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[05NOV22] Your Weekend Update and Testing Reports

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    Want2BFlyin​ here is the prove but you can check yourself MCDU and CDU is the same MCDU CB.jpg
    Rolando Olmo


    • Ephedrin
      Ephedrin commented
      Editing a comment
      Not the same. There are aircraft that have only an FMS unit. Others have a Multifunction control display unit.

      Data Link
      Maintenance menues

    Thankyou Robert for the update and information looking forward to it.
    Danny Z.Cebis


      Thank you Robert, looking forward to the patch. Just had a flight to Portland, cloudy and rain and the majority of the Star had a tail wind and the 738 was unable to maintain speed, was continually about 5 or more knots about the AT speed. Had to continually use the speedbrakes on and off to control. Once on the GS the speed settled.
      Rudy Fattal


      • groby57
        groby57 commented
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        One can always level off and get to 250 kts or below and lower the landing gear, then go to flaps 10-15 asap and then make up the G/P before entering the G/S. Some tell me to just fly the plane. There are still lots of options in RL (Real Life). The sim world has us believing there might only be a few ways to offset situations. The PMDG element allows us tons of options.
        Greg Roby
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      • Stearmandriver
        Stearmandriver commented
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        This is not at all an unusual situation in real life. Did you enter a few altitude's worth of winds in the descent forecast page? That helps, but it's not an exact science... sometimes you need drag, sometimes you need power.




        Originally posted by HXD2B View Post

        In English it means:

        ”A big thank you to the PMDG team for their hard work, this is really exciting news.

        Liu Yuan​”
        Andreu Escuain

        i7-10900 @ 3.60 GHz - be quiet! Dark Rock 4 - HyperX Kingston 32GB RAM @ 3200 MHz DDR 4- 2TB m.2 SSD WD Blue - MSI GeForce GTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR


          Originally posted by Steve Dra View Post

          I believe he's referring to the 600/700/800
          Or 737, 777 and 757. We can rule out the MD-11 unless you want to poke the Bear

          Greg Buckley


            It has to be difficult to keep up with all updates while working on new products, but PMDG is doing a fantastic job at keeping up with the living nature of a growing new platform, great job guys!
            Enrique Hugo
            Youtube channel:
            Twitch channel:


              Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
              Some users have asked if we would roll out the tablet in stages similarly. We are discussing this internally, but haven't decided.
              Would be great, mainly for VR users EFB/tablet with possibility to open own PDF files (charts, OFP, QRH, etc.) and to make some necessary performance calculations. Fingers crossed for this release

              Adrian Rode


                Been enjoying some old iron recently. Had a very scenic and beautiful flight from KMSP back to KSTL, even if it was beautiful because of the scary weather I was flying into.
                Attached Files
                --Joe Markowski


                • Ephedrin
                  Ephedrin commented
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                  Nice livery 👍 where did you get it from?

                • jsmarko3
                  jsmarko3 commented
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                  Ephedrin Thanks Marc! It's the livery for the cargo branch of my VA, Gateway Airlines.

                Munich - Malaga (LEMG) - Munich
                Thanks a lot!
                Josef Kolb

                PMDG B737-600 to -900/747-400/747-8/777-200LR/777-300ER



                  Ciao ,momentarily FACT (cape town) - FYWH (Windhoek)
                  thanks for all your work!!!!!​
                  Paolo Rognoni


                    The version we are handing to our testing team gives them the tablet itself, with only the Navigraph & simbrief functionality enabled as we want them to focus their efforts on those two pieces initially
                    Thanks for the update rsrandazzo! Quick question concerning the upcoming EFB and Navigraph integration, will this be integrating their new Charts 8 maps or is this based on the older Navigraph Charts? Does the updated Charts 8 throw a wrench into the works of rolling out the EFB?

                    -William Groom
                    William Groom IV


                      My guess would be a slight delay in the PMDG update so they can perhaps deliver the EFB along with the updated Navigraph 8.0 integrated into the PMDG theatre....

                      Greg Roby


                      • FlightSimJack
                        FlightSimJack commented
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                        Alternatively, as Robert's made it clear that the tablet will be continually updated too, and not just released and forgotten about, it could be the case that if all the groundwork for charts integration was with the older charts app, they may release it like that and then push out an update in the future with the newer charts integrated. Either are possibilities. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
                        Jack Wilson

                      Hi Robert,

                      Thanks for the update. Will the P3D 737 be receiving similar updates?

                      Dan Pergau
                      Barrie, Ontario
                      i7-10700K, 32gb-3200mhz - GTX1080 - Dell U3415W


                        Originally posted by Maor Cohen
                        Maybe you should finish the planes you have already taken out? Have you thought about it?

