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Both the Fenix and the iniBuilds A310 use CFD now. Will PMDG follow?

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    Both the Fenix and the iniBuilds A310 use CFD now. Will PMDG follow?


    I've recently learned that the iniBuilds takes advantage of the CFD in the sim. That's the second airliner (with the Fenix) that we know of that use CFD in this sim. Some might think it doesn't do much for airliners but I have noticed the ground effect feels and looks much more natural and less static. I wonder if PMDG will jump on this train and get on par with other developers in this regard? So far PMDG haven't even incorporated the new ground friction variables (The Fenix makes great use of them). Why is PMDG taking their time to use these new features?
    Mark Tegge

    What is CFD? All these acronyms, I can't keep up.
    Daniel Anziano


    • StachM
      StachM commented
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      Computational Fluid Dynamics

    • Flypops
      Flypops commented
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      Ahh, okay. Thanks for that. Now to Google........ Computational Fluid Dynamics.

    • Ephedrin
      Ephedrin commented
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      Lol Daniel, I have no idea what it does or is either except that they draw the airstream around the airframe and wings and that Asobo‘s aircraft don‘t behave a dime better than before. Still veering off the runway, still feel the same lack of inertia whether you fly a 172 or a DA62. On the other hand my 737 feels like an airplane. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    +1 on the ground handling. Feels like there is no inertia at all. The NGXu handles much more realistically/believably on the ground in P3D.


      Before anything pmdg still has to figure out how to export their products using the latest sdk.

      I do hope they can improve the ground handling, its my only real gripe.


      • meurkel
        meurkel commented
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        Yeah and the flare feels too static, which would be fixed with cfd

      +1 on this. Ever since the latest Fenix update that they released, the plane has felt so amazing on the way it flies. They focused a lot on the ground effect and flare as well. It definitely feels amazing to fly that bird. I would love to see PMDG take on this as well. I feel like it can benefit from the CFD system that is in place so much. Definitely would love to see them also take advantage of the more variables that were added to the ground handling as well. The FBW and Fenix ground handling feels a lot better than before.
      Sergio Gutierrez


        I prefer the 737 over the A320/A310 any day of the week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for much better ground handling and flare. I do notice a significant difference in that regard compared to the other simulations.


          One thing at a time gents. Like getting the wipers to actually wipe rain would be a step in the right direction. I agree, the flare and takeoff are not modeled/represented as well as other sims. I also hope PMDG will continue to improve as time goes on. If I knew any programming, I'd volunteer to help.
          Tim Heinz- KIAH


            So CFD is the new buzzword is it? Everyone now claims that their model is better "because of CFD" and the fan boys will happily write-off any model that doesn't use it.

            It's just a buzzword folks, chill.
            Bill Casey


            • Arty57
              Arty57 commented
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              Contrary to your view many do view it as an advancement over static tables. Good thing you don’t make economic or programming decisions for PMDG

            • seatbackpocket
              seatbackpocket commented
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              I'll gladly take proper RF legs.

            • Aeromar
              Aeromar commented
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              Did anyone tell about this? They still use LUTs. Noobs...

            Ground handling is fine for me. Make sure you don't have FSRealistic making things unrealistic!

            Sean Lester


              A couple of points here. I can't find the post now, but this question came up here a while ago. PMDG stated that they are evaluating all of the features in MSFS, including CFD, and if any features provide a benefit they will include those features in their aircraft. I believe that PMDG uses an almost entirely custom flight model for their aircraft, so the CFD that is included in MSFS may not actually provide any benefit over what PMDG is already using.

              Also, CFD will have a mostly negligible effect on ground handling. As its name indicates, CFD is related to the flow of air over the aircraft's surface. This would only have a noticeable effect while on the ground immediately prior to takeoff and immediately after landing (or in extreme wind conditions). CFD will generally have no noticeable effect on how the aircraft taxis.
              Tim Lincoln
              My YouTube Channel


              • meurkel
                meurkel commented
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                I think you and sone other folks have misunderstood. When I say “ground effect“ I’m talking about the increase in lift you get when close to the ground like on flare for example. And that’s what feels pretty unrealistic as stated by quite a few real 737 pilots including flightdeck2sim. Since the CFD simulates the impact of the aircraft on the air surrounding it it improves simulation of that very effect. Logically, it’s why Fenix and iniBuilds are using it after careful evaluation.

              • Want2BFlyin
                Want2BFlyin commented
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                meurkel Sorry, my post was more aimed at some of the people responding on this thread, not to your OP.

              • NegativeApproach
                NegativeApproach commented
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                Mad_X, your comment says more about you and your problems/frustrations/troubled relation with PMDGs products, whatever they may be, than of the so called apologetic PMDG fans there that brings constructive facts to the conversation.

              Originally posted by leinsters View Post
              Ground handling is fine for me. Make sure you don't have FSRealistic making things unrealistic!

              Sean Lester
              Speaking of buzzwords, FSRealistic seems to be making the rounds on this forum.
              People seriously need to set it up correctly then see how it performs.
              Not saying you have not tried it Sean, but truly I wonder how many actually have it who are making comments about it, or have bothered to spend time turning off settings they don't want, and adjusting (toning down) others.
              And as for the ones that say 'it messed up my system', seriously check your system as no way it did!

              Meanwhile, back to the actual topic of this thread...​
              Steve Mel


                Originally posted by Sim737Pilot View Post
                One thing at a time gents. Like getting the wipers to actually wipe rain would be a step in the right direction. I agree, the flare and takeoff are not modeled/represented as well as other sims. I also hope PMDG will continue to improve as time goes on. If I knew any programming, I'd volunteer to help.

                Agree. And I would also like to see snow hitting the windshield as snow and not rain. Heck we even had this back in FS9. Not very realistic as it is now. But that's probably more of a MSFS thing.
                Robert Morse


                  I agree +1 CFD would be very nice
                  Please be courteous, English is not my primary language.