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[26SEP20] Let's Get Down to Business, Shall We?

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    Everyones convinced its a 757. 767 or 787...

    what if its a 727!
    John-Paul Cannon


    • Ephedrin
      Ephedrin commented
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      I WISH!!!!!!


    Glad to see you finally be more realistic with the MSFS
    development. Also very glad to see the 787 hints. I think the 787 and a MAX expansion/add on are certainly the hangar fillers I’d want the most.
    - Karl Brooker


      My guess is DC-3. A lot of people have been asking for that one for a very long time.

      Jeff Baumgartner My Specs: Core I7 6700K 4.0Ghz overclocked to 4.6Ghz, Corsair 32GB Ram, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA , EVGA GTX1070 Hybrid, Win 7 64bit, Corsair Hydro H100i V2


        Originally posted by CannonousCrash View Post
        Everyones convinced its a 757. 767 or 787...

        what if its a 727!
        Better yet, a B707! Nice companion for the DC-6
        Rich Boll
        Wichita, KS


          Wow, that's a slap in the face for MS/Asobo for sure. But I expected a big delay. People have been quite certain of a shortly released PMDG airliner over at FSElite and the MSFS forum. Well, not so I guess. My guess is that A2A will need their time too... So I'll use my limited hours for some Katana hops and the Boeings in P3D then

          Manufacturer and model number deleted? HA! Convair 580!

          Stay healthy!
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          i7-6700k, GTX 1080TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz, 4k
          Marc Ehnle


            Originally posted by squerble View Post

            Glad to see you finally be more realistic with the MSFS
            development. Also very glad to see the 787 hints. I think the 787 and a MAX expansion/add on are certainly the hangar fillers I’d want the most.
            Unless the hint was putting the two aircraft next to the static 787s, then ok.

            But the three 787's in shot are static to the scenery.

            John-Paul Cannon


            • StachM
              StachM commented
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              one could certainly have chosen a different vantage spot, right?

            Please also make SDK work so we can use EFB Ngxu with Aviaworx


            Robert Koolstr.


              Most excellent!
              Kyle Weber


                Well, hearing from RSR himself that P3D support and progress on the 777 will continue is the good news I wanted to hear
                Jeannette Benoit


                  Glad to get an update. Waiting on the V5 T7 is driving me nuts. Especially where only my PMDG and expensive Airbus addons work properly without DXGI errors as of now (my A330/787/717 addons all crash the sim unfortunately) As to the secret. Nobody has really ever done a good QUALITY 757.... Whereas there’s halfway decent 78 and 76 line products out now... But I’d be happy with a 727 for posterity’s sake too!
                  Ross McDonagh
                  PC: Jetline Systems Customized Gravity GT2
                  i7 10700K @5.1ghz//RTX 2080S 8GB/32GB DDR4 @3200mhz//1TB WD M.2 NVMe//750W Power supply


                    I’m guessing that’s the KPAE scenery so the Dreamliners are most like statics, plus the 787-9 is in Boeing house colours not PMDG so I’m gonna rule out 787’s (I hope I’m wrong). With that said I feel that the 757/767’s have been requested a fair bit (as has the MD11 but I’m not gonna open that can of worms ) and those birds fit well in PMDG wheelhouse
                    Alaister Kay


                      Hopefully MSFS 2020 will speed up there updates and we’ll see the NG3 in there sooner than later fingers crossed.
                      Danny Z.Cebis


                        Hi Captain,
                        Thank you so much for the update!
                        I must admit I preordered MSFS and agree that it is the platform for the long term. However I have shelved it for the moment until there is a 3rd party tubeliner available for it; the defaults are difficult to convert across to after flying in P3D.
                        With that in mind I've upgraded to P3D V5 and am quietly pleased with the increase in performance that I've found compared to V4. Now I'm waiting with baited breath until my personal favourite (the 777) is released from the maintenance hangar I've already moved the 737 and 747 across; the 777 is the only reason that V4 remains installed.

                        Looking forward to further developoment for MSFS but I was slowly coming to the realisation that we'd be looking at around a year. It's a brand new platform so not suprising that development needs to be done from scratch.

