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[30JUL20] PMDG's View of MSFS and the future of simming...

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    [30JUL20] PMDG's View of MSFS and the future of simming...

    Note: We have some preview images of the new PMDG 737NG3 for MSFS that you can see here.

    Now that Microsoft has pulled the lid off of the impending release of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) I thought it might be interesting to a few of you if I offered a bit of perspective on the coming release.

    I am not going to dive into features, design elements or design decisions for a couple of reasons:
    1. There are plenty of news/info/review sites from where you can get that information. I’m not a reviewer… Never have been…
    2. What appeals to me (or conversely, what doesn’t appeal to me) is purely contextual within my role as a simmer and a developer and is probably largely irrelevant to most users.

    Instead, I want to give you a bit of perspective from my seat at the helm of PMDG, from the vantage point of my knowledge having interacted with and communicated with the Microsoft and Asobo teams for an extended period of time leading up to their initial release next month.


    In the Beginning: The book of Flight Simulation Genesis:
    (Yeah- I made another Genesis reference in a major forum post… And some of you thought I’d stopped… HA! )

    First a bit of history is in order: Most simmers in the marketplace today probably do not recall the early days of sim development. In the 1990-2006 period of simming, the sim ecosystem was in a constant state of flux. We received a “new” platform normally every 2.5 years and with that new platform would come a plethora of never-seen-before capabilities. Each platform would open the door a bit wider to developers for the creation of scenery and airplanes, and with every new platform a broad array of the addons we simmers had on our hard drives would suddenly become obsolete unless the developer decided to rebuild it for the new sim or gift his sources to the community for others to do the work. Many developers came and went as the complexity of simulation development grew seemingly exponentially with each new iteration.

    Then came along FSX which was arguably an ambitious project that fell victim to the aggressive demands of a marketing department who clearly didn’t care that the platform wasn’t ready to meet simmers’ expectations in the open marketplace. Upon release it was desperately poor in performance and required additional patching and upgrading to make it truly usable for the majority of simmers. This predated the era of digitally distributed patches for-the-most-part, and the transition period from FS2004 to FSX took about 18-24 months to truly take hold. It wasn’t until mid-to-late 2008 that PMDG’s market data showed customers beginning to adopt FSX as their go-to sim platform and we have long surmised that it was the 2008 generation of hardware that finally allowed FSX to show promise from a performance perspective.

    Shortly afterward, Microsoft announced the end of the franchise, and if you go dig through the Roman Ruins of the Old PMDG Forum over on planet Dagobah, you will likely find a few posts I made there in which I discussed openly that I felt their departure was a good thing for the community long-term. I will not pretend that I envisioned them returning, because I didn’t- but my sense back in the 2010-2012 arena was that Flight Simulation desperately needed an injection of ingenuity and needed to abandon the long, stale code trail of FSX that had it’s originated way back in the late 1980s. My hope, as voiced here over the last decade has been that we would see a developer bring forth a modern simulation engine that would allow for the sort of simming that supports PMDG customers. MS Flight and Dovetail Flight Sim both showed promise, but they were designed to be walled off in such a manner that they would have been dangerous to the long term survival of simming as a hobby- and thus were not sufficient for our customers. You will recall me being very vocal of my disapproval of their planned business model. Prepar3D is a good platform and serves as a strong reminder how far a platform can evolve with proper investment, but by all measures it still has a way to go before I would consider it to be the fully modern engine we have been hoping for all of these years, because it still has a long tail of stale code dating back to BAO and the very early days of sim development for the PC.

    New Kids on the Block:
    Yes… more taunting music references. 😊

    Ignoring the simulation for a moment, it is important to understand just how big the development effort is to bring us a new simulation platform. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to have a dozen or two coders working on previous iterations. This simply isn’t the case here. There are hundreds of developers working on this new simulation platform. The effort is enormous. But this didn’t happen because someone at Microsoft whistled a bunch of developers into a room, pointed at the sky and said “make us a sim.” Instead, there was a considered project to research what the current simulation ecosystem is, how we use it, what we buy, what we sell, how we develop for it and how we consume products within the ecosystem.

    After that study had been accomplished, the new platform was conceived to fill the perceived needs in a manner that would grow our ecosystem, rather than squashing it with overbearing requirements.

