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[02MAR19] Oh what a week it has been. Some 747 PBR good news and a few other items...

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    [02MAR19] Oh what a week it has been. Some 747 PBR good news and a few other items...


    This has been quite a week around PMDG and fortunately I have a host of good news to bring you as a result of it.

    The New Forum:
    We started the week by opening our new forum, and with a bit of tweaking and tuning things were off to a pretty good start. We have been watching how you all use the suite of tools and we are already beginning to evaluate which new forum topic areas we can open up to facilitate the many beneficial conversations that go on here.

    One interesting discussion we had with a few users circulated around "so what is the best way to get support?" I won't recap the entire conversation, but it is worth pointing out that we are always available to provide personalized assistance via our technical support portal which is located at Our preference is that if your request isn't directly related to your user account, your activation keys or some other transaction related data that you first wander in here and seek whatever help you need, as most customer questions related to product and airplane issues can be easily answered by other users- and that will get you on your way and maybe even build some new friendships in the PMDG user community.

    PMDG 747 QOTSII PBR Update: Nailing Down Loose Ends
    I mentioned in last week's update that I had introduced a problem to the 747 that was important and needed to be resolved before we could push the update to you. On Monday morning I cleared a bunch of administrative noise from my schedule and finally had some time to sit and focus on code and debugging. It took all day but I was able to resolve a set of issues that I introduced to the 747 accidentally that would have significantly (negatively) impacted your enjoyment of the airplane- so I am thankful to Dan and Carl and Michael on our testing team for having caught them just before we were ready to push the update out the door to you.

    We shoved a quick update into our beta testing process, fully thinking "we'll be able to publish the update on Thursday" only to have them come back with some really unusual interactions that they were seeing on the visual models in Prepar3D v4.

    If you are NOT at all interested in how complicated developing these products can be: skip to the next topic. For those interested, here is how it played out:

    The testers noticing this artifact on the PBR models were all simultaneously using the 747 in the PMDG Global Flight Operations environment. None of them were seeing the artifact outside of the Global Flight Operations environment, which caused us to immediately presume "Global Flight Operations must be breaking this thing." Two days of research lead us to discover that if we worked at it, we could get the artifact to trigger just from a normal saved flight, which shifted the research focus away from the Global Flight Operations team and back to the 747 team.

    We began looking through all kinds of issues, and followed a few rabbit trails that lead to nowhere, but we did discover that the problem would present itself if the user loaded the airplane from a saved flight with the view settings in a specific configuration, however if they loaded the same flight with the views in a different configuration the problem did not manifest. This lead us to begin suspecting differences in the flight save files, and after an exhaustive research project to build a bunch of example data, we determined that this might actually be the direction to head, because it seemed that the artifact was being created at the time the airplane is initially loaded into the sim for rendering.

    We reached out to Lockheed Martin for help and then waited to see what they thought.

    While we waited- another full day of what is best described as "random data collection research" continued as we created simple model builds of things such as cylinders to inject into the sim to see if we could find a duplication case. With some data from that exercise, we wound up starting to pull pieces off of the airplane to see if possibly some corrupt artifact was creating a problem for the rendering engine when it was using PBR capabilities.

    A full day of (about 10hrs) of research later, we stumbled into a solution related to a (we presume) unexpected collision in naming convention between textures used on the aircraft interior (VC) and exterior model. A full new set of exports all around... Problem solved.

    We passed our findings along to Lockheed Martin and the rest of the development community just in case anyone else stumbles into this unusual and probably unexpected issue in their own products.

    All told this fix required input from 10 different developers, and absorbed probably 70 man hours of total development time.

    I say this frequently in developer meetings: People think this s**t is easy...

    PMDG 747 QOTSII PBR Release Planning:
    A few hours ago, we gave the latest version of this update to our beta testers. We are planning to give them the weekend to make sure we have all the corners tucked in neatly, and if we do, we will plan to push it to you after the weekend.

    On an educational note: We are trying to move away from pushing updates on Fridays. For some reason we have traditionally used Friday or Saturday as our update push day, and this has a tendency to be a bit disruptive to weekend schedules for the support team and the developers if anything odd happens. (Which does- especially if someone has plans that would be difficult to change... You know that fellow, Murphy and his tricks...)

    PMDG 737 NG3 Update:
    We are moving along at an incredible clip with this product. It has been underway for some time, even if we haven't said much about it. There is so much about this product that you guys are going to absolutely LOVE. I cannot wait to be able to share more- but alas, not just yet.

