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No POP OUT Displays??

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    No POP OUT Displays??

    There goes my home cockpit implementation! (Unless I have missed something)
    Robert Edwards

    I can't pop them out too, not implemented?

    - Armando Mendoza


    • amanlulo
      amanlulo commented
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      Hi, I was sure I read that the last update should have get tthis option, following Aerosoft help.
      Fulvio Arman

    MSFS does not allow pop out displays for current PMDG build.
    George Morris


      Originally posted by Falcon99 View Post
      MSFS does not allow pop out displays for current PMDG build.
      This is ***. it's an option for any aircraft to pop up display

      Claude Desrosiers


        No for PMDG 'C+' design its not.
        George Morris


          Originally posted by fogboundturtle View Post

          This is ***. it's an option for any aircraft to pop up display
          Please mind your language
          Chris Makris (Olympic260)
          PMDG Technical Support


            [email protected] commented
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            Could we please get some kind of explanation on why pop out screens are not working on the new build? Not just myself but hundreds of other people who use multi monitor setups would really appreciate someone from PMDG explaining this to us.

          Hi Chris. This is strange as with Aerosoft CRJ there is no problem and all displays can be popped out.
          For HomeCockpit Builders this is essantial to get.
          Please put this onto priority update within the next weeks.
          You can call me "Chris" Clausen - EDDH
          (737 HomeCockpit running MSFS)


          • Kaiser
            Kaiser commented
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            Because the CRJ is not programmed in C#

          May I second this request. I have a multi screen setup and Pop out screens have always enabled people to maximise their home sim setups.
          To not implement this into the new build 737 for MSFS is completely ridiculous. If it's on the to do list and is coming in a future update that's one thing, but to just do away with it because they think nobody uses it is infuriating to those that put their faith and money into PMDG products for years.
          James S


            It's not something on PMDG part, but on Asobo part, so they can't do anything about it now
            Davide Giaretta


              [email protected] commented
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              It's alright everyone, it's ok, they can't do anything about it now. Right, I'll just chill here then. Have a nice time with your sim Davide. All the best mate.

            • Mark1102
              Mark1102 commented
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              Dude you need to chill out. All your comments are hostile and there’s no need for it.

            Wow waited 2 years for this to be released, upgraded my pc in anticipation for this release $$$$, like 10000s of others like myself that have complete homecockpit setups, then to not implement or find a work around for this vital flight sim feature that we 10000s of homecockit flight simmers use 2D panels is just ridiculous, this is a MUST HAVE FEATURE including the ability to save state please listen PMDG. As is I will not be buying your 737 software as it has become for me and 1000s of other useless out of the box, most disappointing.
            Andre Mazany


              I am also really disappointed!


              Robert Koolstr
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              Robert Kools


                Dudes, it's still not on PMDG, so take a chill pill. You can be certain that this, just like the WX, EFB and other things are being worked on by both PMDG and Asobo.
                Dennis Apel


                • Guillaume45
                  Guillaume45 commented
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                  yes i think the same.
                  lets hope for that.
                  also building a home cockpit .cpflight also not working with the pmdg.
                  patient is important now -)

                Yes, please PMDG add this! This is a huge feature that needs to be added.


                  Kindly asking please for PMDG to add this feature as well 🙏 was really counting on this for my home cockpit ❤️

                  Hugo M
                  Last edited by ROG46; 10May2022, 16:55.


                    Glad I waited, pop out is very important for me. It is awesome in P3d 737. I suspect this will be done in the future.
                    Dean Salman


                      Very disappointed...... a paramount feature that pmdg does not care about....


                        Originally posted by Mimomma74 View Post
                        Very disappointed...... a paramount feature that pmdg does not care about....
                        First, PMDG requires you to sign your posts with your first and last name, which you agreed to when you created an account here. You can set up a signature to avoid forgetting by following the instructions here:


                        And what do you mean PMDG doesn't care about it. Have a look at the following posts:


                        Followed by this announcement:


                        And finally, this one:


                        You'll see they've been working on it, so I don't know what gives you the idea that they don't care about it.
                        Captain Kevin

                        Kevin Yang


                          The Pop Out panel will be in the next update,


                            Posted 28 MAY - Quote:

                            Last week I mentioned that we hadn't yet had a chance to implement a change recommended to us by our friends over at Aerosoft to work
                            around some limitations we thought we hit that were preventing us from allowing our displays to be used as pop-ups for those who desired to do
                            so. Vin and Henning were able to implement the changes Hans and Mathijs at Aerosoft recommended to us, and we can now say with certitude
                            that this issue has been resolved and will come to you in the update next week:

                            Seriously guys, for anyone reading this thread, before you type something like 'a paramount feature that pmdg does not care about....' that simply makes you look foolish, at least try and read the forums and updates from PMDG.

