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Pitch Axis on Takeoff

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    Pitch Axis on Takeoff

    Hey all, I need some help here. I've been flying this bird exclusively since purchasing it about 6 weeks ago and with dozens of hours spent in it I'm still loving it. . I recently purchased A Pilot's Life 2 to add some virtual career enjoyment to my flying and one of the problems I'm having is violating the nose pitch axis on takeoff. The program measures various flight data and then scores you on your overall flight performance. Anything over 20 degrees nose pitch up or 10 degrees down will result in a violation and point loss.

    My problem begins when I engage the A/P. I try and hand fly until I get up over 1000' or more AGL and sometimes I have to ignore the Flight Director indicators in order to stay below the 20 degree indicator (which is very difficult to do) but even if I manage it, the second I switch over to A/P the bird heads for the heavens and it's a 30 degree pitch angle.

    Is there a way to mitigate this in the FMC setup/parameters. I'm importing the F/P over from Simbrief.
    Daniel Anziano


    Those really aren't realistic limits to "score" an airline pilot on and nothing like that exists in the real world. The airplane is going to require whatever climb pitch attitude it needs to satisfy the selected airspeed at the given thrust setting. While I don't personally think it's worth trying to modify your procedures to do this for the sake of a fake scoring system, the likely way to do so in the climb at least will be by derating the takeoff and climb thrust on the N1 LIMIT page. The 700 is a rocket if you select full takeoff thrust and are at a light to medium load of passengers and fuel (which is typical on short-haul flights). Try TO-1, an assumed temperature of 65C, and CLB-1. (in real life these values are calculated for every individual takeoff, but these ones should work most of the time) You also want to make sure you're actually handling the departure correctly as far as accelerating at the right height, "bugging up" the MCP speed knob to the flap up speed at that point so the aircraft pitches over to accelerate, engaging VNAV SPD for the climb, etc.
    Ryan Maziarz


    • Kevin Hall
      Kevin Hall commented
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      Hi Ryan, good to see you around in the forum again.

    Thanks for your reply Ryan. I realize that the scoring may not be up to snuff in real world situations but I'm probably never going to be behind a real yoke (I did sit second seat in a King-Air once and that was awesome) but for entertainment purposes it does add some enjoyment to this old man's life. I will try your recommendations on derating which a user on another forum also touched on but without the benefit of the values you've provided. I'll give that a go and hopefully improve my scoring. Cheers!

    Just to add: I have a lot of learning to do, obviously and I'm probably only touching 30-40% of the available settings in the FMC. I should probably spend more time studying and less time flying so that I can take full advantage of all this plane has to offer but I will do that in small bites as I accumulate the hours in the sim. I'm really amazed at how this plane has captivated me. Prior to purchasing this plane 90% of my flight time was in GA with little interest in Jetliners. Now I've spent 6 solid weeks in this bird and not even considered flying anything else for the time being.
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    Daniel Anziano


      This might help. From the manual:

      "My [insertpassenger/VA programhere] is flagging me for

      A common misconception is that passengers are sensitive to vertical
      speed when they are not. The only dif ference that the passengers would
      note would be that their ears were popping more f requently. The
      departure prof ile is f lown in a pitch-f or-speed mode, where you set the
      throttles on the particular throttlelimit andhold speed through aircraf t
      pitch.At lighter weights, these pitch angles may be considerable.In order
      to reign in some of the thrust f or lower pitch and vertical speed, derates
      may be used."

      I use A pilot's life too and I just accept that 93 is the top score for me. I don't want to derate too much without proper take-off performance calculations. When the EFB comes, maybe.

      André Hansson