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[08MAY20] PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II update released (full installer)

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    [08MAY20] PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II update released (full installer)


    This afternoon we have released a significant update for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II product line. This update provides many enhancements, new features, fixes and corrections to both the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II and PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II products. In addition, this update adds compatibility with the new Prepar3D v5 (P5D) platform in both the product itself and the installer mechanism.

    This update cycle is significant and with the addition of the new platform it is a bit complex, thus we are pushing the update *only* through a renewed installer. Future updates will come to you as established micro-updates, but for this build want to be sure that we get all users up to at least this build minimum in order to ensure product quality on a global scale.

    With this build you will find updated models in both the external and VC variety, both with numerous PBR improvements where we thought they would enhance the look of the model. We have upgraded the physics model to improve wing flex across all ranges of flight, including some new force inputs that will cause the wing to be significantly more life like during ground operations, particularly during acceleration and taxi. The physics now extends to the tail-plane and you will see flexing and vibration induced by airflow from thrust, spoiler deployment and other factors. We have improved the ground handling capabilities of the airplane so it will now turn corners correctly and reflect accurate turn radius with full deflection of the nose wheel.

    Pushback now includes the ability to select multiple push modes as in the NGXu, and we have given you the ability to drive the pushback tug yourself. (Use your stick: forward/back for speed and left right to steer.)

    Numerous corrections/enhancements and other fixes have been added and we think you will find the overall polish to really enhance the airplane nicely.

    Some Notes for P5D Users:
    With this update we have added the ability to install the airplane into P5D. Compatibility with this new platform goes quite a bit deeper than simply updating the installer however, as we had to make significant internal changes to the product in order to accommodate changes in lighting, terrain scanning for the EFB, airport moving map display data, and numerous other factors.

    Users switching to P5D please know that we have a number of new features we can take advantage of within the new platform, but these additions will roll in at a later date as we are primarily focused on moving the various product lines into the new platform at this juncture. Features such as 8.33Mhz spacing and the like will come soon enough.

    Also please know that you may need to experiment a bit with the visual settings in P5D to get things to look the way you like. The final results will vary from customer to customer depending upon your preferences and your choices, but given the hybrid and highly editable nature of the P5D visual environment as it currently stands, we have had to find a middle ground option for textures that will allow the airplane to look correct across a very broad spectrum of possible lighting and rendering options. Your choices will have an impact on how things are displayed, and we strongly recommend that you play around with the settings until you find what works best for you.

    (For example: Some of our beta testers love HDR. They reported that using HDR tended to make text on certain surfaces in the cockpit appear gauzy in P5D. Adjusting bloom levels will mitigate this, but cause textures to appear darker than normal in corners of the cockpit. Likewise then layering the new Enhanced Atmospherics into the rendering equation would tend to lighten things up nicely, but further adjustments to HDR could cause textures to bleach out in well lit places. And of course, all of this seems to vary slightly depending upon which hardware and which drivers you were using… In other words there are a million ways to get the sim to render the image to the screen, and each will have trade-offs you will need to consider in your choices…)

    Obtaining This Update:
    Due to the size and complexity of this update, we are requiring all users to obtain the installer from their eCommerce account. Simply go to and scroll to the page bottom. Look for CUSTOMER and SIGN IN/REGISTER and log into your account. In your account history you can redownload both the 747-400 and 747-8 installers (if you purchased the 747-8, that is!) and off you go!

    Operations Center Update:
    Please note that when you install this update, it will automatically bring you up-to-date with the PMDG Operations Center. If this update fails, or if you prevent it from taking place (please don't) then you will not have access to liveries for the 747 product line in P5D... The Operations Center update rolled out globally yesterday, but most customers will likely see that update take place automatically when installing this new version of the 747 product line.

    Scenery Update Notes:
    During the transition to P5D, we found that many scenery developers are quickly updating their installers to make them P5D compatible, but many are not *also* taking the step to re-export the scenery BGLs in order to make them compliant with the P5D SDK. This would cause the 747 to be unable to read those airport scenery in order to display the airport moving map on the navigation display. We have created some logic in the EFB that will use some heuristics to attempt to determine if the scenery file is P5D compliant, and if not, it will switch to treating it as a P4D scenery and attempt to import the data. Please note that this is not perfect- and some scenery might not read correctly if it hasn't been exported using the P5D SDK. This is an issue for the scenery developers to resolve- but we *think* we have mitigated it in most circumstances in order to give you the least amount of headache possible.

