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[21AUG22] PMDG 737-800 at Top of Descent

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    [21AUG22] PMDG 737-800 at Top of Descent


    For this weekends update, we have something a bit different for you, in the form of a hybrid post/youtube forum announcement for you!

    Earlier tonight I was wrapping up a long-range test flight of the BBJ2 while simultaneously working on a description of some new features we have added to the cockpit lighting. Describing something dynamic is hardly exciting, so I decided it was probably easier to just shoot some video and toss that up on our youtube channel.


    To cover the brief details:

    PMDG Throws a Bit of Shade:
    Effective with the next update cycle, the PMDG 737 range of products for Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally have both the Rosen track-mounted sun visors, and the optional L3/R3 and L2/R2 sunshades. Many of you have been asking for these and we finally got them installed for you.

    What is really neat about this implementation is that we were able to get ultra-high resolution scans of both features, which means that the surface texture quality of the Rosen visors and the sunshades show signs of wear and abuse that fits naturally with the cockpit environment. We think you will find their inclusion to make the cockpit lighting environment a bit more interesting, and it will give you something new to fiddle with on long flights.

    In the video, I give you a quick rundown on the strategies we use to manage them in the real world, and we hope you will find them useful!

    PMDG Shines a Light on Things:
    Also new with the next update cycle is the ability to swivel and move the cockpit Grimes lights and the overhead map lights. In the real world, the adjustability of these lights is a major feature in allowing each crewmember to implement a lighting environment that is suitable to his/her own use without disrupting the vision of their fellow pilot. In the simming world we have always had these items fixed in place because the lighting model in FSX/P3D wouldn't work well with a motion controlled light source- but thanks to Asobo, the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform gives us the ability to put motion to these lights so that they can be used realistically.

    I also demonstrate this for you in tonight's brief video. These are but two small, but fun features that we have added to the 737 product line since it was introduced back in May- and there are many more things still to come.

    One Tablet To Rule Them All (PMDG airplanes, that is...):
    The PMDG Universal Flight Tablet is anticipated to go into beta testing in the second half of September, and with some luck we'll be adding that into the airplane for you in an update shortly afterward. We don't anticipate the tablet requiring a long beta process, as it was designed from the outset to be easily expandable and scalable much like a real tablet device. We are looking forward to showing you this new feature!

    Where we have been and where we are going:
    Since releasing the PMDG 737-700 back in May, we have pushed a half dozen major updates, with hundreds of fixes, adjustments, new features, expanded implementations and bug fixes. We are still working our way forward with more major updates planned and a few major features such as the PMDG Universal Flight Tablet, change-over to a modern navdata format, addition of full RNP features, and much, much more. (This is a very partial list... so if your favorite feature is not listed- it simply means I didn't mention it for brevity!)

    Up next of course, is the release of the most anticipated airframe in the 737 lineup: The PMDG 737-800 for MSFS!

    Lets Talk About The 737-800!:
    Later in the day on 21AUG22, we will be handing off our testing team a build that we think may be the conforming release build for the 737-800 series airplane. This build includes four new airframes, the 737-800 passenger airliner, the BBJ2, the 737-800 BCF and the 737-800 BDSF! Each airframe comes in either the blended winglet or the split scimitar winglet format, along with a fully customized 737-800 sound-set, customized flight models for each airframe, and the plethora of options, features and failure models that make a PMDG product the deepest and most feature rich product you can get for MSFS.

    We **might** have one or two minor tweaks we want to make to this build before it goes out to you, but the plan currently is to release the PMDG 737-800 between 23AUG22 and 31AUG22.

    We will let you know once we have set the release date- but currently we aren't anticipating any technical obstructions to a release.


    Should You Upgrade to MSFS SU10 Beta?:
    A number of you have asked for our opinion on upgrading to the MSFS SU10 beta. The entire PMDG team and a large portion of our beta team have upgraded to this beta version of MSFS and all of us have found that it improves the stability of the MSFS platform generally and PMDG products specifically. You may recall that when SU9 was released, it broke part of the Nano-GDI drawing layer, which caused an annoying flickering experienced by some users. We reported this to Asobo immeidately afterward, and they were able to find and fix the problem in Mid-May, and that fix is included in the SU10 beta, so that provides instant relief for anyone affected by that issue.

    A second benefit (which I was testing earlier tonight) is that commensurate with SU9, many users found that the sim platform's performance would implode on longer flights of around 4-5hrs. That problem has gone away with the SU10 beta as well, which shows how hard the folks at Asobo are working to keep the platform moving in the right direction, in our opinion.

    One Warning Tho: For anyone hoping to take advantage of DLSS: There are issues with screen drawing of EFIS type/LED type displays currently in the SU10 beta. There is nothing to be done about it at this time and Asobo has been pretty clear that they are aware of it and are working with nVidia on a fix. So we recommend our 737 users steer clear of that rendering mode for now until MSFS gives the all clear.