    PMDG DC-3 in Normandy and Berlin: Summer 2019
    We are rapidly moving through the schedule planning process to bring the DC-3 to Europe for part of the summer. The whole point of the mission is to have the ship attend festivities at Duxford and Caen related to the 75th anniversary of the allied landings at Normandy. We will then be moving along to Weisbaden, Fassburg and Berlin Germany in recognition of the role of the C-47/DC-3 and Pan American World Airways during celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the start of the Berlin Airlift.

    After these official festivities end (on/around 18JUN) we are going to spend a few weeks with the airplane in Europe. To start, there will be a visit to our friends and partners at Aerosoft in Paderborn, Germany, but after this- the schedule is still quite flexible. We are considering a trip to Innsbruck, because... Innsbruck. (duh) We are also looking at Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, Venice and possibly Athens.

    I thought we would mention this, just in case any of you happen to have a good local airshow with which you are affiliated that is taking place during the 18JUN to 04JUL timeline. We might be interested in trying to set up a formal meet-and-greet with this most unusual airplane, an unusual crew and as many of the PMDG development team as can make the gathering.

    (You can see more about the mission here:

    Okay- time to get some sleep at the end of a very long week. Have a nice weekend- keep up the chatter here in the forum.

    We are glad you are here!
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Thx for the update.
    It will come when it comes and I am waiting.

    Kind regards
    Mattias Nordgren


      Just take your time Robert and team no rush have plenty quality sleep it builds up the quality brain cells.😉Me and I’m sure all the other users don’t mind waiting as long as we are flying.Good news on the 737 NG3 happy to hear me and other fellow users alike.😊And what’s to say about our new forum except that is fantastic very well done except I’m still trying to figure out what are those little dots represent.😀
      Best Regards PMDG team and keep up the great work we think you’re the best.
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      Danny Z.Cebis


        Thanks for the update, will wait ;-)
        John Liem


          Best Airplane. Thank you. Michael Hoeft


            Please do visit Vienna. It would be great to see the old girl in public here.

            Jessica Bannister-Pearce


              Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
              PMDG 737 NG3 Update:
              We are moving along at an incredible clip with this product. It has been underway for some time, even if we haven't said much about it. There is so much about this product that you guys are going to absolutely LOVE. I cannot wait to be able to share more- but alas, not just yet.
              The only product other than GFO that ill pay big bucks for. Comes part of working for an airline strickly on just 73s lol
              Alex Kulak
              PMDG Studier and flyer


                Thanks for keeping us informed Robert, seems like the NG3 is closer than I thought. Looking forward to all these goodies coming up.
                Thanks again for all of the hard work you guys put in!

                Zsolt Szivak


                  Thank you for the updates, thank you and all the guys at PMDG and all the testers for their hard work.
                  Bernhard Schiel


                    Robert, thanks for all the great News. The read on the reasons for the slight 'delay' in pushing the update out was fascinating and educational. A lot of people might forget about all the interactions between programs from different developers that can create problems for each other. Great job narrowing and finding the cause(s) in such a short time. Hopefully the request for 'news' will diminish a bit with your explaining the complexities.

                    Here is my 'plug' for a visit to Switzerland. I am not associated with the events below but if you would like to give your ship a good exposure there are 2 big public events in the Zurich area during or at least near the 'available' time in Europe. The first one is in Zug with the participation of the "Patrouille Suisse' on June 22nd and the second one is in the town of Zurich with the participation of the Swiss PC-7 Team on July 5-7. I know that one is just after your time frame but some 2 million visitors might be enticing. Both of these events are on/over lakes and offer great viewing. Might be worthwhile contacting the Swiss Air Force with the help of your contacts at Boeing and LM. (Both are in the competition for the next generation fighter jets for the Swiss Air Force and are in the evaluation phase during the next few weeks with the F/A 18 C and D Hornet and the F-35). The Swiss Air Force might be open to a 'special' fly-by with the Clipper Tabitha May and they could get the authorizations that are probably required more easily. The airport of Dübendorf LSMD would be a great base for you guys. Close to LSZH but more accessible for the public. And you could rub shoulders with the Ju-52. They are grounded for the moment but LSMD is their base. There are more very suitable airports with very good public access nearby and challenging approaches through narrow valleys if that is what you are looking for. Check out LSMF for starters. On a nice day your views would be spectacular. I can see why you might want to go to Geneva. Also very nice and you might meet up with the DC-3 HB-IRJ. Read the other day it is for sale. If you need any links let me know and I'll send them to you by PM.

                    Greetings from Switzerland

                    PS: unfortunately the Breitling Super Constellation (HB-RSC) is grounded due chipping on the leading edge wing spars requiring extensive repairs. Meeting up with them for a flight would have been great.


