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[18OCT20] PMDG 737 BBJ Preview!

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    [18OCT20] PMDG 737 BBJ Preview!


    Good afternoon. I hope you all are enjoying a nice early autumn weekend.

    Today I have a small preview for you of the impending release of the PMDG 737NGXu BBJ Expansion Package that is just completing testing this week. Our BBJ is based upon the highly successful NGXu simulation and includes provides a completely different kind of flying than the stock passenger airplanes upon which the BBJ/BBJ2 are based.

    For this expansion we have added a bunch of new features to let you access the full range of capabilities inherent to the business flying world; a full executive interior with customized lighting, VIP ground transportation vehicles, configurable aux fuel system, new standby indications, cockpit layout changes, electronic flight bag planning customized to the executive configuration, auxiliary fuel indication and ground operations modified to reflect the servicing requirements of a high-end VIP transportation vehicle.

    This package is an expansion to the highly popular PMDG 737NGXu product line and requires only that you have the base package installed. (It is not dependent upon either the 600/700 or Cargo expansions.)

    Of course the models have full PBR treatment- and we are very much looking forward to Lockheed Martin releasing an update to their engine's capabilities (v5.1, we hope?) that will improve the handling of polished aluminum surfaces, as your average BBJ has a range of them. From leading edges to intake lips to the bright-work on the self-contained air-stair, it is rare to see dirt or grime on the centerpiece to any business titan's transportation gem. BBJs get as much time under a polish rag as they spend in the sky- so everything sparkles like new.

    With the PMDG 737NGXu BBJ Expansion you will have an opportunity to visit the "other" parking aprons away from the jetways and the the hustle of airline transportation. Instead, you can park door-side at the executive terminal and await your passengers who will be whisked right up to the airplane in a fleet of black SUVs that we have added to PMDG Ground Operations. The entire Ground Ops process has been modified to eliminate many functions you just won't find around BBJs, and instead includes servicing according to Boeing's guidelines for a VIP airplane.

    For those with business operations spanning the globe, range is critical. We have given you the entire suite of potential fuel options for the BBJ/BBJ2 fleet, based upon a mixture of Boeing and after-market options available to BBJ owners. You will be surprised to find your 737 now has range to compete with even the longest range airliners, but that range isn't simply a matter of carrying more gas. The commensurate reduction in weight associated with not hauling 120 people/bags and freight means that your BBJ/BBJ2 will climb higher, faster, thus getting into the greater fuel economy of high altitude much more quickly than one of those cattle-cars. The added fuel and added economy mean the BBJ/BBJ2 are truly globe spanning airplanes.

    And since you are going great distance, the amenities are important! We included an entire cabin layout for your executive to enjoy, along with a comprehensive galley, crew quarters, VIP lounge, working spaces, sleeping spaces and yes- a shower so that your BBJ owner can arrive fully refreshed from their journey.

    I suppose this is a good spot to point out that I have told you repeatedly, "PMDG will never get into the bizjet market." Apparently I was wrong.

    Welcome to PMDG's entry into the bizjet realm.

    Release is pending- we hope in this coming week. We will push a pretty significant update to the entire 737NGXu product line in conjunction with this update- so be watching the PMDG Operations Center for those updates to begin rolling out.

    A *very* brief update of other news:
    • 777 Base Package update should go to testing late this week. (hopefully!)
    • 777-200ER preview is pending... stay tuned for that.
    • PMDG 737NG3 for MSFS: We still expect this product to be 12+ months away based upon the condition and trajectory of MSFS.
    • PMDG DC-6 update/PBR should commence work here in the next month or so.
    • PMDG Global Flight Operations: Release date is on the calendar... We will start to preview this shortly.
    Okay- I'm out to walk the dog and enjoy this nice early autumn afternoon before it gets dark. <grumble>








    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Time to create my virtual company for BizJets

    Looking forward to seeing the T7 in my hangar again. Missing her so much
    Last edited by VoyagerP3D; 18Oct2020, 22:10.
    Christian Mbeumo i9-10900K MSI Geforce RTX3090 Suprim X, 32GB DDR4 @3000MHz 4k/UHD


      Any hint on the price for this expansion, Robert?
      Christian Mbeumo i9-10900K MSI Geforce RTX3090 Suprim X, 32GB DDR4 @3000MHz 4k/UHD


        Thanks boss for the update
        Alex Kulak
        PMDG Studier and flyer


          LOVE IT!
          Thank you Capt. Randazzo and team!
          Patrick Bell, Sr. USA
          Home-built DFI LanPartyJr X58 MB, Intel i7-920 (OC'd to 3.8GHz), Triple-Channel Corsair 12 GB DDR3 3200 RAM, Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD, nVidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition, MS WIN 7 64-bit Ultimate.
          P3D v4.5. PMDG products: ALL


            looks amazing ! 😎


              Looks absolutely fantastic. Can't wait, and thanks for the update.
              Onela Pivra [ATPL (A/H) ME CFII]
              [email protected] GHz, Nvidia RTX 2080S, 16GB DDR4 3200, 4K samsung UJ59


                Yes this is something different from the cattle-cars alright.Also thankyou for updating us with the other information.
                Danny Z.Cebis


                  Thanks a lot for the update. I'm already looking forward to the release. I'm especially looking forward PMDG Global Flight Operations. Have a great week. Cheers.
                  Mariusz Piet



                    Greg Morin
                    Commercial ASMEL Instrument CFI


                      This looks like a great addition to the 737 experience
                      James Crutchley, Flight Sim Enthusiast.