    The goal for this platform (unlike the abortive MS FLIGHT! and horrific Dovetail Flight Sim) has been to expand our marketplace beyond just the small community that we are. There are plusses and minuses to this which I will leave for others to dissect, but Microsoft is leveraging the enormous size of their entertainment customer base in an effort to increase exposure for the simming community in hopes that it will, over time, expand the size of our existing community. Bringing in new users is a great way to ensure the health of the development community, which in turn means greater innovation and a wider variety of products under increased levels of competition and better pricing.

    The economist in me is pleased by such things.

    In the time since we were first introduced to MSFS, we have had an opportunity to come to know the individuals behind the MSFS effort- and as PMDG prepares to turn 23 years old next week, I can say with certainty that I have never been more comfortable that the future of simming is in very good hands.

    The leadership behind MSFS understands what the simming community wants in a platform. They also understand the importance of the existing business relationships in the marketplace and the importance of growing the community and the market, vs. simply building a wall around it and demanding payments like a landlord.

    It has been my experience that the team at Microsoft/Asobo listen intently and in nearly all cases if they cannot answer “yes” to a request, they answer “we will try.” It is my impression that since opening their platform up to developers, they have had to alter the platform in ways they never imagined, but I have yet to hear anyone say “we asked them about _____ and they said no.”

    This is a completely different realm than what we have grown accustomed to as simmers and as developers. At PMDG we have had a few conversations with Microsoft/Asobo in which we expressed frustration at some missing piece of information, only to be asked: “Why didn’t you whistle as soon as you noticed it wasn’t working?”

    We aren’t used to having a developer on the other side of the platform that really does want to hear from us in real time. It is taking some getting used to- even after all this time.

    These are good problems to have.

    Turning Over Our Own Bowl of Milk:
    If you have ever raised a puppy, you will know that often the enthusiastic little buggers will dump their own milk out on the floor due to sheer excitement of seeing a new bowl of milk.

    In the sim community, we have been wistfully wishing for a modern platform for so long, that most of us can hardly contain our excitement that the wait is nearly over. Unfortunately, our community has a unique quirk in it’s personality that just has to be addressed honestly here. As much as we all enjoy our community and the friendships that come with it, there are some folks that are going to turn over our bowl of milk because it is just “what they do.”

    Brace yourself for this- and don’t fall into it.

    Simmers have always struggled to adapt to change, and I think watching MSFS roll out is going to be a master-class in change management.

    Why do I say this? Well, MSFS is different. And it will take some getting used to. Some users will leap right in, adapt to the new environment and delight in all that the sim has to offer. Others will get lost in decades of expectations about how things should work and will become frustrated by the newness and the change.

    For example there are design decisions that have been made in order to meet certain needs and comply with certain norms in the gaming community that some simmers may chafe at initially. Others my see cross compatibility with the Xbox platform and inaccurately conclude that this must mean MSFS is not a serious simming platform.

    When the platform was first presented to me I voiced some concerns about aspects of the menu system and flight creation process that I felt weren’t quite-right. “This is too Xbox-y” was my initial complaint. There were other complaints as well, such as menu artifacts that disrupted the view and all manner of other complaints. (Most of which got addressed in subsequent updates, I should add.) Over time, however- I came to the realization that many of the things that seemed “wrong” to me in the early versions should actually be described as “different.” Once I adapted to those differences, I stopped seeing them. In fact, for writing this post, I went back to find the email I sent to Microsoft/Asobo with my initial thoughts, and it was an interesting contrast to note that most of the items that leapt out to me in the beginning were still present in the sim, but I had become used to them now and they no longer felt “wrong.”

    Lesson learned. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong.

    My personal advice is to not get caught up in the “new vs. expectations” game. Don’t go into MSFS expecting it to be like FSX with a better graphics engine, because you will be disappointed if you do. This is an entirely new world simulation and with this new world we are all going to spend some time adapting to new ways of doing things. But don’t be afraid to voice your opinion to Microsoft in their forums once you have had a chance to use the sim.

    You will be surprised at how effectively they are listening to ideas and implementing changes.

    My View: Specifically
    Looking back over the history of simming, I don’t think any platform has ever released to market being fully ready to handle the sorts of things that PMDG customers do. I don’t think that is going to change with this release. MSFS is preparing their initial release of what is truly a world beating simulation platform and I think it is important to view it through a lens that recognizes a few key points:
    • MSFS is providing to us is a world simulation into which we can insert some truly incredible simulations.
    • Unlike previous generations, MSFS is a live, evolving platform that will remain under continual development.
    • This is the platform that we will be using for the next 5-10 years. As such we are making a long-term investment in our development effort.
    • Microsoft’s effort here is much larger than any of us can truly appreciate. This is a good thing for simming as a hobby.

