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Pay Attention to this PMDG

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    Pay Attention to this PMDG

    In these photos it is visible that in a real Boeing 737 cockpit the glareshield is way bigger , and have a bulge visible just above the displays, this is not implemented in pmdg for MSFS, as a result of which a feeling of incorrectness about the geometry of the cockpit in this area pops up, also this part is also modeled in Zibo 737 in Xplane. Please Pmdg look at this and make some decisions .
    the meaning of this post is only to improve the product, there is no hidden hatred or dislike here, we your customers can help you find some jambs and so that the product becomes better and better.

    Jacob Aniston
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    Love the tone of this....
    Trevor Hannant

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      Originally posted by TrevorHannant View Post
      Love the tone of this....
      So do we.
      Vin Scimone
      PMDG Simulations


        Haha! Lovely 😂
        Christoph Linden


          People really try and find any little thing to complain about…
          Taylor Hamilton


          • FlyforLife
            FlyforLife commented
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            well it's not little thing , it's a very big part of the feeling of entire geometry of the 737 cockpit.

          Not to shoot this down as incorrect but I can't see anything in any of the screenshots except for the Zibo one.
          Niklas Graefe
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            Originally posted by threegreen View Post
            Not to shoot this down as incorrect but I can't see anything in any of the screenshots except for the Zibo one.
            there you can see the real cockpit glareshield just above pfd
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              That is a really minor thing to be fair. While every opinion is considered, PMDG have more things they are working on and fixing up first regarding the flight models and systems still as well as the development of other aircraft. Maybe they can get that small item fixed, but it won't be done anytime soon.

              Just a suggestion and nothing to go against you, but perhaps you might want to put a little more thought on how you introduce your topic in your title a bit better. The PMDG team will most likely not take it very well and will consider it as a "But my issue is more a priority than others" and they already talked about how they tend to just glance over these types of posts.
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              Sergio Gutierrez


                All I can say (and trust myself to say) is "wow"...

                Kent Valentine
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                  Dude's over here doing photo hunt...
                  Matthew Glanden


                    So the guy wants some extra glare shields in his virtual cockpit? With all the weird stuff going on with reflections and shadows in MSFS's complicated lighting system, I think that's just about the last thing I'd want to add to an already-complex geometric 3D modeled-space.
                    Herb Schaltegger - Father, husband, lawyer, engineer & getting too old for this $#!t. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!TM.


                      Originally posted by thamilton22 View Post
                      People really try and find any little thing to complain about…
                      I'm sure this missing little blob throws the whole weight out of balance. I'm surprised the aircraft even flies level without excess control input. In fact I'm surprised it doesn't fly upside down.



                        Is this a new "Battle of the Bulge"?

                        Seriously, the things that trigger people...
                        David Porrett
                        Sea Pilot
                        CPL, ME, CFI, IFR
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                          Jerrivel R


                            Always entertaining here...IBTL.

                            767-400 please.
                            PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


                            • DrVenkman
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                              Your dedication to your cause is admirable. #Salute

                            • NegativeApproach
                              NegativeApproach commented
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                              DrVenkman, he will never stop. Peace on the Korean peninsula for sure will appear before that

                            The tone of the OP is certainly off, I completely agree, but are you sure he is a native speaker ? Maybe there is some kind of language barrier..could at least be,right ?
                            But about the issue itself: What is wrong with his observation to treat it like that? Is his observation less legitimate than others only because you personally dont care about this very detail ? Because you dont care you are entitled to ridicule it ? Really ? This attitude of many has always bothered me in this forum to be honest.
                            Maybe there are different versions of the glareshield in different generations of the NG and the issue is no issue actually. But maybe not, and how many details like this have been finally fixed by PMDG based on users observations, making the product better and better ?

                            Manolo Ruiz Carrió


                            • FlyforLife
                              FlyforLife commented
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                              Thank you for understanding me

                            • sergio8234
                              sergio8234 commented
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                              I did note that which is why I mainly say "nothing against you" because in the back of my head I was thinking maybe English is not their first language, in which I tried to at least say, "Hey, the way you presented it may not be taken to heart from PMDG". Just a heads up for the OP

                            Well, this is the reason I will not upgrade to MSFS and buy the 737. I expect 1000% accuracy. How dare they! Thank You OP for saving me thousands.
                            Paul Gugliotta


                              While we're at it, the safety wire on the left MLG trunnion is lacking the required twists per inch, and there is no identification stamp on the lead PBE seal in the fwd coat closet.
                              -Scott Brandenburg.


                                At my workplace I know every little detail. I sit there 40 hours a week, it‘s always the same. (My phone wants to write „sane“ all the time.. signs…) I notice it immediately when something is just a little different.

                                When a pilot sits in his seat for hours and all he has to do is do the same fuel calculations over and over again he starts to look around and count the rivets in the window frames and the screws in the overhead. He knows this bulge, maybe very personally, maybe it‘s an eyecatcher when the sun comes from the rear left and he‘s sitting back relaxing. If such a tiny detail misses from the 3D model there is something off at first and then, once you know what it is, it can‘t be unseen anymore. Like that small scratch in your expensive kitchen counter.
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                                Marc Eland
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                                  PMDG bullies at it again I see.
                                  Peter Walsh.


                                    Ok time for a lock.... OP should report this via the normal channels, ie via ticket if he wants it to be documented. Topic closed....
                                    Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                                    PMDG Technical Support



                                      I'm having a hard time understanding why so many felt it was important to pile on here in the manner that they have.

                                      Yes- I think we can all agree that the OP's tone, intentionally or otherwise, is a bit prescriptive- and yes, my first time reading through the tone completely overrides the message and naturally causes me to disregard the message.

                                      But- when you do this long enough- you read it a third time and ignore the tone to see if the message is valid- and yes- it is.

                                      You'd be amazed how many tiny details you can miss in a masive project like this. Might we misplace a screw here or there? Sure.

                                      Detail is a fickle thing. The only ones who will scream about what is easy or obvious are those who have never done the work. They clearly don't understand the importance of good feedback and the value of having a community like ours that can provide feedback and appreciate the work-feedback-improvement loop through which we improve our products.

                                      There is no need to be pouncing upon one another about "that is unimportant." Just because it may not be something you noticed doesn't mean it isn't important to another user.

                                      Please don't argue about the flavor of the color blue.
                                      Robert S. Randazzo
                                      PMDG Simulations