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Incessant Ticking Sound in cockpit

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    Incessant Ticking Sound in cockpit

    Installed the 737 loaded and reloaded it several times as recommended. Sound settings are: Headphone Simulation and Spatial OFF. All volume settings to 100% except User Interface and Music which are 0.

    Whenever I spawn into the aircraft on the runway, I hear an incessant ticking/clicking sound (like the second hand on watch or clock). I have found that when I press the right mouse button it stops, but returns right after I let go of the mouse button. No other alarms or cautions that can see. I took off from KSFO on HDG HOLD an a heading of 70 degrees and an ALT of 41000. The clicking never went away even after reaching cruise and after level off.

    If this has been reported, I haven't found it.

    I have no idea where it's coming from or where to start looking for a solution.

    Martin Green

    Some issue here. It seems like the sound of trim wheel or something like that and it is constantly "ticking"

    Miguel Conceicao
    Best regards,
    Miguel Conceicao

    (Lisbon - Portugal)


      If it stops when you press the right mouse button, then it's almost certainly a key bind issue. I've seen other folks report problems with the gear binding on the Honeywell yoke, but I don't think they were hearing a "ticking" sound per se. Hopefully someone else will have figured out what is plaguing you...
      Joshua Thompson


        Which standby instruments do you have selected? Can you record a video?
        Ian Bowden


          ^^ sounds like the old style standby instruments (in the BBJ, for instance). They tick like that and they actually do that in the real plane.
          André Hansson


            Yes, this sound is normal if you have the analog standby altitude indicated installed vs the ISFD. The ticking is a mechanical solution to prevent the needles from sticking and has been a practice in these types of standby instruments for quite some time.
            Aaron Lee


              Thank you all for your prompt responses. jvatsim, your response was the clue that led directly to the solution.

              I use a Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle Quadrant. As I was checking bindings, I realized that the "Landing Gear" switch was in the UP position. This caused a conflict when I spawned into the 737 because the gear, of course, were actually down.

              Flipping the switch to "DOWN" so that it conformed to the state of the sim made the ticking sound go away.

              Martin Green


                I had a similar issue last night. I noticed the trim on the yoke was constantly clicking. And the yoke was not moving when I moved the hardware. Restarting the sim from scratch didn't fix it, it was a MFS issue, that the Bravo was not working. So I restarted the computer which reset all the USB ports and that did the trick. Not really a PMDG thing, but it fits since it was in the 737 that I had this happen. So an easy fix that took me an hour to figure out. lol. Got to love MFS.
                Customer David Cross