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[09OCT22] Some pending updates on various PMDG related topics!

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    [09OCT22] Some pending updates on various PMDG related topics!


    It has been a while since I updated you so there is lots of ground to cover. Grab your sunday coffee (monday for those on the west side of the date line) and dive in!

    (TL;dr: End of summer downtime. 737-900 stuff. Tablet stuff. Some other stuff. Stuff about stuff. A 777 stuff. A picture stuff. Signature block. )

    As we enter into the final quarter of 2022, we have a few projects at high boil, and a few more that are rapidly approaching the boiling point.

    The last gasp of summer is behind us and you probably noticed a stutter step in our updates and development speed as we got the PMDG 737-800 for MSFS released at the end of August. For those with kids of a certain age (which covers most of us at PMDG) it tends to be the time of year to return children to college and/or grab a vacation moment with family- and after a very long 3.5 years non-stop overlapping development cycles at PMDG I made a snap decision to start cycling the team through some extended rest periods.

    We have a very relaxed working environment, but by nature of the fact that it is a 24/7 operation, we never really stop and take a break. With the transition from P3D/FSX to an MSFS dominant environment, the workload had been extremely high for some time and burnout was really beginning to show on the team beginning in June. I started ushering members of the team out the door strategically mid summer because I think mental health is incredibly important to the creative process- and all of us were beginning to see stress points that just shouldn't be present. I hadn't really planned on much down time myself but a few of the guys pointed out that my morale might benefit from a bit of down time (I suspect they mean team morale in my absence more than my personal morale- but that is a different discussion entirely!) so I took some time with family and friends and came back with a fully green battery for the first time in years.

    Proving that no-good-deed-goes-unpunished, I then spent all of last week in bed due to some bacterial something or other in my lungs/throat/ear... Unpleasant. I don't recommend.

    Most of the team is back now except for one fellow who is currently away- and one other fellow who steadfastly refuses to go until he hits a nice strategic gap in his workflow on the 777. All in all things are humming along quite nicely and at speed- which is probably a good argument for regular breaks from the grind and avoiding the kinds of binges we have found ourselves on the past few years!

    So lets get into it:

    The 737 series is coming upon a few milestones in the weeks ahead. These involve the release of the PMDG 737-900 for MSFS, continued addition of new functionality including further flight model improvements, inclusion of our new PMDG Flight Tablet, some improvements to system logic, various bug fixes and general improvements around the 737 product line.

    PMDG 737 for MSFS: Update Coming:
    We have been testing an update that covers the entire product line, and brings in another sweep of fixes, tuning and improvements. Some of these fixes are things that we were working on during the MSFS SU10 beta period in order to improve stability of of control-related functions such as pitch, yaw, roll and thrust. The MSFS environment is significantly more dynamic than the real world environment- and this creates some interesting engineering challenges in order to ensure that the airplane flies properly. Fortunately for PMDG, we have had an actual PhD scientist/mathematician on staff for 20+ years and the full force of his professional background is proving to be worth it's thrust/lift/drag/weight in gold. (See what I did there?)

    We anticipate pushing this update out to you in a few days- with another to follow shortly after to bring greater stability to the thrust channel when operating under A/T. It is a challenge to make the system properly responsive in an unrealistically active environment but we are dialing it in nicely and will hand it to you as it is ready.

    PMDG 737-900: Prepping for Beta Testing:
    The PMDG 737-900 for MSFS is currently being prepped for beta testing and it is sloshing back and forth on the calendar a bit as we wrestle with a few issues behind the scenes. My best guess for this release is currently mid-november'ish if it takes as long as we think to sort out a few bits here and there. I am being intentionally vague because there are a number of factors at play (some of which have to do with MAX, for those who like to be clubbed over the head with subtle hints) that are causing us to slow this one a bit on approach.

    PMDG Universal Flight Tablet:
    Mixed into this developmental milieu is the PMDG Flight Tablet which will be included in the entire 737, 747 and 777 product line. The tablet will serve as a unified base station for a number of PMDG-centric applications, many of which we have previously included in our P3D EFBs going back to 2016, including performance computations, analysis, weight/balance, etc. To these functions we are adding more of an OS type environment that will carry tools for you to connect to simBrief, operate with Navigraph's wonderful functionality, manage your PMDG options/equipment/airplane services etc. As expected the tablet will mimic functionality of a popular, commercially available tablet and the various applications will launch within the limited, structured operating system we have created for it's use.

