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[03FEB23] PMDG 737-900 Planned Release Date (finally!) and a few other morsels of news...

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    [03FEB23] PMDG 737-900 Planned Release Date (finally!) and a few other morsels of news...


    PMDG 737-900 Release Date:
    I've mentioned a few times that we would give you a bit of advance warning once we have a plan for the release date on the PMDG 737-900 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    We have just given what we hope will be the final beta for the PMDG 737-900 to our testing team, and unless something really horrific is discovered, we are planning to release her sometime after 1800Z/07FEB23. This buildout took quite a bit longer than planned, but we are really happy with how she has turned out. Pricing is expected to land between the 600 and the 700/800, with final pricing being announced at release time.

    This package includes both the 737-900 and 737-900ER with blended winglets and split scimitar winglets.

    PMDG 737-600/700/800 Updates:
    Concurrent with the release of the 737-900, we will be releasing update for the 737-600/700/800 series airplanes in order to keep all four fleet types in sync. This update series is largely focused on smoothing out some annoyances, bug fixes throughout the airplane and continued improvements in airplane handling. (eliminating notchiness with nearly-centered ground steering, for example!)

    PMDG Universal Flight Tablet:
    A quick recap on progress here: As mentioned previously, the major challenge in the tablet arena is that C++/WASM airplanes are unable to use normal windows communication methods that are necessary for the tablet to function as part of the airplane. We have worked around this by creating a tablet outside the airplane using much simpler script based language that is allowed to talk to the outside world, but we have had significant engineering challenges getting the tablet and the airplane to be able to speak to one another across the full spectrum of data that needs to pass back and forth between the two. While we have had navigraph/charting data functional for many months, we have finally reached the stage of beginning to test the new communication medium that had to be designed from the ground up in order to facilitate the table speaking with the airplane for operational performance computations- and thus far testing is progressing- but very slowly due to inadequate debugging tools available for such tasks.

    We do not have a release date plan for the tablet- and we are taking our time to ensure that these new methods provide a stable, reliable communication process so that once you have the tablet it appears to operate seamlessly and without effort.

    Modernized Navdata Implementation:
    One of the many slow-rate upgrade processes we have had working in the background is a long-promised upgrade to our navdata format. This is progressing and will roll into the 737 once we feel it is stable and ready for operation. This will unlock greater accuracy in RNP procedures and further improve the stability of lateral navigation. As is usual, we are not sharing ETA information, but this will roll out when ready as part of a free update, similarly to how we bring in all the other feature updates and upgrades that come into the airplane.

    PMDG 777:
    Work continues apace... We are not currently planning to show anything here until well after the 900 is on the market- but that day is creeping closer.

    That is all for this week, folks- thank you again for all of your support and friendship. We are happy to have you here and look forward to bringing you our 737-900 next week!
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Thanks for the update, can’t wait to fly the 900!
    Reymez95 | EHGG | AMD Ryzen 9 5900x | 32GB | RTX2080


      Yikes… Thank you, Sir. I can’t wait for the 777!! 😀
      Last edited by Pablo Vazquez; 03Feb2023, 22:10.
      Pablo Vazquez
      Flight Attendant for a major US airline


        Another reason I am a devoted PMDG Customer! Thank you for the continued development of these truly amazing products! It is truly an exciting time in our community.

        Frank Mattioli
        Frank Mattioli
        PC Specs: I9-10900K, 64 GB Ram, RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gamer, HP Reverb G2​.


          Cant wait for 777 previews

          Last edited by KingKobraSLO; 04Feb2023, 08:19.
          Božo Sibinčić​


            What about 747 ?


            • GrCaptain
              GrCaptain commented
              Editing a comment
              planned after the 777

            • JBDBOW1970
              JBDBOW1970 commented
              Editing a comment
              2024 the earliest. and sign your post.

              James Bowman

            Here we go again! Looking forward to the -900 touching down within MSFS. The series so far have been absolutely fantastic and each day brings us one day closer to an eventual 777 release too!

            Luke Carter | Flight Simulator Content Creator - British Avgeek


              Many thanks for the update Robert. It’s been a good day back flying in the DC-6, and with the news of imminent release of the 737 900, there is plenty to look forward to. These PMDG products are just a cut above the rest as far as I am concerned.
              Mark Record
              ASUS ROG Crosshair x670e Hero, AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, 64GB DDR5 5600Mhz RAM, Nvidia RTX 4090 24GB, Kingston Fury Renegade M.2 SSD 2TB, Corsair PSU 1200W, Corsair iCUE H150I Elite Cooler


                Thx for the news. I’m looking forward 900 and first previews 777
                Misha Sarmatov
                FO 737
                CPU: i7-11700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
                GPU: Nvidia RTX3080 10Gb
                RAM: 32Gb​


                  Just curious if you're able to give us the price ahead of release? If I remember, you gave us the pricing for the other varients apart from the 900. (I think)
                  David Norfolk


                  • CaptainTom
                    CaptainTom commented
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                    "Pricing is expected to land between the 600 and the 700/800, with final pricing being announced at release time."

                  • davidnorfolk96
                    davidnorfolk96 commented
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                    Ahh okay ty

                  Good to see we now have a release date. Let’s hope those last minute clean up details don’t interfere with the release.
                  Dan Moore


                    Robert I can say I speak for many and we are super excited for -900 release. I am personally super thankful for all updates you guys have done since original -700 was released. So many updates came on and all that is making this NG series truly incredible. More updates are absolutely welcome, I just have a question regarding updates that you have promised on original release (-700) but was never mentioned after. You said buying -700 we will be first adopters and later will come update for cabin and wheel well. Do you have any details regarding that? Thank you so much.


