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PFD flickering

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    PFD flickering

    Flickering PFD both sides. Seems to be random
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    Miguel Perales

    Have you tested to change the panel refresh rate in the settings? Did you load the plane first time with devmode activated? Test some stuff and even try to clear the rolling cache
    Dennis Ahola

    Proud owner of PMDG 737/747/777 Series


    • Miguelp13
      Miguelp13 commented
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      i did. it's completely random. happened once after 2 flights. didn't happen again until my 3rd flight today. i put a ticket in at least so the team is aware, and it'll be corrected at some point

    Also have starting getting this.
    Person I am flying with also getting it, if it matters (SWA New SSW, SWA Old SSW)
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    Garrett Powell


      Same here. With the United livery (so with SSW). Had not seen that yesterday with the Delta bird.


        SAme here with Alaska livery. One of the SWA liveries, I do not get this.
        Jeff Soule


          Same here.



            2015 SWA Livery:



              Same here with PMDG livery.

              Jacques Le Roux


                Are all those with the issue using Toolbar Pushback?

                Andrew Bennett


                • jkennebeck
                  jkennebeck commented
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                  i've just started seeing this on 5th flight. and yes, using TB Pushback

                  Joe Kennebeck
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                Getting this too, just started this evening. Delta livery.

                -Dave Sullivan
                You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                This gallery has 1 photos.
                -Dave Sullivan


                • DaveSullivan735
                  DaveSullivan735 commented
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                  I'll add here, I found a workaround: set the MAIN PANEL DUs knobs (both sides) to PFD, LOWER DU to ND. Doesn't flicker on the other screens.

                Same here. After three flights the pfd started the flickering.
                Henrique Suarez Siqueira


                  Same here i have the flickering on FO side.

                  Mihai Blaga
                  Mihai Blaga
                  Ocz 1250W, Asus X Formula, Cpu 8086K, 32GB RAM, Msi RTX 2080 8GB. MFS2020, PMDG 737-700 BRUNNER CLS-E NG Yoke and BRUNNER CLS-E Rudder, Hotas Warthog Yoke + Throttle.


                    I've had on both sides of the. Switching screens does stop flickering.

                    tried with all variations of the glass cockpit refresh rate
                    Philip, UK, Former RAF.


                      Jacques Le Roux


                        try to limit the fps of PFD in the FMC Performance Page
                        Andre Würzburger


                          some bugs here also

                          Best Regards Petter
                          Attached Files
                          Petter Storvik


                            I have encountered the same issue, but only on my 5th flight. The previous 4 flights were all just fine.

                            1) I did delete the rolling cache.

                            2) I do not have Toolbar Pushback installed. I do have Pushback Express, but I happened to not use it on this particular flight.

                            3) Adjusting the frame rate for the PFD (via the CDU Performance Options) affects the rate of the flickering but does not stop it altogether.

                            It almost appears that about 50% of the Attitude indicator reverts to the black version, when the IRS is not aligned or alignment is in progress.

                            Curious to see if future flights will encounter the same issue.

                            -Rob Nabieszko
                            Captain Rob Nabieszko


                              • I've tried loading in and out with a bunch of different liveries but otherwise doing exactly the same stuff, and as far as I can tell it's random.
                              • No pushback mods here, that theory seems like a dead end with enough reports of the glitch without the mod
                              • Flickering only happens if the plane is moving or you change the brightness on the PFD
                              • happens without VSYNC on
                              • Seems dependent on the specific flight load-in; glitch can go away if you restart the flight
                              My recommendation right now if you're encountering this is to start flights by getting your APU on and your IRS aligned, get the PFD started, play with the OUTBD DU BRT knob, and if you get flickering, restart the flight. Basically, check for glitch before spending 5-10 minutes setting up the FMC etc and pushing back.

                              -Dave Sullivan
                              -Dave Sullivan


                                Its definitely not Toolbar Pushback - I started getting it again today on my first flight and only on the FO side. It seems like it started the moment I hit the HDG SEL button before taxing. There was heaps of other 737's around when I loaded into the sim, not sure if that triggers something.
                                Jacques Le Roux



                                  We are collecting data on this topic and monitoring this thread and others. Right now we have NO reason to suspect that it is caused by any programs or products external to ours. It is a problem in the GDI+/Nano layer that seems to lose clipping on some shapes and goes into artifacts.

                                  Please keep discussing and sharing your observations- because you never know what "i noticed that" observation will cause us to stumble into a clue.

                                  It is interesting that we saw it in the EFIS/MAP configuration (which is why we disabled that for release) but not in the PFD/ND format. Of course the sample size of users is now astronomically larger so a small number of folks do see it.

                                  With your input and data we will cure this.

                                  Robert S. Randazzo
                                  PMDG Simulations


                                  • DVinding
                                    DVinding commented
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                                    Good evening Robert, I had this pop up for the first time today. I did notice that while taxiing, if I stopped the aircraft the flickering would stop. No problems with the flickering after a restart.


                                  • moxiejeff
                                    moxiejeff commented
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                                    I've been messing around with different liveries, zooming in/zooming out, stopping while taxiing (all suggestions in the forums) and it still flickers or shows half rendered... so not sure any of those suggestions fix it. To Robert's point, it sounds like it might be something more complex but I know they'll get it figured out.

                                  • shenkinzm16
                                    shenkinzm16 commented
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                                    Seems to flicker faster when turning the aircraft on taxiway or in the air, Hopefully a fix is coming soon! I encountered this at FL250 in my flight I did not want to restart the flight so I had to deal with it all the way to Paris! thx for your help in solving this!

                                  Same with me, Virgin Blue livery.
                                  Paul Jackson


                                    Got it yesterday for the first time. With the new Southwest livery and isolated to right upper part of the F/O PFD only. Flew the same aircraft the other evening without any issue.


                                    Flying the LN-TUL livery, picked up on and have no flicker. And I'm still using the Toolbar Pushback.
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                                    Johan Olsson


                                      Guys, how flickering happens to me.
                                      - I start the simulator, we flew ... I connect everything.
                                      PPD does not flicker.
                                      I'm finishing my flight.

                                      - Without leaving the sim, I prepare the next flight plan, load, connect ... etc.
                                      PFD flickers!
                                      - Exit the simulator to the desktop.

                                      - Reloading the simulator.

                                      - I choose a flight plan (I don’t change the plane, the airport too). I press the fly button.
                                      - The flight starts to load. I'm starting. PFD does not flicker!
                                      - I'm leaving the flight.

                                      What noticed. I have flickering on the cargo and passenger versions of the aircraft (when re-creating a flight without exiting the simulator to the desktop).
                                      With the business version of the aircraft, everything is ok. Even when re-creating a new flight without leaving the simulator.

                                      I apologize in advance for my English. This is not my native language. In some places I had to use the great Google Translate.

                                      I hope this information will help the developers. Thanks again for the plane! He is tough!

                                      Oh yes!
                                      Livry not installed. None. No tug, no add-ons.


                                        i had PFD flickering on the BBJ Privat livery, while i had NO PFD flickering using the Wuleen Investment variant.
                                        After i removed "ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback" mod the PFD flickering was gone. (so far)

                                        Additional on every PMDG 737 variant i still have some artefacts (check pictures)
                                        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                                        This gallery has 2 photos.
                                        Last edited by Bumpywindshear; 12May2022, 09:14.
                                        Frank G.


                                        • moxiejeff
                                          moxiejeff commented
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                                          I too have Ambitious Pilots pushback -- curious if this has anything to do with it, as I get flickering/half rendered PDFs all the time now.


                                        Same problem here:

                                        I noticed that when I change the FPS values ​​in the FMC, there is no visible difference. It doesn't matter if it's 5 FPS or 25 FPS, you don't notice a difference?

                                        Or does that only change after the restart?

                                        Here what I mean:


                                        Carsten Schiffer

                                        Last edited by N3w7oN; 12May2022, 13:23.
                                        Best Regards

                                        Carsten S.


                                          Since Monday night, today I had this happening for the first time.
                                          As I'm typing, my aircraft (UNITED LIVERY) is at FL370 on the way to KLAS from CYVR and the left PFD is flickering non stop since cockpit preparation. I could not link this issue to anything so far and only noticed it happening right after the IRS finished alignment and using the FMC. I haven't tried any performance config but what I tried was to turn the main panel DU knob. No success.
                                          Last edited by CPTFdm79; 12May2022, 11:56.
                                          Fabio Darolt


                                            I didn't have the flicker at all last night and I used Toolbar Pushback two times. I did switch to the 2021 SWA livery but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it based on other comments.

                                            Ryan Jackson


                                              Since today (third flight at all) with Freighter, TOLL livery. I think I remember it came up after change some aircraft setting (maybe ETOPS). If I switch PFD to the ND Monitor, it´s okay.
                                              Peter Spatz


                                                Wasn´t a SU9 patch introducde?
                                                Peter Spatz


                                                • DaveSullivan735
                                                  DaveSullivan735 commented
                                                  Editing a comment
                                                  I've encountered the flickering issue since after the patch, FWIW.

                                                I have the same issue too. One flight it flickers on pilot's PFD and on another flight it happens on first officer's PFD. it also happens on different liveries so that's unrelated.

                                                Arian Saffarizadeh