    I have seen some of our newer PMDG customers wonder "why didn't PMDG think of having an EFB?" For the benefit of those folks: We have given you many of these features in a very comprehensive EFB simulation within our 747-8, 777s and the 737NGXu within P3D. Those simulations carried versions of Boeing's "standard EFB" which are clunky, sort of mid-90s tech that was popular briefly and then faded behind the dominance of iPad/Surface type devices. Late in the 737 for MSFS development we saw quite a bit of customer feedback hoping that we would "dump that old stuff" and replace it with a tablet based suite- so that is what we are doing here.

    I don't think much here is ground-breaking in the tablet- but it does provide some fancier graphics and a more modern feel, it will "commonize" many of your interactions with the PMDG product lines and we will be rolling some other, new functionality into it as we go- so there is that.

    We have had discussions with a few operators and of course many of our technical advisors work with these tools daily in their line flying, and I use a range of tablet based applications in planning, dispatching, communicating, operational performance monitoring in my current flying. We have a roadmap of new tools that will grow over time and we are about to begin growing giving you access to the suite of tools that we think will give you a really good balance of realism and sim management without infringing on any real world IP concerns. We also have to be careful not to turn ourselves into a firm that makes a really nice tablet simulation that occasionally publishes updates for airplanes, too.

    PMDG 737 for MSFS in MSFS Marketplace:
    We have been sitting on our hands with respect to marketplace- due mostly to our desire to have the 737 "done and tidy" before handing it off to what is effectively the worlds largest market for simulation products. In the interest of being totally candid- I have been holding the reins in on this step mostly because I wanted to be sure the product line advanced through a few phases of our developmental support, as well as initial testing with the tablet before we handed it off to MSFS. Supporting all of you via micro-update is a simple thing for us to do. We don't yet have sufficient experience supporting a rapid development process via marketplace and we wanted to be sure things would go smoothly before going to MSFS Marketplace.

    That process will start off here soonish. We are going to enter the water gently- as this has the potential to create a significant support uplift and we want to be sure that we can adequately manage all customers to a high quality degree. In the P3D market, PMDG was a "big" player and we could easily manage what came our way. In the MSFS market we are intensely small, and very cognizant of the associated risks... So we are playing this a bit more slowly than I anticipate we will with subsequent product lines.

    Remember: We are learning MSFS on the fly, so to speak- and trying to get it as right as we can the first time.

    What is PMDG Doing with SU10's SDK Changes?:
    This question has been asked in about 50 different forms since early summer. For the most part I am going to refrain from commenting too specifically about individual items as it risks becoming a scenario in which the realities of development and user expectations get to clash constantly even though there is no actual reason for them to do so.

    Please know that we see and read the SDK notes as well as the update notes. For the most part, the changes and adaptations Asobo is making to the platform are good and welcome and definitely progressing in the direction we are excited to see them go. There are often many underlying complicating factors to each change- and it does take some time for us to dig in and evaluate individual features before we add them into our products. Sometimes new features immediate wins, and other times they require significant lifting on our part and take time, and in still other instances we find them insufficient to the needs of our products.

    For the most part- I have asked our dev team to refrain from most public discussion of these points because it has a way of being interpreted as "PMDG is unhappy with Asobo" and this isn't the case. The poor folks at Asobo have likely come to dread seeing developers posting on all the things they feel are missing from the sim, and I very much want to avoid adding to that dread. They are doing a TON of stuff to keep improving and building this platform- and while there have been moments where I felt a bit of criticism was appropriate- I also feel it is important to know when to stand out of the way and let progress happen. You all have done this with us, as well- so I am pretty comfortable we wall know what I mean here.