                        One not so important question: Will the cabin lights be dimmable?
                        -Spencer Hoefer


                          Really looking forward to doing this type of flying. Have a personal N number ready to go. I hope they release some various color liveries with it. Going to get a bunch of tis flying in until the updated 777 is released then it's Triple 7 for most of the winter.
                          Eric Fisher



                            I'm moving this week, then flying to DC on Friday. Will be at least two or three weeks before I can grab the BBJ :-( Bad timing on my part. I blame 2020!!!

                            Kendall Scott Mann
                            Still Telling Pilots Where To Go!!!


                              Great stuff Robert! Very happy to see PMDG finally venture into the bizjet & FBO side of aviation.

                              Hey if this BBJ expansion turns out to be a popular one, would you guys consider going 'full royalty' and BBJ-ize up the big boys like 747-8? Boeing offers BBJ variants of their entire fleet I believe.

                              Last edited by pilottj; 19Oct2020, 04:16.
                              Tejon Stanley


                                This looks simply amazing! It's the first NGXu expansion I'm actually considering to get 😁
                                Also can't wait for the GFO date announcement!
                                Giovanni D. Tarar
                                FAA CPL+IR Single & Multiengine Land
                                I love flying when I'm in a bad mood


                                  And two very quick cabin videos

                                  Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                                  PMDG Technical Support


                                    Could you maybe show us a walkthrough on the -700 and -800 cabins please?

                                    It seems like you did model the head-of-state config with entourage seats in the back. For me this is my least favorite because it is only seen for state leaders and rich arab families. I like the corporate principal owner style better with the master bedroom and bathroom in back. This is also far more common in the US. I will buy it anyway but that is a bit of a bummer. But you cannot please everyone I guess .
                                    Last edited by Mad_X; 19Oct2020, 06:50.
                                    [email protected] Pletsch

                                    Postnigs with typnig errors since 1984


                                      Thanks for the update. I could feel it was getting close. Hope to be filling limos with billionaires by the end of the week!
                                      Daniel Rosso ATP Single and Multi engine, Gold Seal CFII/MEI, Ground instructor Basic/advanced B757/767, BAE-ATP, Falcon 900Ex, Falcon 20, CE650, CE560XL, CE525S, G200


                                        Fantastic work!

                                        Exciting times ahead
                                        Craig Norman


                                          Can’t wait to see the 777-200ER!!

                                          BBJ looks also very nice and will find it’s way to my hangar 😄
                                          Regards from Cologne,
                                          Tobias Kroll


                                            Looks epic! Can’t wait to fly the BBJ’s that I get to work on in real life!
                                            All The Best,

                                            Jay Salazar KBUR


                                              Also, I was wondering is the cabin going to be universal for all liveries or will 3rd party “painters” be able to create a custom one? Either way this is going to be great!
                                              All The Best,

                                              Jay Salazar KBUR


                                              • rsrandazzo
                                                rsrandazzo commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                Jay- We'll allow the painters to have at the cabin. I wish we could let them adjust the layout but that ain't quite so easy. LOL - RSR

                                              Originally posted by Mets747 View Post
                                              Also, I was wondering is the cabin going to be universal for all liveries or will 3rd party “painters” be able to create a custom one? Either way this is going to be great!
                                              How do you want to paint a 3D model? I know what you mean but you would have to got into the inner workings of the model which PMDG will not allow.
                                              Last edited by Mad_X; 19Oct2020, 08:12.
                                              [email protected] Pletsch

                                              Postnigs with typnig errors since 1984


                                                As long as the livery adds (copy) the modified texture file into the livery folder so that does not alter the original file inside the texture.common folder.
                                                Joan Alonso


                                                  Well now, I will finally have an exclusive business jet to pair with all of my finest wines.



                                                  • rsrandazzo
                                                    rsrandazzo commented
                                                    Editing a comment
                                                    Okay that made me laugh. :-) Please sign your posts for me tho- okay? - RSR

                                                  Purely a commercial flyer myself, but this looks lovely (especially the interior modeling).

                                                  Hopefully the new LNAV module is coming along nicely, too.


                                                    I am looking for the T7 v5 for the CTP on November 14th
                                                    Is it possible?
                                                    Itay Levi

                                                    PMDG: B737, B747, B777.


                                                    • rsrandazzo
                                                      rsrandazzo commented
                                                      Editing a comment
                                                      Itay- hard to say... I'll know more this time next week. - RSR

                                                    Do you plan to add working VHF knobs. ( i mean one would be able to adjust volume.)
                                                    Matthew Chalupniczak


                                                      Hope to see the PH-GOV livery soon (maybe right at the start?) so i can go spend my autumn holydays in Greece 😄