                        Take care one and all and stay safe,

                        Andrew Curry BAW867


                          Thanks for touching bases and the Update Captain Randazzo!!!!!!!


                          David M. Edwards: Founder, C.E.O., and Editor-In-Chief---> Aerospace Weekly (A.W.)


                            MSFS Q4 2021 ... sorted expected that give current state of MSFS SDK.

                            That's ok, we'll be on V6 of P3D by then ... MSFS is visually very nice, but Asobo really need to get out DX11 and onto DX12 ASAP (but I imagine XBOX version is high on their dev priority list right now) ... there is lots of potential in MSFS, but we're about two GPU and two CPU generations away from being able to tap all that visual potential.

                            Cheers, Rob.


                              Your message, worried me a little bit.

                              Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

                              There have been a number of external factors impacting my ability to keep up with outbound news and information since mid-summer so you (hopefully?) noticed I wasn't around.
                              I trust that all is well with you and with all of those you love!


                              PS: the rest of the message is great!
                              Roberto Stopnicki
                              Toronto, Canada


                                Originally posted by Swaluver88 View Post
                                Also my question is how did you get two pmdg planes in the sim at once lol
                                I don't know how they did it, but at least for me, I just position the camera point where I want it, move the planes where I want them, take the screenshots, and then use Photoshop to stick them together. Boeing 747 Fleet.png
                                Captain Kevin

                                Kevin Yang


                                  Originally posted by severniae View Post
                                  Robert, I don't see any mention of the DC-6 for P3Dv5?

                                  Pleeeeeaaaasssseee! I need her back! Plus she could do with some good old attention in the maintenance hangar!

                                  (Also, did I see JS41? P3D also??)
                                  + 1 here, Could you please update the DC-6 & the J-41 for P3Dv5?
                                  Francisco Aguiar


                                    Despite the 787s being static aircraft to the scenery... I have my hopes up that the screenshot was taken that way in an intentional manner to serve as a hint. I recall in December of 2018, RSR posted a photo of a calendar which had a 737 Max winglet plastered on it. At the time, the PMDG 737 Max had not been announced yet but has since been confirmed as an expansion to the NGXu and NG3.

                                    Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
                                    MAX will be an expansion to NGXu and NG3. Similar to how the 747-8 is an expansion to Queen of the Skies II.
                                    Anyways, glad to see the -200ER in the photo and proudly on display in PMDG House colors.
                                    James Ward


                                      we have also begun work on a new airplane type… the <manufacturer deleted> <model number deleted> that you have always asked us to create…
                                      For some reason i think its the 767/757. Unfortunately the updated sim versions never materialised from Level D, so hopefully PMDG will pick up the gap in the market.
                                      Greg Buckley


                                        Its obvious the "new model" is the 787 and the other one is probably the MAX.
                                        Jordan Collins


                                          Im sure Asobo sees the future of flight simulation in fact they released that product full of bugs and issues which will remain unresolved based on their fix rate for well over another year.
                                          in the meantime V5 is going to have a full new lighting model and as its based off DX12 will have all if those performance benefits
                                          All my other aircraft work fantastically in V5, no stutters, smooth and thats into far superior airports than msfs will have and i dont need to pay again.
                                          As time goes on the poor camera system combined with the fact almost everyone is heavily invested in V5 will make msfs a tougher and tougher sell.
                                          Why change simulators to end up with a pile of worse than xplane airports, having to pay AGAIN for all my payware airports to have the same aircraft in an inferior platform in every aspect except lighting, and that may change in the next 6 months.
                                          Seems like the devs are pushing this change to generate revenue off reselling products into a new platform not because its better but because its there.
                                          Based off the current sim even if the Pmdg 777 and FSLabs where in MSFS i would still be using P3D antway.
                                          MSFS being released in such a horrendous state numerous highly unrealistic features like its flight model and weather system mean even if i could fly the 747-8 right now i wouldnt.
                                          I fly real aircraft its realism im after and msfs has right now far bigger issues than are worth repaying all my payware aircraft and scenery for..
                                          Hoping for a 787 here it wouod be nice to see Boeing’s true example of high tech in a sim not more 1970’s technology..
                                          Darren Howie


                                            One looks like a MAX and the other is the 787 in my view. I could be wrong. Lets see what the team has in their sleeves 😆
                                            Jasin Amiti
                                            P3D title: F/O MD82


                                              Wow, the A340 we've all been talking about all these years. It's finally coming! You magnificent bastards, you've finally done it!!
                                              Matthew Glanden


                                                I love how they Parked that 777-200ER in the background for a first preview. Thanks for the update or the product line up.