    You may see us answer questions related to items such as weather radar with non-specific answers, or you may see us simply not give attention to topics in certain spaces at all. Please know that we are as interested in adding new features to our products as anyone- and when we get new things we can add we will and we are. Some features such as weather radar are really incredibly complex- and once the data that we need to simulate wx radar is present in the sim, we shall give it to you. But also know that it is bloody difficult for Asobo to cleave off the kind of development manpower that would be required to do that properly and I don't personally expect we will see it right away. I have spent 25 years picking my way through lines of weather using radar and I know it's value probably better than anyone on the PMDG or Asobo teams... Some of the scariest moments I have had flying airplanes came about when nothing showed on radar at all... Buy me lunch and I might tell you a few of those stories.

    Where are we with XBox?:
    I read in some update snippets from Asobo/MS that they are still working on compatibility for C++/WASM projects on the XBox platform. Once that is sorted on their end, we will make the DC-6 live on that platform once again to ensure it goes smoothly- and then we'll work in concert with MS to ensure the 737s are also compatible. Right now this road is a twisty-turny one and we will navigate it in real time once the capability reaches reality.

    We have seen some folks comment in places that "PMDG is leaving out functionality for Xbox compatibility." Please help stomp that out. We have not had a single discussion internally to development in which "well if we do X we can't put it on XBox" has been a deciding factor. There may be functions that cannot be used on Xbox in the 737 (tablet, for example- due to MS limitations) but we would never take a feature off the table for our PC users in order to maintain commonality with XBox...

    PMDG 777 for MSFS:
    This project is humming right along- in fact it made greater progress than expected while I was away on vacation. I suggested to the team that this was a good indication that perhaps I should remain on vacation, but there was not a general sense of agreement in this regard.

    The flight deck model for this project is absolutely spectacular and since we used a "well loved" flight deck as the basis for our build, it has more of the wear and maintenance abuse you'd expect to find in an in-service airplane. For those who have not seen me point this out: We used a brand new (not-yet-in-service) 737 for the 737 for MSFS, we used an average age 777 and we have a beat-to-death workhorse 747 serving as the basis for that product. It will give you a good breadth of age- and before anyone asks, no we really don't plan to let you choose the age of the cockpit. It is a HUGE amount of work for the 3D and texture models to match, since the techniques we use build many of the imperfections right down to the model level... but wait until you see it- it is spectacular!

    Updates for P3D Users:
    I don't have any current information to share on this topic, yet. We are planning a few merge-ins to bring some of the new control law behaviors backward into our P3D products- but we haven't yet found the right gap in the testing program to allow this to happen. More information will be made available once I have it.

    I usually toss a pretty picture in for those that don't like to read- so here is one of a tablet in use on an actual flight.


    Okay- so that is all for this weekend. You will be hearing from me a bit more regularly now. I hope you all are well and avoiding any of the various viral scourge running around public spaces.

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Great! Hope to see some previews for 777 soon, even rendered in 3d modeling softwares.
    Shengzhou Lin


    • KVSandleben
      KVSandleben commented
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      What do you think the picture above is? That EFB is certainly not mounted in a 737.

    • Laurino
      Laurino commented
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      @KV Sandleben but also not in a 777 the cockpit is to small and the windows are not the right one 😢

    • Daniel_Vienna
      Daniel_Vienna commented
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      My guess - thats mounted in a Falcon 50/900/2000....... but why?

    Thank you very much for the update!
    Last edited by Cocobellomann; 09Oct2022, 09:35.
    Josef Kolb

    PMDG B737-600 to -900/747-400/747-8/777-200LR/777-300ER


      Thank you very much RSR


        Good to have you back and recovering from the illness. Really looking forward to what's to come from PMDG, especially the 777!
        Fahad Al Riyami
        PMDG 737-800 for MSFS, 737NGX, 737NGXu, 747 (+ -8), 777 (+ -300ER). MSFS-exclusive, Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo.

        PC: Ryzen 7900X3D, RTX 3090 FE, 64GB DDR5-6000.


          Thank you for the update. I am excited to see what is in store.