    If there is one bit of gristle in our meal, it is this: The SDK/API that we need to bring our products into the sim is still a work in progress. It is growing rapidly with input from many developers and effort from Asobo, but at least for PMDG, our products won’t be ready when MSFS is ready. The PMDG 737NG3 will be our first release for MSFS, and we are not yet beginning to consider when it will release. It might be late 4Q20. It might be out as far as late 2Q21. It is very hard to tell at this juncture, but it will arrive.

    This means you will grab the new platform, dive in and fly the default airplanes around their new world simulation and play with the weather engine and the lighting and the incredibly diverse scenery pool. Most of us who are avid simmers will struggle a bit because default airplanes never quite live up to the high fidelity airplanes we really enjoy flying in our sim environments, but keeping them in proper perspective with what is coming from the existing developer community will allow you to see just how magnificent this platform is going to be as it grows and gains coverage from our fellow developers.

    While you do this, know that many many talented developers like PMDG, Aerosoft, TFDi, Quality Wings, Captain Sim, Orbx, FlightBeam, etc are going to need a bit of time to get fully established on the new platform. The platform isn’t fully ready for us at release, but the rate of change going on at Microsoft/Asobo is staggering, and the barriers are falling almost as quickly as small developers like PMDG can keep up. I really don’t see any negatives or down-side to the fact that the SDK/API aren’t quite ready. In fact, I think it should be a mark of pride to MS/Asobo that so much of it is working, given how much work they have on their plates prepping for market release.

    From PMDG’s perspective I think it will take a little time for us to fully realize the benefits of this new platform, and there may be struggles and challenges along the way. Never before have we had the full and unwavering support of a platform developer who routinely asks “what can we do to make this better?” and “what else do you need?” with sincerity. At times it is hard for us to remember that we can actually make requests and point out flaws without hurting the developer-developer relationship, and this is something that hasn’t really existed in our world up to now. It is refreshing.

    At PMDG we are looking at the long game. Microsoft and Asobo are about to bring to market a fully modern simulator that leverages the data driven world in order to create a magnificently beautiful simulation world in which all of us can exist and fly. This new platform is going to serve as an incredible platform upon which we can showcase our work over the next decade and we are extremely excited about the prospect.

    For the first time in nearly a quarter century of working in this marketplace, we can finally build and produce products using modern tools and modern techniques without worrying that our ambitions for realism and beauty will bring your simming experience to its knees. As I mentioned in my other announcement post, this does mean we have a significant amount of work ahead of us in order to rebuild/reinvigorate all of our product lines in order to capitalize on the sim. But we are excited to employ all of the new, modern tools to see where it takes us.

    Some Final Thoughts:
    I have been asked a few times “do you like the platform?” The answer is definitely yes. I don’t think it is quite ready for our products at release time, but this is changing literally by the day, and our own internal development is gaining speed.

    I have also been asked if I think users will like the new platform. I think that answer depends on the user. After an initial transition and learning period, I suspect users will become comfortable with the differences between old and new, and the initial knee knockers will fade into memory. What I can tell you with certainty, however, is that the platform is really well supported by a team that shares many of the values of our community of simmers, and this bodes very well for the future of our hobby, the future of the simming platform, and the future of the community.

    When it releases in a few weeks, I encourage you to buy it. I encourage you to dive in. Jump into one of the general aviation airplanes and go find your house. Fly over your neighborhood. Fly around famous landmarks. Do some sight-seeing in different parts of the world. Soak in the sight-seeing and the lighting and the weather conditions.

    I think you will agree that this is going to be a spectacular platform in which to fly airplanes like the ones we make for you.

    We have some very exciting times ahead, all of us. I couldn’t be happier.
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    PMDG deserves every single penny I spend on their products.
    -Omar G. Martinez-
    -738 -


      Outstanding news Mr. Randazzo. I look forward to the new simulator and its benefits as well. I will take your advice and try it out.
      Last edited by tangjuice81; 30Jul2020, 19:09.


        Fantastic update, thank you Robert!

        Dan Pergau
        Barrie, Ontario
        i7-10700K, 32gb-3200mhz - GTX1080 - Dell U3415W


          Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

          Don’t go into MSFS expecting it to be like FSX with a better graphics engine, because you will be disappointed if you do.

          This... I almost made this mistake when I first fired up FS2020. You will definitely need to go into this with an open mind and realize that there is going to be a learning curve until everything feels "normal".

