post
            Can we expect another update on Saturday or this is it?
            lol did you even read the announcement?
            Tim Barker
            FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist


              So far so good. Dome light dim setting is perfect for the overhead. And taxi feels a bit better with the softer curve, Will take some getting used to but it just takes a bit of care and momentum management! Not explored too much yet, basically had a fiddle and took off. I noticed cold and dark has changed.... Ground power is already connected and the fmc is on for the menu. But curiously, the radio panel displays are lit, no digits, just orange backlit.....
              Last edited by Petetech; 14Nov2019, 20:17.
              Peter Lott


                Originally posted by Tbarker1989 View Post

                lol did you even read the announcement?
                Yes I did,but just to make sure LoL.
                STEFAN ĐORĐEVIĆ


                  This update made this bird almost perfect the steering is perfect on my end the performance has improved so very happy thank you very much
                  Duarte Vieira


                    Fantastic job
                    Igor Bischi


                      Great - that was easy to update. But I notice nothing new because I can't tell the difference between a 737 and a microwave oven. Both fly the same to me.
                      Paul Gugliotta


                        PMDG, thank you for adding the different steering options, lighting adjustments and VC HDR adjustments. These are fantastic options and I'm grateful that you added them. I can't wait to knock out a few flights now.
                        Dan Moore


                          Dear all,

                          Initially thanks for update , aircraft is perfect but I have a texture problem.

                          Altough I deleted all of ad-don shaders (like tomatoshade etc..and re-client update...ok restore original shaders have done ) but still dark slat and engine ring view is in progress, will be an update to fix it? this is very annoying problem..

                          Erkal SANLI - LTFJ


                            Originally posted by Erkas View Post
                            Dear all,

                            Initially thanks for update , aircraft is perfect but I have a texture problem.

                            Altough I deleted all of ad-don shaders (like tomatoshade etc..and re-client update...ok restore original shaders have done ) but still dark slat and engine ring view is in progress, will be an update to fix it? this is very annoying problem..

                            If the dark slat is at night that’s a LM PBR issue and pmdg can’t do anything to change that. If it’s during the day you need to update p3d content to latest version
                            Mark Roberts


                            • Erkas
                              Erkas commented
                              Editing a comment
                              if LM create a new update , maybe it will be fixed, otherwise not, This bird is so beautiful, my eyes doesn't see out of the cockpit anyway. Thanks PMDG

                            Thank you! The update is great!
                            Bai Jian


                              thanks for the update I can now fly my next sector couldn't before because the genorators wont work in the cold in Canada thanks love it to bits been great

                              Alex Mottershead


                                Damn fine update and now the paints are rolling out!

                                Lee Holdridge


                                  Great Robert pictures always help.😉
                                  Danny Z.Cebis


                                    FYI I noted this over in the General Discussion thread on the release as well but the update also added Tutorial #2 to the Flight Manuals folder for the a/c. I've only skimmed it but it looks like it covers some of the new features that weren't used in the first tutorial. Looking forward to diving in this weekend!

                                    Kevin Stalcup


                                      Hi Guys,

                                      Does anybody have an idea for this issue ? It just pops up when hitting the "check now" button. I can´t install the update with that issue. I started the operations center as an admin.

                                      Thank you!
                                      Daniel Abraham


                                      • mats0916
                                        mats0916 commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        Hi Daniel

                                        Latest version of Operations Center is 8642. Try to update OC and then try again. If the problem persists, open a support ticket at This is something the developer needs to look at and also handle this error in an upcoming update.

                                        Mats J
                                        Last edited by mats0916; 15Nov2019, 13:27.

                                      Need to update the operations center first. FILE > UPDATE THIS APP. ( If I recall correctly).
                                      Michael Sill


                                        Daniel_Vienna I had the same when I first tried to update. Just update the client first and it'll work fine.
                                        Last edited by Fudd79; 15Nov2019, 14:10.
                                        Snorre Selmer


                                          Thank you guys !! the old version of the ops center was the problem

                                          Wish you a nive weekend!
                                          Daniel Abraham


                                            Originally posted by Paulyg123 View Post
                                            Great - that was easy to update. But I notice nothing new because I can't tell the difference between a 737 and a microwave oven. Both fly the same to me.

                                            I can help you with this. Very simple memorization trick:

                                            1) 737:you can fly inside of.
                                            2) Microwave: you can't.

                                            If you are unsure which is which- try flying inside. 50/50 you will be okay.
                                            Robert S. Randazzo
                                            PMDG Simulations


                                              Hi Captains,

                                              Am I the only one with this problem?


                                              Of course, my Operations Center is up-to-date.

                                              All informations are welcome.

                                              Best regards.
                                              Last edited by AlphaASierra; 17Nov2019, 16:33.
                                              Alexandre SAGETTE


                                              • DDowns
                                                DDowns commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                Alexandre, it is always best to start a new thread for problem discussions. What are you using for anti virus? AV is the number one reason the OC updates fail.

                                              • AlphaASierra
                                                AlphaASierra commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                Well noted for the new thread, I would not miss it next time. Nothing but Windows Defender (Windows 10 v1809), with the following folders exclusions (same problem by disabling it completely) : "%programfiles(x86)%\PMDG Operations Manager" & "%appdata%\PMDG"