            No mention about the constant and consistent DC-6 problems: it is unflyable for me at this moment, the autopilot works bad and makes the DC-6 wobbling, unusable. Please don't sell airplanes that we can't use regularly and correctly.
            Claudius R. LIRG


            • PelicanEagle
              PelicanEagle commented
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              Finally, someone talks about the mighty DC-6 yes; indeed, there are some issues that make this beauty unairworthy to fly it. I mean she is GROUNDED for the time being the Pitch chan of this so-called gyro pilot stopped working. I miss this plane flying I am losing the skill of flying the dc-6 LOL I know PMDG will fix it

            • mglan80
              mglan80 commented
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              Not to hijack this subpost, but I’m glad to hear the 6 is not static in terms of development. I recently bought the Redwing Constellation and the engine and prop sounds are just fantastic. I know it’s very unlikely but any chance those sounds get a complete refresh? If the boss likes the project…

            • SaintBean95
              SaintBean95 commented
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              I too love the DC6, although she doesn't always get the love she deserves from me. (not quite small enough to always take on GA group flights, and too low and slow for commercial ones). But glad to see she isn't forgotten... and hope it stays that way. Would be nice to see an update of substance to catch her up in a few areas since the old girl was developed in MSFS's infancy.

            Thank you for the update


              Originally posted by Claudius View Post
              No mention about the constant and consistent DC-6 problems: it is unflyable for me at this moment, the autopilot works bad and makes the DC-6 wobbling, unusable. Please don't sell airplanes that we can't use regularly and correctly.
              As we have said to the ones that have reach to us via official support channel, this is under investigation. We need a constant reproducible case in the development environment to be able to see why this happens. On my test I had this happening only once in 10 flights. On developer machine it has never happened. So unless we can reproduce constantly this is an open investigation
              Chris Makris (Olympic260)
              PMDG Technical Support


              • mglan80
                mglan80 commented
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                This is the reason why you in support tickets. If you track issues by tickets then you need tickets to know there’re issues!

              • spesimen
                spesimen commented
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                i have only seen this once but it was pretty severe when it happened. switching to gps autopilot while flying kdca wyngs5 north departure, it just went crazy all over the place. i didn't have time to try and repro it yet but if it does i will be sure to report it. there was severe ian related weather at the time which may have been a factor. cheers,-andy crosby

              Thanks for the update, but I miss information about the coming PMDG 737 SDK. What is planned release date? This year or next year?

              Do you have any plans to fix the annoying lack of updates of SDK variables(outputs) when not in the virtual cockpit, i.e. when in external view.

              A lot of home cockpit builders miss that function.
              Last edited by roarkr51; 09Oct2022, 10:09.
              Roar Kristensen
              Home Cockpit software developer


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
                Editing a comment
                Roar- I *think* the SDK will be published this week. Alex updated me on Friday when passed briefly in the night to say that he had a small bit of tidying to do and that was all. If it misses this week's update then probably the following week.

                As for the update issue: This is an area where we need some input from Asobo. There are many things that stop functioning when the locus of control shifts from cockpit to external view- and it creates a bunch of different animation and data tracking challenges. It may very well be something we can get around with the right bit of knowledge- but we haven't a good readback on it yet from previous inquiries. What I mean specifically is that they know the platform better than we do- and might suggest a way to mitigate the issue that we haven't seen in documentation. We'll keep trying. - RSR

              • roarkr51
                roarkr51 commented
                Editing a comment
                Thank you for taken the time to reply and the good news about the SDK.

              Is the EFB going to replace the "PMDG setting", "ground service", "ground maintenance" and other stuff in the CDU (like, return the CDU to actually controlling the FMC, instead of having to function as an EFB as well)?

              Also, what is going to be the first 777 variant?
              Ching Charng


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
                Editing a comment
                Change- Yes, we are planning to move those items to the tablet if the user has the tablet installed. If the user de-selects the tablet then they will appear in the CDU in their usual places. (Because someone will ask: For technical reasons they will not be available in both places simultaneously as this creates a latency problem that is risky to solve in the current development environment. - RSR

              • Captain Kevin
                Captain Kevin commented
                Editing a comment
                That answers a long standing question I had regarding where those items would go if the tablet wasn't installed or if the tablet would just be permanent rather than optional. Makes sense. Thanks.