          Mike Murawski


          • rsrandazzo
            rsrandazzo commented
            Editing a comment
            Mike- I'm SO glad you saw that exactly how I intended it. I struggled with how to say that effectively when writing the post. I really worry some folks are just thinking "this should be the same with better graphics" and it really would be a loss to the community if that is all it was... - RSR

          • skyymann
            skyymann commented
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            I couldn't agree more. The first time I opened up the Alpha, I was pretty frustrated. You have to forget FSX and P3D and realize this is completely new with a new learning curve. Once you get past that, it is pretty sweet.


          • Hazza
            Hazza commented
            Editing a comment
            YES, wholly agree. I too "struggled" at the beginning (and probably would have had my mouth washed out with soap if Nan was still alive!). However, it has become easier to use as I have gotten further into it. There ARE still some things I would like to change e.g. Airport labels on the Map at higher zoom levels. But overall it is usable.

          I think i will stick with P3D 4.5. The v5 is unstable and the MFS 2020 is a lag fast. There are multiple videos now on yoututbe people flying from Cessna to 747 and it micro stutters horribly even on high end PCs. Having beautiful sim but single digit FPS is completely pointless in my opinion. It probably needs a good couple years for the sim to be optimized and properly tweaked. NG3 looks amazing but considering default planes are lagging, I don't even want to imagine what PMDG will be like. Can't wait for the 777 though!

          Nikita Travkin
          Nikita Travkin


          • rsrandazzo
            rsrandazzo commented
            Editing a comment
            Nikita- Just my opinion- but I am running medium-range hardware and MSFS is more fluid than any sim I have. I wouldn't be quite so pessimistic about it. It's performance FAR outpaces Prepar3D on the same hardware. - RSR

          • Cristi Neagu
            Cristi Neagu commented
            Editing a comment
            I've seen a lot of people pointing out that the stutters are caused by the recording software.

          • Hazza
            Hazza commented
            Editing a comment
            I am using an i7-7700K @ 4.5GHz, 32GB RAM, NVidia 1080 8GB. M.2 SSD, FPS locked @ 30 in NVidia Control Panel, TrackIR. On Ultra I average 24 - 26 FPS at EGLL (A320) and 30 FPS in bush flights around AYDY and similar bush strips in PNG (C208B). If I set to High I maintain 30 FPS regardless of where I am and I have NOT seen any stutters anywhere (and I REALLY struggle with stutters in P3D 4.5). I do NOT use recording software.


          Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
          We have some very exciting times ahead, all of us. I couldn’t be happier.
          and I am really proud and thankful having the opportunity to take part in the journey
          Christian Mbeumo i9-10900K MSI Geforce RTX3090 Suprim X, 32GB DDR4 @3000MHz 4k/UHD


            I am new to PDMG products, actually never used them. But I am pretty clear they will deliver an amazing plane for this new platform. I wish you the best of lucks!!


              That is the most reading (this post) I did all month. I need a nap.
              Paul Gugliotta


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
                Editing a comment
                Easy, Paul- you gotta work up to it slowly. Don't want you spraining an eyeball, now, do we? - RSR

              You explained it well (and even humbly 😁). I am excited to see my favourite airliners in MFS, but even though I know it will take some time, I'm still jumping into MFS on day one. Why? Because this is the first time I've been excited about VFR and GA flying. I like ORBX and other attempts to bring in ortho, and have seen it looking good on certain streams/videos, but the lackluster default scenery in FSX/P3D has made me focus exclusively on airliners (30,000 feet and counting). But with MFS, I can't wait to fly low and slow and actually explore the world, feel the weather, see the sights. All in all this is an exciting time for us simmers.

              Aidan Rogers


              • Hazza
                Hazza commented
                Editing a comment
                I would HIGHLY recommend flying in PNG (Papua New Guinea)! You will probably swear a lot and sweat a lot. You will blame the plane, your controls, the sim and the dog! But once you nail that first ridge top 12 degree slope landing you'll never look back! I would suggest starting in the Goroka airport (AYGA) and flying to strips in the area (just pick one at random from the map). On YouTube there is a guy who posts vlogs about flying in this area check him out here I would LOVE to get a PMDG level Quest Kodiak 100.

              Amazing update. Thank you for your view as developer on MSFS. This post has made me really, really hopeful for the future.
              Cristi Neagu


                I'm already fed up with default planes. It is not interesting. I'm really looking forward to PMDG in half a year!!!!!
                And 777 for P3Dv5 !!
                There is nothing better
                Last edited by BMW969; 30Jul2020, 21:16.
                ​Alexey Unishkov


                  With an endorsement like that, now I feel pretty confident that this will be a great sim (don't tell anyone I've just bought the NGXu waiting for a discount on NGX3...)