                        Or just about how to make more money?​
                        I would recommend you read the OP again and try to understand what is written in there 🍻

                        And yes, of course they have to bring out new Addons and make money. Because they are a company and the employees want to get paid monthley. Otherwise there will be no one to work on the existing Addons
                        Regards from EDKF,
                        Markus Hardt


                          Originally posted by Dan Pergau View Post
                          Thanks for the update. Will the P3D 737 be receiving similar updates?
                          As far as I have heard regarding the tablet, it will not.
                          Captain Kevin

                          Kevin Yang


                            any word regarding the VR interaction bugged implementation? any chance devs are working on that? still impossible to fly properly with VR controllers, yoke manipulation and throttle manipulation are not working, and interaction is still click-type like with a mouse, unbelievable that with DEFAULT (free) planes you can have proper interaction with the controllers....
                            Giulio Boni,

                            intel i7-12700F, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, Nvidia RTX3080, M.2 SSD pci-x 4, Windows 10 pro, Quest 2 VR setup.


                              I would like you to develop the Windshield Wippers effect on your own and apply it to the current 737 and 777 and 747 in the future.
                              In a previous reply, pmdg said were waiting for Windshield Wippers to be developed by ASOBO. But if it did, I'd probably have to wait a few years or more.
                              So I think it's faster to develop and apply it directly like the P3D version.
                              Not only me, but some users will have the same thoughts.
                              I want you to think deeply about this part.
                              Kim young ju


                              • FlyingInFocus
                                FlyingInFocus commented
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                                Multiple other aircraft have working windshield wipers already

                              Originally posted by redsonssi View Post
                              I want you to think deeply about this part.
                              I don't know why, but this cracked me up in a good way. I'm not sure anybody at PMDG is going to think deeply about windshield wipers. I suspect their top priorities are: fixing the latest flight model snafu; getting the long-promised EFB out; and bringing the 737-900 to market. But . . . at some point if the wipers are going to work, PMDG is probably going to have to do it themselves.
                              Dan Jaffe


                                I dont understand why water physics in this game is so bad... maybe Asobo will fix it in 2025...
                                Amir Khanevadegi


                                  With regards to the EFB is it possible to have the EFB as a toggle for equipment in the PMDG menu? Only reason I ask is I just want to keep my perf levels where they are now. At least until I upgrade.

                                  Still my favorite Airliner in the sim by a landslide thank you guys for all the hard work.
                                  Jared Koscinski AX75
                                  i7-8086K 32GB 1080Ti 11GB


                                    Originally posted by KWAiRT View Post
                                    With regards to the EFB is it possible to have the EFB as a toggle for equipment in the PMDG menu? Only reason I ask is I just want to keep my perf levels where they are now. At least until I upgrade.

                                    Still my favorite Airliner in the sim by a landslide thank you guys for all the hard work.
                                    As I understand it, the EFB Tablet is an option that can be switch on / off from the FMC


                                      It`s been more than 10 days since the last status update. Can we expect any update this week?


                                        Originally posted by aciko View Post
                                        It`s been more than 10 days since the last status update. Can we expect any update this week?
                                        Ready response: Announced when ready to announce.


                                          Should we expect an update before Thanksgiving break? I haven’t downgraded expecting a hotfix to drop, but seeing as things are still in work I may. Any status to share?
                                          Angelo Cosma


                                            An AT fix would be welcomed before weekend.
                                            Sergio Naiberg


                                              Any news on the update? 737 is stuck in the hangar because of this bug after forcing a go around on VATSIM and I'm keen to take it out again.

                                              Wojtek Pietrusiewicz


                                                Robert posted a while ago that they are having difficulties with the SU11's SDK to generate a build with the fix. And it seems that Asobo did not solved the issue before SU11 release.

                                                So aside from problems staying connected with the MS Servers I just completed my first flight since the SU11 update and I am very pleased to say that it was one of the best flights performance wise I've had. The A/T worked perfectly in harmony with the A/P and there was none of the previous "thrust-hunting" causing
                                                Marcelo Erigson
                                                Campinas - Brazil


                                                  Originally posted by Moridin View Post
                                                  Any news on the update? 737 is stuck in the hangar because of this bug after forcing a go around on VATSIM and I'm keen to take it out again.
                                                  My 737 is not grounded from Vatsim! If you don't trust the AT on the ILS then don't use the AT on the ILS. Simples. Nothing in the 737 prevents Vatsim use at all.
                                                  Bill Casey


                                                    Originally posted by Moridin View Post
                                                    Any news on the update? 737 is stuck in the hangar because of this bug after forcing a go around on VATSIM and I'm keen to take it out again.
                                                    Where did you hear this?? I've been flying it in VATSIM without ANY issues for months!!! And there is absolutely NO mention of it I could find on VATSIM about it being grounded. I even personally know 2 members of the VATSIM Board of Governors, and they haven't heard of any such thing either!!

                                                    Suggesting that it is, I am afraid is false information.
                                                    Brian Murphy FSX- 747-400 / MD-11 / MSFS DC-6/ 737-700