              It is good to hear from you again


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
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                SX- Thank you. :-) - RSR

              Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the 777 and even more the max!


                Hi Randazzo. Concerning the Weather Radar, I hope you have read what Matt Nischan, the lead of Working Title, has said about the new weather radar SDK capabilities in SU 10 for WASM:

                Here, I’ll show it instead. Maximum precip, single full coverage full density cloud layer from 2000 to 4000 AGL (ignore the lack of magenta and the black bars on the sides, just threw this test together without customizing any API parameters).
                0 AGL:

                3000ft AGL (directly in the middle of the layer):

                7000ft AGL (3000ft above the layer):

                10000ft AGL (6000ft above the layer):

                As you can see, it very obviously uses a conic section, as evidenced by returns from the 2Kft layer moving closer to the aircraft as the layer and aircraft altitudes become coincident, and then further away as you go higher. I can only assume the developers are misunderstanding something about the API, made an assumption and didn’t try it for themselves, or are using the incorrect return mode and instead using the NEXRAD style one.
                NEXRAD style mode at 10Kft:

                Seems like the weather radar SDK for WASM in SU 10 fully 3D, as long as you don't use the NEXRAD mode. Having said that, I'm not sure if it can do everything that PMDG requires, but this is what Matt Nischan wrote anyways. Anyways, I hope this helps! The Working Title group has a Discord and you probably have Matt Nischan's contact information anyways, if you have any additional questions.
                John Harold


                • MarkusGX
                  MarkusGX commented
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                  Good post! Shows WorkingTitle is really improving the sim ever since asobo/ms bought them.

                  rsrandazzo if you or your team have never met these guys id recommend joining their discord or getting into contact, they try to help all 3rd party devs!

                  Working title is payrolled by Microsobo and have created the amazing new g1000 for the default sim, the new Avionics/navigation framework and CJ4 improvement "mod" which will also be part of the default sim at some point.

                  They are behind many of latest sim improvements and a lot quicker to respond than Asobo dev forum.
                  Last edited by MarkusGX; 09Oct2022, 20:04.

                Thank you for the great information. I am happy to see that work has been started on the 777, looking forward to flying it.
                Harry Nelson
                Dell XPS 12Gen i7-12700k (12core 25mb Cache 3.7 to 5.0Ghz), 16GB DDR5 4400Mhz RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB LHR, 2TB M.2 NVME SSD + 2TB SATA 7200RPM HDD, 750W PS Windows 11


                  No news about a cabin or fixed winflex, which is awful now(((

                  Vitaly Diagilev


                    same update as always a lot of lines and nothing more tbh.. i'm more convinced that the D in pmdg stands for delay..
                    anyway thanks for the "update" and have a nice day, i really hope we don't have to wait 2023.
                    oh and there's still that long promised EFB picture pending since september..
                    -Valerio Nobiloni


                    • Robert Reilly
                      Robert Reilly commented
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                      Did you see the pictures at the bottom of his post there is one there of the working EFB

                    • Keirtt
                      Keirtt commented
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                      Robert, read again my friend. That picture is not from the sim and is actually from a real life flight. " here is one of a tablet in use on an actual flight."

                    • phrgflyer419
                      phrgflyer419 commented
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                      Why be so negative? PMDG is still doing the best aircraft out there.

                    Wear and tear in the 777 and 747 cockpit - okay, but please not too much. There are certain developers who think that because a little weathering looks good, a lot of weathering must automatically look even better. What they end up with is something that resembles a derelict in a desert boneyard. Some scratches maybe, a little frayed cloth here and there, but no more than that - otherwise it becomes a distraction. Thank you.
                    Paul Kirkland


                    • rsrandazzo
                      rsrandazzo commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Paul- Honestly I'm not a fan of "beaten to death" either. In both the cases I outlined we are going to give you an actual in-service flight deck. I think you'll like it. - RSR

                    • Paul K
                      Paul K commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Thank you for that reassurance, Robert.

                    Great to hear the team have been enjoying a well deserved break including yourself Robert! Really appreciate the detailed update as well - plenty to talk to us about and wet the appetite for the coming months ahead.