                    Originally posted by SloppyDog View Post
                    With an endorsement like that, now I feel pretty confident that this will be a great sim (don't tell anyone I've just bought the NGXu waiting for a discount on NGX3...)
                    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're a little late for that. You had to have purchased it by December 31st, 2019 in order to get the credit for the NG3. Also, PMDG requires you to sign your posts with your first and last name, which you agreed to when you created an account here. Instructions on how to do so can be found here:

                    Captain Kevin

                    Kevin Yang


                      So, by sometime next Spring, we will have a PMDG level aircraft in this "amazing" new sim. That will be great as long as there are other developers: scenery, utilities,etc., also on board at about the same time. Not sure I'll be willing to jump into it until at least well into 2Q21. We shall wait and see,
                      Bob Zolto



                        "Lesson learned. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong."

                        I couldn't agree more. Having been an Alpha tester since the beginning, I was initially frustrated/confused with the UI, and I'll admit the learning curve was steep, however I've come to appreciate many of the new features. Often, I find myself mistakenly using default keys from MSFS while on P3D for the simple fact that they made more sense. I'm very much looking forward to this next generation and watching how the community adjusts, and from where I sit, I know they'll get used to it.

                        Grant Flaiz
                        Grant Flaiz


                          I'll just wait until MSFS20 matures. I've already invested into P3Dv4.5 after years of not using FSX, and the last thing I want is to rush in and put up with an unoptimised simulator - and having to repurchase everything if there's no free or discounted crossgrade.
                          Craig Norman


                            I have kept my investments into P3D at a minimum for the past year and clearly it has paid off! For the first time since 2006 I am feeling extremely excited about the release of MSFS 2020, except I expect my excitement to exceed the release day and my first few flights unlike it did in 06!

                            Change is expected and it might take a few days to start getting used to the changes but I am a simmer that adapts quite easily in that regard.

                            The lighting of MSFS 2020 has always amazed me ever since the very first previews came out 1 year ago. You guys at PMDG have captured the lighting outstandingly well and if it wasn't for the PMDG livery it would be very difficult to differentiate between the sim and real life.

                            I am very much looking forward to the next 10 years of flight simulation. Developing on a core sim and going through four or five versions of one sim for three years - then dropping it and forcing you to stick with the old abandonware, or fork out some more money for a "new" sim was getting old!
                            Ciarán Andrews


                              The NG3 looks outstanding! Every day is a day closer.
                              Daniel Glover


                                I cried when I read your words Robert. Haha not really, but damn close. Thank you for your views, and I am now excited to support this new era for our hobby.
                                Zach Alcantar
                                MSI GE75 Raider 9SF laptop -Windows 10 version 1909 -i9-9880H -RTX 2070 8GB -32 GB DDR4 -V5 HF2


                                  I always appreciate your perspective, Robert. You are so correct about MSFS. I cannot wait until all of the PMDG fleet have been upgraded to fly in the modern simulator. The NG3 does look outstanding. The default airplanes in MSFS are interesting. I am definitely going to fly some general aviation default airplanes until A2A develops some aircraft for the modern simulator. Again, I cannot wait to get my hands on the NG3 and the upgrades of the 777 and the Queen of the Skies, 747. We are living in exciting times. I suspect there is gonna be a lot of us spending a lot of time on the new simulator checking things out in late August. Pandemic? Yes, it is serious and real. Now we have more of an excuse to stay in and be protected. We have a new flight simulator coming out. Thanks again, Robert, for your great perspective.

                                  Chuck Rogers
                                  Flight Sim and PMDG Enthusiast


                                    Amazing post thanks robert
                                    Wayne Such


                                      Thanks for the update and personal perspective Cpt Randazzo. I saw a pretty extensive review that showed the many many setup screens. It was intimidating. While there are previsions for one to get in and just fly, it will take some time to realize the potential due to FS2020 complexity. Lots of options to consider. At least we will have time to do as you suggest and go sight seeing. Everytime I think about those possibilities, it blows my mind. Talk about a study sim... Looking forward to the adventure.

                                      Rob Roberson
                                      SEL-MEL Airplane Instrument


                                        Thanks so much for this post - it's a refreshing (and urgently needed) blast of sanity. I'll be returning often to read it as the flightsim community launches into its initial round of fear and loathing - not for any reason except flightsimmers gotta flighsimmer.

                                        And I can vouch for "different doesn't mean wrong."

                                        I have realistic expectations - based on several months' testing - and I'm all in.
                                        Alan Ampolsk

                                        "Ah, Paula, they are firing at me!" -- Saint-Exupery


                                          Originally posted by nikita1234 View Post
                                          I think i will stick with P3D 4.5. The v5 is unstable and the MFS 2020 is a lag fast. There are multiple videos now on yoututbe people flying from Cessna to 747 and it micro stutters horribly even on high end PCs. Having beautiful sim but single digit FPS is completely pointless in my opinion. It probably needs a good couple years for the sim to be optimized and properly tweaked. NG3 looks amazing but considering default planes are lagging, I don't even want to imagine what PMDG will be like. Can't wait for the 777 though!

                                          Nikita Travkin
                                          Just to give you some good news, I have been an alpha MSFS tester from the first announcement and the new sim is not the stutter fest you might be concerned about.
                                          To give you an idea I have ORBX Australia with YMML, YMMB, YMEN and YMAV all active in P3D v5 so you have detailed to very detailed scenery all within 20-30km and flying the 737NGXu I get drops down to 15-18 fps however I rune very high to max setting. (I-7700K cpu/1080Ti gpu).

                                          In MSFS the default airports are being updated each time Bing data is updated and really YMML is the only airport in this specific area I would consider adding from a future MSFS ORBX catalogue when it's released. YMMB is actually fairly well done. The base scenery is better then ORBX Australia imho and again gets updated with the Bing data.
                                          I get better frame rates with MSFS in the same flying area, however the fluidity is what always wins me over, but again I've set the graphics to MSFS at almost max settings and obviously don't have a high fidelity PMDG aircraft.

                                          In summary, whatever you achieve with P3D you don't go backwards with MSFS.
                                          Last edited by YMML; 31Jul2020, 04:45.
                                          Albert Sahely


                                            When I first used Chaseplane, I thought, "this isn't any good! I like my traditional view setup!" -- but after a few days, I completely changed my tune. Now I love using that software and couldn't imagine going back to the default view system.

                                            So maybe MSFS will be the same. I'll load it up, and probably think, "this is weird" and even, "I don't like this way of doing this". But I bet it won't take figure out new ways of doing things, with things in the sim being better all-around.
                                            Rhett Browning


                                              Is there a possibility that we might see a PMDG Max 8 debut in MSFS 2020?
                                              Nate Myers


                                                Hey Everybody,

                                                We have a bunch of new users here in the PMDG forum, and I want to wish you all a warm welcome.

                                                In addition, I also want to point out that we require users to sign their names to their posts here in the PMDG forum. We have required this for two decades- and your compliance is expected and appreciated.

                                                Set up a signature block in your account if you must. You can find instructions at the top of this forum.

                                                Welcome and Enjoy!

                                                Robert S. Randazzo
                                                PMDG Simulations


                                                  Hi Robert,

                                                  Great analysis and birds eye view of the situation, I guess spending so much time at FL 340+ does give some different perspectives.

                                                  Personally I am very excited about the new sim and will look forward to adding the PMDG lineup to the fleet.

                                                  I do have a couple of questions for PMDG/Robert so hopefully you can shed some light on this 😀

                                                  1. NG3/QOTSII/T7 : VR support has been announced by the MSFS team to come fairly soon after release, and looking at your glowing praise of the dev team, I suspect it wont be long after release so, what is the PMDG stance on this ? will the MSFS product line take this into account during development ?

                                                  2. Global Ops : As this is still in Dev, is it fair to assume compatibility of Global Ops shall be ported over to the new MSFS platform as well ?

                                                  3. Xbox : Some users will undoubtfully be using the XBOX for exploring the new MSFS platform, are PMDG making any consessions to cater for this particular platform and its limitations ?

                                                  I appreciate some of this may be covered by NDAs but would love to hear some thoughts on this, even if from FL340 😉

                                                  with wishes for an exciting future for the hobby,


                                                  Morten Hansen


                                                    Hopefully I’ll adapt to this brave new world like when FS3.0 came out with all those realistic city skylines....

                                                    Kidding aside it feels like the greatest leap forward since FS98 changed simming from a game to a hobby.

                                                    Mike Frantz
                                                    Simming since 1986 / PMDG Customer since 2005
                                                    Real World ratings: Instrument / Commercial / Multiengine / Seaplane