                      Why not release the EFB with only Navigraph and Simbrief functionality? That would be a big step up already.
                      Mark Tegge


                      • Papy59
                        Papy59 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I agree.
                        I don't mind the functions via the FMC as they are, I can live with it in the meantime.
                        But I would like to be able to have Simbrief and maps on the plane without having to display applications and PDFs on the second screen (like the Fenix a320 does)
                        I'm patient but this is slowly starting to irritate me...
                        I deprived myself of a lot of things to afford the PMDG range from the DC-6 to the 737 600/700/800 but the blow to say we are releasing the EFB in the summer of 2022, then when the release of the 737- 900 to finally say it's not there yet...
                        So I'm tired of home enough

                      • charlieoscarl
                        charlieoscarl commented
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                        Totally agree with you! It’s really disappointing. It isn’t a freeware where you can sit and wait without saying anything. For sure not buying anything else from PMDG.

                      Debit Card is at the ready, just need to open the Market so I can swipe. Great news. Again, my thanks to the entire PMDG Team.
                      Harry Nelson
                      Dell XPS 12Gen i7-12700k (12core 25mb Cache 3.7 to 5.0Ghz), 16GB DDR5 4400Mhz RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB LHR, 2TB M.2 NVME SSD + 2TB SATA 7200RPM HDD, 750W PS Windows 11


                        Had no intentions of getting the 900. With that said, I’m probably getting the 900.
                        Adam Schulz


                          What good news and tremendous work they do! I've been waiting like many for this long-awaited launch, along with the universal tablet, but I'm sure it will be worth it!


                            Woo Hoo! Thanks for the update Robert!
                            Jeremiah Cheatum


                              Perfect! 7th of February is payday so I should have money to be able to purchase it LOL. Thank you Robert and the entire team for your hard work on this! Looking forward to giving this bird a go.
                              Sergio Gutierrez


                                "PMDG 777: O trabalho continua em ritmo acelerado... No momento, não estamos planejando mostrar nada aqui até bem depois que o 900 estiver no mercado - mas esse dia está se aproximando."

                                When I read that paragraph my card shook in my wallet, he knows what will happen when it comes out.


                                  So how's this C++/WASM thingy progressing with regards to GFO?

                                  Definitely not a tester asking at all
                                  Anton Vind
                                  CPU: i9-9900K, GPU: RTX 2080 SUPER, RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3600 MHz, Storage: 4 TB SSD


                                  • rsrandazzo
                                    rsrandazzo commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Anton- The technology we are creating in order to allow the tablet/airplane to communicate will also be able to support Global Flight Operations- which is very exciting to me, personally. - RSR

                                  • Anton Vind
                                    Anton Vind commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Can’t wait. Only reason why I haven’t switched to MSFS yet is because of GFO not being compatible with it yet 😁
                                    Last edited by Anton Vind; 04Feb2023, 12:35.

                                  This is the best update! Thanks Robert!
                                  Kimi Häkkinen


                                    Originally posted by aligassan93 View Post
                                    What about 747 ?
                                    After the 777 from what I recall.
                                    Captain Kevin

                                    Kevin Yang


                                      Been waiting, somewhat impatiently, for an update all day! Glad it finally got here. Thanks RSR! Looking forward to adding the 900 to my fleet. And hoping for a UFT and some form of weather radar sooner rather than later. Your efforts are much appreciated PMDG!
                                      Matt Pearce


                                        Oh! And feel free to release the 900 sooner if all looks good!
                                        Matt Pearce


                                          Thanks for the good news. Can't wait to preview the 777. I'm looking forward to it.
                                          Kim young ju


                                            I may be the only person who was hoping for one more week to wait. I am ready, my wallet not so much.

                                            Edit: Am I the only one thinking "Let the tails hit the tarmac."
                                            Last edited by Want2BFlyin; 04Feb2023, 00:38.
                                            Tim Lincoln
                                            My YouTube Channel


                                            • rsrandazzo
                                              rsrandazzo commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              Tim- We'll hold one behind the counter with your name on it. Just stop by when you are ready. :-) - RSR

                                            Is the BBJ3 also included in the 900/900ER package or is that BBJ variant not on the cards?
                                            Henrik Berg


                                            • Want2BFlyin
                                              Want2BFlyin commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              I think they previously said the BBJ3 would not be included because there were very few sold.

                                            Modernized navdata, yes please!!! Thanks for the mention.

                                            rsrandazzo I made a post about this a little while back: I'm curious if you can comment on the format of the new/final navdata version, when it comes? We've sort of been assuming it'll be the same or similar to the .db3 format that Navigraph is currently offering for Arinc-424 complianice?

                                            No problem if it's still unknown or you'd rather not comment yet... But if you have an idea and don't necessarily see a reason not to disclose, there is a likely small but very geeky and excited contigent of us who are very curious. 😁
                                            Andrew Crowley


                                            • rsrandazzo
                                              rsrandazzo commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              Andrew- The data will be navigraph's modern data format. Our data currently compes from navigraph as an export of pieces of that data. The new format is not ARINC-424 for legal reasons- but ARINC424 is lingo tossed around by folks who don't really understand what the data does or how it is accessed- but want to sound like they know what they are talking about. LOL - RSR

                                            • Stearmandriver
                                              Stearmandriver commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              Agreed, that's what I meant by "compliant' . So I'm wondering, is the Navigraph format you're talking about the .db3, or is there another package in there you're using? I haven't dug through everything Navigraph includes yet. Thanks for the info though!

                                            Very good And every month I am also getting more excited to see the first 777 screenshots.
                                            Larissa "Gaming Cat" Kiowa


                                              Thanks for the update Robert! these are always appreciated.
                                              Amir Khanevadegi