                    Looking forward to it all!

                    Luke Carter | Flight Simulator Content Creator - British Avgeek


                      Thomasukdd and valexyo: You both obviously know how to write, but perhaps you didnt read the whole post?: Vitaly, from the OP: "You may see us answer questions related to items such as weather radar with non-specific answers, or you may see us simply not give attention to topics in certain spaces at all. Please know that we are as interested in adding new features to our products as anyone- and when we get new things we can add we will and we are."

                      My interpretation: Wing flex "fix" are *probably* not amongst the important things for PMDG now.

                      Valerio, there is a pic of the EFB right there, in the end of the opening post! And, come on: life has more to offer than indignantly pointing fingers at PMDG for not updating more frequently than they already do. You did perhaps not read the passage where RSR explained why there has been few updates lately?
                      Last edited by NegativeApproach; 09Oct2022, 12:20.
                      Christoph Linden


                      • valexyo
                        valexyo commented
                        Editing a comment
                        then if they are nothing close to reality why give them? ephedrin basically what you're saying is that they are playing around with us.
                        if they don't give release windows ppl get mad, yes, but it's worse if you give them time frames and never respect them once. the communication is the key and this is not an effective communication from them, we cannot justify everything everytime just to get the likehood of robert or other pmdg members..

                      • Ephedrin
                        Ephedrin commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I wouldn't give any time frames either and simply ignore all those who ask for them. PMDG used to do that, too, I have no idea why they started to announce such tight time frames now. Robert certainly knows best that software development doesn't work with deadlines. No idea why he has started it. I personally just don't give anything on release dates and I'm not startled if they aren't met but I get why you're angry.. As I said, I don't understand it.

                      • NegativeApproach
                        NegativeApproach commented
                        Editing a comment
                        valexyo, my apologies! I stand corrected on that one, It's now clear to me that it is a real EFB from a real flight. Honestly, I thought it was the upcoming EFB. As someone else here pointed out we've come so far in the simming world that it sometimes are difficulties discerning the real from the simulated world. I also read that last paragraph by RSR again, and I obviously didn't catch the joke. I think do PMDG was close to keep their "promised" timeframe when releasing the 700 and 600, don't you think? At least not that far from it.

                      I took this pic back in 2015 in P3D v4 (or was it even version 3?) after I finished painting this FedEx 777F. This is by far one of my favorite pics of the mighty 777F roaring out of KMEM in a early morning departure (she was delayed from her normal oh-dark-thirty departure).
                      FedEx will be my first paint of the 777 for MSFS. I can only imagine how spectacular this will look 7 years later in the new sim.

                      Regards, Steve Dra
                      Click here to download my P3D, FSX, 2004 paints at Avsim
                      Get my paints for MSFS planes at here


                        Good to get an update! Looking forward to the updates next week. One issue that i'm interested in and that was not covered by the update: The second part of the LNAV/Navdata update, where PMDG will start using modern Navigraph navdata to get proper RF legs and the likes. Is there an outlook for that?
                        Itamar Mazor


                        • rsrandazzo
                          rsrandazzo commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Itamar- That work is ongoing. It will slipstream into the 737 once it goes through stability testing. Likely in two phases: The first just to swap out the navdata without adding in the new features it unlocks (RF legs, etc) and then the second to add those pieces. For the post part the logic is already ready for them but they will need thorough testing to be sure there are no hiccups. - RSR

                        Originally posted by Paul K View Post
                        Wear and tear in the 777 and 747 cockpit - okay, but please not too much. There are certain developers who think that because a little weathering looks good, a lot of weathering must automatically look even better. What they end up with is something that resembles a derelict in a desert boneyard. Some scratches maybe, a little frayed cloth here and there, but no more than that - otherwise it becomes a distraction. Thank you.
                        It seems that the current trend is that users like old cockpits.
                        This is very subjective, but I join you in saying that they are really too old, they look more like second-hand planes. For example the cockpit of the AH64D in DCS or the A320 Fenix looks something like 20 years old.​