    The great thing about the MSFS platform is that it continues to grow and improve- so occasionally there will be a few bumps along the way. It is not a big deal when we can all work around them by selecting rendering modes appropriate to our simming goals, however!

    Now On With the Video!:
    As promised, here is tonight's short video feature. It was put together on the fly as a bit of an afterthought, but I think it gives you a good view of fun new features rolling out to all of the 737s.

    **Note: Had to re-upload the video... messed up the sound channels... oops.

    Okay- that is all for this morning. I wish you all a pleasant remainder to your weekend, and we are looking forward to handing you the keys to your new 737-800s very shortly!

    (And how many of you are going to nerd-out like we do and fly your first 737-800 flight out of Dzerwieki Design's KRNT? Come on, you know you want to!)
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Thank you RSR!!!


      Should be a good week. The F1 is back, and the 800 is on the horizon. Happy days.
      Daniel Glover


      • valexyo
        valexyo commented
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        dannn sBinnala

      Can’t wait
      Bar Levy
      Core i9 10900k 32GB DDR4 3200MHz GIGABYTE RTX2080Ti 11GB


        EXCITINGGGG Thank you for the good news Robert!
        You will also have my money for 900!!!! make itt!!!
        Amir Khanevadegi


          A stunning update Captain. My patience in staying up till 2am was rewarded. Looking forward to flights in the PMDG 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
          Last edited by ThomasALW; 21Aug2022, 07:54.
          Thomas Allensworth,
          Cessna 414AW and PMDG enjoyer


            Thanks, RSR for the update! We really are spoiled with developers like PMDG who bring the sim to life! I'd say the great majority of us really appreciate the attention to detail and excellence you strive to bring to your products! Looking forward to what you guys have coming down the assembly line! I for one will surely be delivering the -800 from KRNT to a lucky airline TBD! Cheers!
            Last edited by SaintBean95; 21Aug2022, 10:30.
            Ben St Jean


            • rsrandazzo
              rsrandazzo commented
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              Ben- Thanks! Seriously- we appreciate the sentiment. - RSR

            Thanks for the update, this is the one I’ve been waiting on
            Alaister Kay


              Thanks for the update, but where's the fix for the 737 BDSF cargo doors? This variant has been unusable since the last update. The fix has been available for some weeks now, why is it not pushed out?
              Fabian Piller LFSB


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
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                Fabian- That fix will come up with the next round of updates. - RSR

              Let's talk about a rough timeline for 777 and 747
              Chris Mbe


                Fantastic update, nice to see the EFB coming along nicely and that the SU10 beta shows promising signs for the main release in due course. The ability to rotate the lights is something I've not thought too much about but with that coming it'll massively enhance the flight deck environment and offer that extra element of realism we all love from the 737 line up!

                Enjoyable video too! Really looking forward to the -800 now and it's fantastic to see it's just around the corner!


                Luke Carter | Flight Simulator Content Creator - British Avgeek


                  No hints on price, full suite of planes-8 in all. may have to talk to my bank manager AKA the missus



                  • NegativeApproach
                    NegativeApproach commented
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                    .. I think Robert is quite good at hinting

                  • francsal
                    francsal commented
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                    "Pricing on 737-600/800/900:
                    Pricing for the 737-700 and 737-800 are anticipated to be equal.*

                    * Subject to change."

                    That "subject to change" scares me a bit... hahahaha

                  • BerzerkaDurk
                    BerzerkaDurk commented
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                    It'd be nice if they'd throw the people who bought the -700 a bone and gave us a discount on the -800. Should pay full price if you didn't buy the -700, but I feel like a lot of the -800 is work we've already paid for. Just my $0.02.

                  FINALLY … after months … this week i can spend some money 👍

                  Dennis Heijblom


                    Hi Robert! Thank you for the update. The new lights and shades will really add to the immersion. The 360p video was not very telling but from what I could see it looks like you’ve done a fantastic job. I really enjoy and appreciate these upgrades that improve the quality of the product.


                    • JasonK
                      JasonK commented
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                      Youtube limits the sizes when embedding into other sites. Click on the title of the video, to launch over to Youtube, where you can view it all the way up to 4k.

                    • Swezam
                      Swezam commented
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                      There was an issue with the video when first posted. It works now, embedded and on YouTube

                    thanks for the update, but it seems the video was removed, just wanted to watch, but the video is no longer available

                    EDIT: video seems back up again
                    Last edited by AlexanderWurz; 21Aug2022, 09:24.
                    Alexander Wurz


                      Originally posted by AlexanderWurz View Post
                      thanks for the update, but it seems the video was removed, just wanted to watch, but the video is no longer available
                      Video is there

                      Some small feature updates that are best shown in video form and some release schedule information for the PMDG 737-800 for MSFS!**Note: Reuploaded to correc...
                      Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                      PMDG Technical Support


                        Hi Robert

                        Thanks a lot for the update! Of course I will fly my new 737s (one freighter and the PAX variant) home from KRNT just like I did for the release of the 700. I can’t wait to finally get the airplane I was waiting for for so long!