    Information for Aerosoft Customers:
    We are providing copies of these updates to Aerosoft. You will need to obtain them from there through their normal update process. It *is* Friday, and while they have quickly updated on weekends in the past, if that doesn't happen right away please do be polite and kind to their support team- it isn't their fault that we landed on a weekend night...

    ##Late Edit for Active Sky Users##
    Active Sky Issues:
    Please note that we received word late in the day on 06MAY20 from HiFi Simulations that we will need to make changes to the 747 in order to maintain compatibility with their latest update for weather radar sources provided by ActiveSkyP3D. It would have been tremendously helpful to know this was coming, as we could have included the changes in this build, but we were not informed of the pending changes during a period of time when we naturally could have done something about it. As a result, weather radar functionality is currently inoperative in the 747 and we have already shifted the dev team onward. We will circle back to make these changes, but I do not know when that will happen just yet.
    ## End Late Edit for Active Sky Users##

    Note for P3D v3 and FSX Users:
    Just a quick reminder that we announced in December 2018 that we are no longer developing on any 32bit platforms, which includes FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D v3. We are still providing you with technical support on those platforms, but we are not actively updating functionality for our products on those platforms. For Prepar3D v3 owners, you already own rights to upgrade your Prepar3D v3 experience to v4 and/or v5 using the same installer, so if you elect to upgrade to the newer simulation, you are already set to go!

    Change List for this build:
    This change list is not all-inclusive, but covers items we discussed with our beta and technical teams during this update cycle.

    PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **WIDE BETA** - BUILD 3.01.0283 (FULL BASELINE) (Released 2020-05-08)
    ================================================== =========================================

    -- 0008664: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] PTT Button Outline missing on 400 and 400F (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008646: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Bottom of 400F FO Corner post is crumpled (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008644: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Ground Steering intermittent with tiller axis selected (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008648: [General - Ground Operations] Pushback menu selection improvements (hvanrensburg) - resolved.

    - 0008608: [ACARS - Aircraft Performance/Navigation] GFO ACARS POS REP has NO INDICATION it was sent (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008602: [General - Unsure] Aircraft angular velocity gets corrupted while parked. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008620: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Glareshield "crashpads" doesn`t shake with VC motion (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008611: [ACARS - CPDLC] PRINT function in CDU inop (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008595: [External Model - Geometry] 747-8F Missing Textures External Upper Deck Door (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008468: [External Model - Geometry] Slat panel next to No4 engine not correctly aligned (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008591: [General - Ground Operations] Various issues related to new pushback module implementation that need cleanup (affected beta tester builds only) (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008603: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Autobrake effectiveness does not match published values (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008604: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Manual Brake effectiveness does not match published values (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008601: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spot for knob on landing altitude panel not properly centered on knob (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008598: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Fix related to duplicate waypoint entered on airway (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008576: [General - Flight Model] 747 Wingflex physics model updated. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008571: [General - Ground Operations] Pushback Tug Turns are too sensitive. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008574: [Systems - Electrical] IDG self-test fails to complete in extreme cold temps, preventing IDG from being brought online. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008567: [External Model - Geometry] Cabin Services Truck beacon housing is missing texture. (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008537: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Page Up/Page Down reversed in right EFB when used from VC (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007633: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] External Vehicle displaying incorrectly when loading a panel state (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0007535: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Reverse font for alt/ias restrictions of newly entered waypoints in MOD RTE (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0007268: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Fuel OVRD 2 FWD ECL not behaving correctly. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007472: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] 747-8 SEATBELTS OFF memo message erroneously displays while not in flight and switch set to OFF. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008536: [Systems - Electrical] IDG drive failure due to wear/stress may not properly report failure in menus and then cannot be cleared (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008016: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Texture issue on glare wings for 747-400 Pax (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007509: [External Model - Geometry] Body steering does not work when Axis Steering set is used (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008525: [General - Flight Model] Separate OPT/MAX ALT tables for -ER and -ERF (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008508: [Systems - Flight Controls] Yaw Damper Inop light not turning ON with IRS OFF when loading a panel state (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0008499: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Air Vent clipping in VC (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008466: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Line over F/O Selcal Plate (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008456: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spots for Landing lights are not centered, and do not cover entire switch (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008457: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Text on overhead and EFIS are blurry (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008450: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spot for Captain Audio System not functioning (hvanrensburg) - resolved.
    - 0008220: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] VC click spot issue on R wiper and No3 Pack switches (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008353: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Ghost clickspot on Aisle Stand Panel Flood switch (748) (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007739: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Extra Panel part? Light Leak (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008017: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] VC Shadow improvements (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007740: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Texture issue related to cockpit window trim (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0008445: [General - Ground Physics] Implementation of PMDG Ground Physics updates into 747 (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008446: [General - Ground Operations] Implementation of updated pushback methods, including user-driven tug for pushback (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008387: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Light Strip missing and small Yoke Gap (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007799: [General - Flight Model] ISA Fuel Burn adjustment (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0007605: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] R/T INT switch with Pedestal flood lights ON (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007554: [Systems - Hydraulic] HYD Press Demand pump message behavior (abashkatov) - resolved.
    - 0008600: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] SMOKE EVAC Placard is raised (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0008562: [External Model - Geometry] Stabilizer animation improvements (jbrown) - closed.
    - 0008569: [Apps - Glareshield Integration Module] PVD Faults -- Co-pilot's Glareshield Module (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0007655: [Systems - Fuel] Fuel Crossfeed Valve Switches - Transit Lights Not working (rsrandazzo) - closed.
    - 0008578: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Random Knob on Air System Panel Build 10202 (vscimone) - closed.
    - 0008568: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Overhead Panel Switches alignment problem.(vscimone) - closed.
    - 0007673: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] PVD on copilot side INOP/Appearance issues (vscimone) - closed.