                            While I am at it, as to some others and other threads on this forum, as clearly set out this version of the 737 was released as an early adopter release so many did not have to wait longer, and would be updated on a regular basis.
                            Many bug fixes and enhancements will be implemented over time, like the missing EFB at present for example.

                            While I can (as many have expressed) of course understand people's frustrations at things they thought would or should have been there from the start, there is no excuse for hostile comments in this or any threads on these forums.
                            Of course I am not simply advocating a 'be grateful for what you've got' position either like some have expressed which achieves nothing, and actually further aggravates users who are already frustrated.

                            Instead, lets all remember that no company or product improves without feedback from its paying customers, however there is a constructive way of giving that feedback. Hostile feedback and simply ranting (no matter how frustrated you might feel at the time), is counter productive. achieves nothing, and kills both a dialogue with the very people who can give you the things you want, and an unpleasant place for us all to interact.
                            Happily the vast majority take a breath and think about what they are about to type before touching their keyboards...
                            Steve Mel


                              (My first ever post here...which is also a test to make sure I did the signature thing correctly)

                              Very well said Steve M.

                              I am much looking forward to this added feature, and (like probably the vast majority of the other forum members) are greatly appreciative of PMDG's ongoing open/honest communication.
                              Randy Culp
                              Sarnia, Ontario


                              • Steve M
                                Steve M commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Thank you for your comment, sometimes it's easy to feel you are talking into the wind.
                                Welcome to the forums Randy.
                                Happy flying.

                              From someone who has installed the update released today:

                              just took off, so far so good, sound is AMAZING..they changed something
                              TO felt smoother to me and more responsive

                              AND the popout screens now work yay!!

                              Richard Jacks
                              Senior Captain
                     KATL Hub Manager Apprentice

                              Just 2 days after '
                              Very disappointed...... a paramount feature that pmdg does not care about....'

                              Guess they care after all...
                              Steve Mel


                                Originally posted by Steve M View Post
                                From someone who has installed the update released today:

                                AND the popout screens now work yay!!
                                How? I click on them and they don't pop out?
                                Troy Krajancic
                                CPU: i9-9900K @ 5.1Ghz
                                Mem: 32gig
                                Graphics: Nvidia 1080ti
                                Simulator: MSFS / P3Dv5


                                  Originally posted by Troy View Post

                                  How? I click on them and they don't pop out?

                                  RIGHT ALT - LEFT MOUSE click.
                                  Jason Brown
                                  PMDG Development


                                  • Troy
                                    Troy commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Thanks got it mate. I came straight from P3D where you just clicked on the displays.

                                  Very much disappointed too. Updated to 3.0.20. The "hand" appears, but the MFD's do not pop up as they did in FSX, 16 years ago.....
                                  Must be again Asobo's fault, as usual..... What a huge patience developers like PMDG and others must have with this guys.....
                                  Alfredo Croci


                                    right ALT plus left mouse click works without a problem
                                    Fred Huisman / EHAM


                                      Right "alt gr" converts the hand symbol into crosshairs. While you hold the key, left mouse click.

                                      Dear PMDG, please let the popout displays update in external view.

                                      Michael Thesen

                                      MSFS, HP Reverb G2, MSI Mortar B150M, Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080, Win10 64bit, i7-6700k 4.0GHz, 32Gb RAM, Thrustmaster T16000M, Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals


                                        Originally posted by JBrown View Post


                                        RIGHT ALT - LEFT MOUSE click.
                                        Does not work for me using Belgian keyboard. Switching the keyboard to English US does not make a difference
                                        Any other setting I can try out ?


                                        • mkjordan
                                          mkjordan commented
                                          Editing a comment
                                          It's the Alt Gr to the right of the space bar not the Alt to the left, it works fine on my German keyboard

                                        It works fine indeed with the ALT-GR + mouse click, but why having to use ALT-GR + mouse click instead of just clicking
                                        the hand mouse click as it was in FSX? Moreover, clicking again on the MFD dos not close the big pop-up... All in all,
                                        it was better in FSX 16 years ago.....
                                        Attached Files
                                        Alfredo Croci


                                          Any comment from PMDG about this?
                                          Alfredo Croci


                                            My problem is that I unhook PFD and MFD pop up windows to a second screen and everything works perfectly until in the main screen I change to the exterior view of the plane... at that moment PFD and MFD stay on what they were marking at that moment and I no longer have altitude data, indicated speed, etc etc. Does the same happen to any other colleague???

                                            Thank you very much
                                            J J Gómez Prieto
                                            IVAO 142928