                        In fact people would be surprised how much the cockpits don't wear out that fast. A quick overview on different photo sites where you can see the different stages of wear correlated with the age of the aircraft. You may even see separate standby instruments disappear in favor of an ISFD upon a change of ownership.
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                        Cedrice Rive


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                          Military aircraft are work horses and the Apache is actually quite old. Not sure about the BUNO of the one in DCS but they are pretty worn. The more you fly an aircraft the more it wears and commercial aircraft as well as aircraft of the US forces fly a LOT. I personally prefer MUCH less wear and all above the complete absence of saliva and fat fingers on non-touchscreens. I know RSR hates it, too, I hope he will leave THAT out. 🤮
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                        Originally posted by valexyo View Post
                        same update as always a lot of lines and nothing more tbh.. i'm more convinced that the D in pmdg stands for delay..
                        anyway thanks for the "update" and have a nice day, i really hope we don't have to wait 2023.
                        oh and there's still that long promised EFB picture pending since september..
                        I have to agree here. Posting a picture of a real EFB instead of the one we’re getting is just pouring salt on our wounds. Surely the EFB must be in a state now that a simple screenshot wouldn’t be too much to ask for. It was said we would get a preview in September. Well we’re in the middle of October and the team has been in silence since the release of the 800. A screenshot or two of the new EFB would have been appreciated.


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                          John- Wounds? Seriously. I'm sorry to find you in such a fragile state that light humor hurt you. Honestly, I am. - RSR

                        • Swezam
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                          With all due respect, this is not the time to be humorous. Many of us have been patiently waiting for a preview of the EFB which we have already invested in, an EFB most of us thought we would be using by now back when we purchased your first 737 product in May. I do not think it is respectful to your customers to come back with jokes almost a month after you yourself said we were likely to get a preview. I realize software development can be difficult and that things change accordingly but in those times it’s also a good to be transparent. It’s also a good time not to call your customers fragile. I will let you know that I’m far from. Enjoy your day sir.
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                          My girlfriend‘s passion tigether with her best friend is a herb garden. A lot of time and money went and continues to go into it. Probably significantly more than into most of our sims. I wonder if she would start a drama if a flower pot wouldn‘t arrive in time? 😂. I‘m not d‘accord with several things Robert says or decides, all above when I take myself more serious than I am able to be, but that picture above was a damn good joke 😅 That‘s a certain triple engine jet in the middle of that EFB screen… and if you know the running gag of people mention the MD11 under Robert‘s updates he was the first one this time 🤪 good one, really ^^

                        I love the cockpit wear and tear philosophy! Looking forward to the EFB!
                        Klaus Schmitzer


                          Originally posted by CDrive View Post

                          It seems that the current trend is that users like old cockpits.
                          This is very subjective, but I join you in saying that they are really too old, they look more like second-hand planes. For example the cockpit of the AH64D in DCS or the A320 Fenix looks something like 20 years old.​
                          I also think that some developers overdo it. I don’t understand your point about the Fenix though. It’s a perfect example of wear and tear being done well. I don’t think it looks overdone at all. I’ve seen A320 cockpits IRL looking far worse.


                            Whenever my mind opens a "I wonder why Robert hasn't ...." door, I immediately shut it and open a "which one, DC-6, B736, B737 or B738, should I fly today?" door.

                            That keeps me busy and entertained until "suddenly", Robert opens the first door and keeps me entertained and knowledgeable.

                            Never fails!

                            Roberto Stopnicki
                            Toronto, Canada


                              Happy to see this update Captain

                              Hoping for a 777 preview in the next update! That has to be the project I'm most looking forward to from PMDG
                              Thomas Allensworth,
                              Cessna 414AW and PMDG enjoyer


                                Thanks for the update.

                                Can't wait for the 777-200LR painted in the Comlux Aruba scheme
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                                Joe Colehouse


                                  Originally posted by ThomasALW View Post
                                  Hoping for a 777 preview in the next update! That has to be the project I'm most looking forward to from PMDG
                                  Me too! I really enjoy the 737 but am longing for a decent wide body aircraft. Puttering around with the HW A330neo but it is in an entirely differently league. Maybe it will get better with the next update but the PMDG 777 is on the top of my wishlist.
                                  Mark Chernis