                                                Going to still keep my fingers crossed to see the “PMDG Boeing 727” come to life someday
                                                Aaron Dowden


                                                  I wonder if the work begun on the new airplane type is for P3D? He mentioned just prior to a product they are bringing to P3D before pivoting to talk about the new aircraft development so I'm assuming this will be as well but hopefully he will confirm that.
                                                  Last edited by B777ER; 27Sep2020, 05:22.
                                                  Eric Fisher


                                                    Originally posted by gregmorin View Post
                                                    Excellent news! You have me very curious as to what is coming to P3DV5.

                                                    For some reason, I feel like one of the new products would be a Douglas DC 3, just a gut feeling
                                                    Last edited by Alpha_Delta_99; 27Sep2020, 05:29.
                                                    Aaron Dowden


                                                      Well huh, a lot of us called it weeks ago, MSFS is not complete, thus a PMDG release for 2020 was utterly unreasonable: no fault on PMDG's, it's just MS that over-promised and under-delivered. I actually feels bad for Asboro devs as they got obviously pressured by MS to release it before it was done and now they're stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to fix the game and also port it to Xbox while trying to expand on the documentation and the SDK. I'd actually be pleasantly shocked if NG3 does come in before 2021. MS paypig shills can go back to flying over their houses again and again with the 172 and tell us it's "as real as it get" with their 6 gorillions point of contact per wing nonsense.

                                                      That being said I think it's fantastic news! More resources to be allocated on P3D projects. There is still a lot of life in P3D 4.5/5 and as far as I'm concerned, even though PMDG might not sell the NGX on FSX:SE, it is such a great product with a lot of life left in it. I used it again last spring to prepare for my 738 check ride and it's 95-99% there in terms of systems and handling.

                                                      Eric Blais


                                                        To look how backwards FS2020 is for IFR flying - in 2005, 15 years ago, in FS9/2004, you could fly around in a Aeroworx Kingair 200 that was modeled like the real one, including a proper autopilot and use RealityXP's with the real Garmin GNS430/530 GPS trainer with a *current* Jeppesen airac with *all* the worldwide IFR navdata and TAWS and you could literally fly from A to B with proper SIDs, enroute WP, STARs and RNAV approaches like you would in real life (they even added LPV with the WAAS upgrade, was fantastic) to airports with proper taxi diagrams. You can't even do that today in FS2020. We're not even close to be able to do that in FS2020. Yes sure the Aeroworx Kingair was a few bucks and so was the RealityXP (I think I was 20$ back then) but instead of having 20-30+ useless planes, why not make 5 decent ones branching out to devs who knows what they're doing and go to Flight1 or RXP for the avionics stack using Garmin's own trainer and Navigraph for AIRAC ? It probably wouldn't be 60$ but out of the gate you'd have a much better product than interactive BingMapsViewer Deluxe 2020.

                                                        Eric Blais


                                                        • mglan80
                                                          mglan80 commented
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                                                          Lighten up, Francis. Don’t turn an update thread into an MSFS dumpfest. Pick one of the half dozen other threads on here to do that.

                                                        • DDowns
                                                          DDowns commented
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                                                          BingMapsViewer Deluxe 2020.... funny. Very funny.

                                                        Cpt. Randazzo,
                                                        thanks for the update and looking forward to what all is around the corner. Little miffed about Q4 2021 for NG3 but what can you do? Still enjoying V4/V5 for the time being so no biggie.
                                                        More importantly though I am sorry about your "distractions", hope all is well! Take good care!

                                                        Anymore unexcused absences will not be tolerated!

                                                        Ok,ok, I kid, I kid
                                                        Zsolt Szivak