    - 0008621: [External Model - Geometry] Changes to wing flex animation ranges (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0005374: [General - Flight Model] shaking in turbulence aggressive (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008632: [General - Flight Model] Improved wing flex model improvements air and ground range (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008612: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] RTO Autobrake did not operate. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008577: [General - Unsure] Stabilizer wobble (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008588: [General - Flight Model] Stab shaking while changing fuel load (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008371: [Systems - Lighting - Exterior] Nose gear turn off light illuminated with power off (jbrown) - resolved.
    - 0008590: [Systems - Hydraulic] Body gear does not steer during push (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0008573: [General - Ground Physics] Angular velocity controller needs tuning for P5D. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007093: [Systems - Fire Protection] 748 fire protection - 5th cargo squib test light unnecessarily installed (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007647: [General - Engines] Idle N1 and EGT model for GenX engines revised [747-8] (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0006743: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] APU N1 and EGT relaxation model revisions (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0007612: [Main Panel - Synoptics] APU OIL QTY Indication logic revised (emvaos) - resolved.
    - 0006404: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Pushback Time elapsed error after latest update (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007640: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Center post geometry needs correction on 747-8 (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007659: [Systems - Electrical] GEN Inop after multiple legs without exiting Sim. No failure registered. Unable to clear. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007552: [Systems - Fuel] Intermittent FUEL OVRD 3 AND 3 OFF (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
    - 0007664: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Speed selector on the MCP size discrepancy (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007616: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] MCP Floodlight strip is not well illustrated (vscimone) - resolved.
    - 0007644: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Indicated ECON CLB Speed in case value adapted to ECON CRZ Mach at TOC for low altitude cruise (emvaos) - closed.
    - 0007600: [AFDS - Roll Modes] AP Roll channel on ground with LOC (NO AUTOLAND situation) (emvaos) - closed.

    [73 Items]
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Nice, there we go, thanks !
    Ryan Argue


      Yes, it's downloading now!

      Hendrik Schall


        Great, now I have something to keep me from leaving the house.
        Paul Gugliotta


        • rsrandazzo
          rsrandazzo commented
          Editing a comment
          Glad we could help. :-) -RSR

        How do I get the new installer for the -8 when I bought it on Aerosoft?´ I bought the Base Pack directly here on but the -8 Expansion on Aerosoft's website.. And I think I only got (get) the old installer.
        Robert Sattler


          400 is now available. Thank you so much RSR and the whole PMDG-Team for bringing us this beautiful airplane

          Soeren Moehrs


            Downloading now! Can’t wait to see it in action!
            Robert Sutherland


              Originally posted by roesti View Post
              How do I get the new installer for the -8 when I bought it on Aerosoft?´ I bought the Base Pack directly here on but the -8 Expansion on Aerosoft's website.. And I think I only got (get) the old installer.
              Info added on the initial post
              Chris Makris (Olympic260)
              PMDG Technical Support


                Thank you Robert!

                Greg Morin
                Commercial ASMEL Instrument CFI


                  Robert, you and your team are the saviour of my weekend.

                  Thank you and stay healthy

                  Last edited by Roadie04; 08May2020, 21:31.
                  Charly Schaller


                    Do we need to uninstall and reinstall? What if we just do the repair function?
                    Tim Barker
                    FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist


                    • DavidP
                      DavidP commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Yes, I did read it and my interpretation was that a complete reinstall was necessary. To me, that implies removing the product and reinstalling with the new installer.

                    • rsrandazzo
                      rsrandazzo commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Tim: I am 99% certain you will get away with hitting repair if all you want to do is update the existing install. We didn't do a deep test on that- so if it blows up- then you'll just have to go back to square one and uninstall/reinstall. Generally speaking tho- the repair will do the job just fine if you are only updating and not moving to P5D. - RSR

                    • Tbarker1989
                      Tbarker1989 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Thanks RSR. I thought so..

                    Thank You for the Update
                    Deniz Sarper


                      Good day

                      can I install it in v5 and keep my actual version install in V4?
                      Frédéric Giraud


                        Originally posted by Tbarker1989 View Post
                        Do we need to uninstall and reinstall? What if we just do the repair function?
                        You need to remove then reinstall

                        John Tavendale


                          Originally posted by Frederic29 View Post
                          Good day

                          can I install it in v5 and keep my actual version install in V4?
                          You need to remove then reinstall. On reinstall you can tick both v4 and v5

                          John Tavendale


                            Most excellent.
                            PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


                              Thank you Robert and the team for the update. Let's hope P3Dv5 is worthy of it, there seem to be a few problems just now!
                              Dave Nash
                              MSFS + P3Dv5.3HF1 on Win 10 64 bit (21H2.19044.1586) 3 x 4k Monitors


                                Thank you Joanne K. Rowling with short hair.

                                (Your stories are fantastic but real/virtual and that is the big advantage for us)
                                Josef Kolb

                                PMDG B737-600 to -900/747-400/747-8/777-200LR/777-300ER


                                  Thx for first jet in P3D5
                                  Cheers. Lukas Majer



                                    I have updated the installer, but it does not show any new version available for PMDG 747, (Note: I pressed the check button several times)
                                    Ali Maz
                                    P3DV4.5 & 5, PMDG 737 & 747


                                    • John Tavendale
                                      John Tavendale commented
                                      Editing a comment
                                      Did you download the new installers from the web store?

                                    Originally posted by Ali View Post

                                    I have updated the installer, but it does not show any new version available for PMDG 747, (Note: I pressed the check button several times)
                                    Did you read the initial post?

                                    This is a full install. You have to download it from your account page.
                                    Robert Sutherland


                                      is anyone elses download being really sucky? i'm not even getting 1mb
                                      David Norfolk


                                        Im afraid I dont understand this verification code, I enter the one in my email but then nothing happens.
                                        PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


                                          Can I copy and paste my aircraft configuration files (not the panel states but the config files) into the new version for 4.5 and 5 without ill effect?
                                          Flight Sim Guides YouTube Channel

                                          John Price


                                          • rsrandazzo
                                            rsrandazzo commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            John- No- you really can't. There is a reason why we want you to get a full, fresh installation... Trust us- we know what we are about. :-) - RSR

                                          Originally posted by RoDuSu View Post

                                          Did you read the initial post?

                                          This is a full install. You have to download it from your account page.
                                          I made a mistake.
                                          Ali Maz
                                          P3DV4.5 & 5, PMDG 737 & 747


                                            Can't see anything on the WX radar. Is this still a open thing?
                                            Timm Rehberg
                                            Twitch Stream | V1 Simulations Blog


                                            • rsrandazzo
                                              rsrandazzo commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              Timm- AH! I knew I had forgotten something in the original post. Check there in a moment for an added edit... - RSR

                                            Originally posted by Boomer View Post
                                            Im afraid I dont understand this verification code, I enter the one in my email but then nothing happens.
                                            How are you folks getting to download this?

                                            Nevermind, sorry, browser issues.
                                            Last edited by Boomer; 08May2020, 21:56.
                                            PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


                                            • AlexFarmer
                                              AlexFarmer commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              It's avilable in the produt page on your account

                                            Thank you!


                                              Is WXR not included in the V5 release?
                                              Mark Roberts


                                              • Mroberts95
                                                Mroberts95 commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                Thanks! I will still fly the Queen anyways. Will make it more fun to fly thru some rough air for a while :P

                                              • cknipe
                                                cknipe commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                rsrandazzo - that's a bit of a serious issue, don't you think? Is the WX radars disabled completely, or only with the latest versions of AS. If they are disabled completely then this is unfortunately going to be a miss for me in terms of upgrading

                                              • rsrandazzo
                                                rsrandazzo commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                cknipe: We don't know. HiFi chose not to communicate any information to us about the fact that they were breaking their products backward compatibiltiy. There isn't much we can do if a partner isn't talking... - RSR

                                              I only see P3d v4 in Operations Center no V5


                                              Robert Koolstr.