                      Cool thing, see you in Wiesbaden. Or, if you fly there, in Innsbruck.. It's a little closer and... well.. Innsbruck ^^ The city traffic is weird, I got lost there with my bike ^^ but Kranebitten is a great little airport =)

                      I'm looking forward to further updates on GFO and the NG3
                      Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6900XT, 32GB DDR4 RAM @3600MHz, 4k
                      Marc Eland
                      GFO Beta


                        Thanks for the update captain. The NG3 will be the final straw in me finally making the switch to P3D. I have all of PMDG’s other aircraft and I’m definitely going to be adding this one to my hangar also.

                        I’m sure your route of flight to Europe hasn’t been worked out yet but hoping you might make a stop in the northeast, possibly in Maine(KPWM or KLEW?)so I may catch a glimpse of the Tabitha May during a stop over. She is a beauty for sure. I have a shot of her as my desktop background currently. So pretty!


                        Last edited by Potuslancer; 02Mar2019, 21:34.
                        Mark Adams KPWM


                          I love these Inside Baseball types of posts. Makes me feel like part of the team...


                            Just love the updates. Im just flying and waiting.
                            Al Stallbaumer
                            WestWind Airlines
                            KDFW Hub Manager


                              Interesting piece on the artifact and how things go back and forward.
                              Koen Meier


                                Great news.... well, rough ride....PBR did bring some problems to many devs, but it is expected to happen, it is a new feature and many variables to deal with.... I compare this to projects in engineering, no matter how well your plan was before starting, there is always a tiny thing or two that gets you struggle to reach the planned date... For the while, lets go flying!

                                Last edited by Raphael_Chacon; 02Mar2019, 19:52.
                                Raphael Chacón

                                PMDG #431793 #371950 #333135 #332876 #292207 #280217 #247845 #206809 #178218 #171813


                                  Originally posted by Swaluver88 View Post

                                  The only product other than GFO that ill pay big bucks for. Comes part of working for an airline strickly on just 73s lol
                                  SWALuver88... So... RyanAir?
                                  Robert S. Randazzo
                                  PMDG Simulations


                                    Thanks for wrestling with the problem Robert, and congrats on fixing it! Thanks for the update, looking forward to the new releases!
                                    Dave Nash
                                    MSFS + P3Dv5.3HF1 on Win 10 64 bit (21H2.19044.1889) 3 x 4k Monitors


                                      Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

                                      SWALuver88... So... RyanAir?
                                      Hahahahhaa i think you know who i work for 😉
                                      Alex Kulak
                                      PMDG Studier and flyer


                                        Can someone briefly explain what PBR will do as far as graphics and performance goes? I don't see anything out there on Physically Based Rendering.
                                        Paul Gugliotta


                                          Will it be a real dc3 or just in the sim


                                            Originally posted by Paulyg123 View Post
                                            Can someone briefly explain what PBR will do as far as graphics and performance goes? I don't see anything out there on Physically Based Rendering.
                                            Dan Downs KCRP
                                            i7-10700K 32GB 3600MHz 3080Ti


                                              Nice cannot wait thanks to all the Team
                                              Ergest Eri


                                                Really excited for the 737 NG3, the NGX has been such an incredible aircraft for soo long and is still amazing.

                                                Michael Hartnett.


                                                  Good times ahead cannot wait

                                                  Last edited by del57; 02Mar2019, 20:24.
                                                  Derek Cheesbrough


                                                    PBR is going to make the aircraft so much more immerse...I can't wait!
                                                    Also, don't get me wrong, I love Queen, (the band...her majesty...the airplane) but I have always been far more excited about the NG3 ever since first rumors popped up. Looking forward to the details!
                                                    Gabriel Guzman- IAH "Never stop flying the plane."
                                                    My ANA 777 fleet project


                                                      You guys have by far, the best aircraft add ons on the market! Please, take your time, I am sure you all have another masterpiece in development!


                                                        Thanks for the update but please....please please please do not forget the 777 update that was hinted a long time ago...
                                                        Carlos Ameztoy.
                                                        Happy T7 user.
                                                        EAS/LESO. (Donostia)


                                                          Robert, Thank you for this update! you guys (The TEAM) do the tricks behind the scene to get the result that we enjoy Precision and reality! can't wait to see more engineering to this products!
                                                          I am going to to this legs: with 737NG--> CYYZ/KBOS using flytampa scenery!


                                                          Rolando Olmo


                                                            Thank you so very much for the update Captain Randazzo!!!

                                                            I'm looking forward to the PBR effects on my new Alienware system!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            David M. Edwards
                                                            David M. Edwards: Founder, C.E.O., and Editor-In-Chief---> Aerospace Weekly (A.W.)