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MSFS SU10 is out - Is this what we were waiting for??

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    MSFS SU10 is out - Is this what we were waiting for??

    • Added a new sample about how using Terrain/Weather API
    • Implemented Terrain/Weather API
    • [Beta] Added a Visual Studio Debugger Extension which improves Wasm Debugging (Especially inspecting callbacks)
    • Implemented trigger_key_event_EX1 to trigger key events with mutilple arguments (See documentation for more information)
    • Fixed reloading of standalone WASM modules after sign-out / sign-in


    Very impatient to discover if and how much improvements come for PMDG from this!
    Sorry if overreacted here 😅

    Cheers everyone!

    Gabriele Perica
    Gabriele Perica
    Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

    I am curious for DX12. And if i understand the patch notes correctly, the weather map api for wasm will work now, so we can expect a working weather radar soon?
    Marvin Rudolf


    • PositiveZero
      PositiveZero commented
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      You should be aware of these release notes about DX12 in SU10:

      Please note that our new memory allocator for DX12 on PC will only be activated for Nvidia graphic card users once the next driver is available (will improve performance). Other graphic cards already benefit from the new allocator.

      DirectX 12 support is currently in development and can show performance and GPU memory utilization regressions compared to DirectX 11. Due to higher GPU memory consumption, the simulator may be oversubscribing memory, which negatively impacts performance. Lowering graphics settings can help avoid this situation in DX12.

    • GermanSimPilot
      GermanSimPilot commented
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      I knew why i bought a RTX 3090

    From my understanding the weather api given by Asobo is not suitable for a proper weather radar
    Joe Colehouse


      The release notes indicate that the G1000 NXi has added weather radar, so should be able to see what the weather radar looks like with it.
      Charles Vomacka


        You folks are going to start using DX12 and run around on forums complaining about CTD's which will be cause by excessive GPU memory usage. Good luck with all that.
        Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
        I7-9700KF | 2070 Super | Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo | MFG Crosswind


        • b3lt3r
          b3lt3r commented
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          I've had similar CTDs with DX11 and DX12 on SU10. Why use DX12 without the GR driver available yet? Because finally I can pop out 3 instruments to a separate screen and see next to zero framerate hit. Hopefully Nvidia don't break what already kind of works when they ship the driver.

        DX12, FENIX, PMDG, Ultra 4k, AI traffic, running 50 fps VC and exterior at Ultra. DLSS does have some ghosting, reverted to TAA for now. I was on the SU10 BETA for about a month also. Aircraft and sim worked really well!
        Angelo Cosma


          I know I am thick at times, but am I missing something?? Is SU10 different from world update 10?? If so, I don't see where to download SU10... 😕
          Brian Murphy FSX- 747-400 / MD-11 / MSFS DC-6/ 737-700


            Originally posted by Murf7413 View Post
            I know I am thick at times, but am I missing something?? Is SU10 different from world update 10?? If so, I don't see where to download SU10... 😕
            World updates are optional which you download from the marketplace. Sim Updates are mandatory, so they download and install automatically when you load the sim
            Joe Colehouse


            • Murf7413
              Murf7413 commented
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              LOL.... I thought I was confused... Thanks Joe!!!

            For an authoritative explanation of how SU10 impacts the 737 family, see

            SU10 is out! What you need to know!Please note that everything in this video is my personal observation and thought and not an official PMDG position.If you ...

            Basically the a/c works fine, but don't hold your breath waiting for weather radar. The current API is rudimentary at best and does not provide access to a realistic 3D representation of in-sim precipitation. Although I don't think it's mentioned by Emi in the video, there's also no way to account for radar beam attenuation, an important factor that needs to be taken into account when interpreting weather radar images IRL.
            John Wiesenfeld - KPBI
            PPL/IFR, VATSIM C1 (ZNY)


            • Emi
              Emi commented
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              I would assume that it's possible for a developer to develop a custom code to simulate attenuation based on a 2D image, thus I didn't mention it. Even though it would be a pity for every single developer to have to do so...