                        Kind regards
                        Thorsten Kolb


                          thank you for the update and good news, looking forward to get this one as soon as it comes out ...
                          also great video, you've been flying just overhead of where I live, if I knew I would have watched this live!! ...

                          Francesco Zoja


                            Thanks for the update. A great 10 days coming up 😀😁


                            Peter Klijnstra


                              Thanks for the update, absolutely loved the video
                              Sonny Struik


                                Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
                                (And how many of you are going to nerd-out like we do and fly your first 737-800 flight out of Dzerwieki Design's KRNT? Come on, you know you want to!)
                                I personally won't since my plane's been in service for a while now, albeit in previous iterations of flight simulators. I'd most likely fly out of JFK on a regular flight. In any event, keep up the good work. The -800 is what I was waiting for.
                                Captain Kevin

                                Kevin Yang


                                  Thank you for the update Robert. I can't wait for the 737-800.
                                  Competitive flight simmer.


                                    Good morning.

                                    Thank you for an amazing update. As always, Robert presented your plans for the future professionally and in great style.
                                    Great information about what we can expect in the near future. I am also very impressed with the form of communication via youtube. Cool.

                                    I wish you a great day, Robert and the entire PMDG crew.

                                    All the Best

                                    PMDG 737-800 NGX 1.jpg
                                    Last edited by Maniek747; 21Aug2022, 11:22.

                                    Mariusz Piet


                                      Amazing news!

                                      Is there any chance we could get a confirmation of all the liveries that will come with the Ops Center? I have an airline (Silkair) that I want to fly Day 1 of release, but I'll have to get it commissioned if it's not there to be able to fly Day 1 haha.

                                      Edit: If anyone else was wondering about the liveries the 737-800 will come with in the Ops Center!

                                      Emi went through it a couple hours ago!

                                      Shikhar Gupta
                                      Last edited by InfianEwok; 22Aug2022, 18:32.


                                      • rsrandazzo
                                        rsrandazzo commented
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                                        Shikhar- Let me see what I can do. I have to detail this to someone else- but if they have the time available, I am sure we can do it. Time is always the issue tho! - RSR

                                      • InfianEwok
                                        InfianEwok commented
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                                        Thanks Robert!

                                      Will beta testers be able to stream the new plane?


                                        What about the price?
                                        Božo Sibinčić​


                                        Finally we will have a cigarette with wings!

                                        Although I only wanted this model of the 737, I have bought the -600 and the -700, they are wonderful and I never flew them in FSX nor in P3D, despite having bought the extension in both platforms. Thanks to PMDG's launch priorities I have been able to enjoy both, I am impatient and could not avoid the -700 nor resist the incredible price of the -600.

                                        I think this release strategy was aimed at guys like me 🤣.

                                        So, even though I paid more for the full range, I can only thank PMDG for allowing me to discover that with the features of each of those models I can expand my MSFS "flying" experience.

                                        Looking forward to the -800, not anxiously because I already have the other two, but looking forward to....

                                        Thanks, PMDG.
                                        Gerardo Cabezon


                                        • rsrandazzo
                                          rsrandazzo commented
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                                          Gerardo- Thank you for your confidence. It matters a great deal to us. - RSR

                                        Thank you for the update. The video was great. Looking forward to using the shades. Again, thank you.
                                        Harry Nelson
                                        Dell XPS 12Gen i7-12700k (12core 25mb Cache 3.7 to 5.0Ghz), 16GB DDR5 4400Mhz RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB LHR, 2TB M.2 NVME SSD + 2TB SATA 7200RPM HDD, 750W PS Windows 11


                                          ... and any... expected date when 737s will be available on marketplace? .)
                                          Tomas Knaifl


                                          • rsrandazzo
                                            rsrandazzo commented
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                                            Tomas- We are working toward getting them out in Marketplace. It won't be too much longer. We certainly appreciate that some users have a preference for Marketplace and we support that. This is our first trip through with a family of airplanes so we are being a bit cautious on the release process there. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted once we have a set plan for you. - RSR

                                            [email protected] commented
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                                            rsrandazzo thank you for the information

                                          • Jacques P
                                            Jacques P commented
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                                            rsrandazzo thanks for the head-up, and for making sure the marketplace is not forgotten, it is a long wait and really look forward for the release, I bought all the scenarios I need for the trips I want to make, just waiting for the bird to land.

                                          I always love flying at night and having the option to use night lights will be a livesaver once the EFB is released! Looking forward to the 800, glad to know I am not alone praising SU10

                                          EDIT: rsrandazzo the video still has audio issues from 7:55 to 8:20 in case you want to check it
                                          Last edited by Hugothester; 21Aug2022, 12:04.
                                          Enrique Hugo
                                          Youtube channel:
                                          Twitch channel: