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[29JUL22] PMDG 737-600 is released! (and some other news bits, too!)

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    [29JUL22] PMDG 737-600 is released! (and some other news bits, too!)


    Happy Friday and welcome to the release of PMDG's 737-600!


    Just now we have released the second in our 737NG product series, the PMDG 737-600. This product faithfully represents the smallest of the four 737NG series airplanes. Measuring in at 102'7" (31,27m) the 737-600 picked up where the popular 737-500 operated in the earlier 737 Classic series. sharing a common flight deck and systems with the larger 737-700 provided operators with a clear path to fit the right sized airplane to its route structure with only minor operational differences between them. Seen by pilots as a "rocket" the airplane's reputation for improved performance comes from excellent mid and high altitude climb performance afforded by the de-rated 22,000lb engines and overall lighter airframe.

    Complete with an entirely customized sound environment, highly detailed flight deck, dozens of user-selectable air carrier options and a full ground services simulation, the PMDG 737-600 offers tremendous game-play value for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have packed this product with our characteristically in-depth systems simulation developed with input from industry experts and operators so as to include every nuance and detail of the actual airplane. This, along with selectable failures and service-life failures combines with PMDG's highly detailed, customized engine simulation, autoflight and flight management systems to provide the finest airliner simulation experience possible for MSFS.

    The PMDG 737-600 is an incredibly feature rich simulation with PMDG's halmark attention to detail- and the best part is that like it's larger 737-700 sibling, the product is in an active development cycle that will see many new features added in the coming weeks. Features such as PMDG's new Universal Flight Tablet will be added as a free update, giving users the ability to fully integrate to various online data sources such as Navigraph and SimBrief, as well as performing enroute performance computations and displaying navigation charts and operational flight planning data in real time just as in the real world.

    The PMDG 737-600 comes with just the single airframe style ever offered by Boeing- in the form of a passenger variant. The 737-600 is also made interesting by the fact that it was never certified with winglets, and thus maintains it's original wingform. The 737-600 is offered at $34.99 which represents a fantastic entry price for simmers who may be new to high-fidelity DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator, new to PMDG, or are currently enjoying GA flying but curious to see what feature rich airliner simulations are really like in the beautiful environment of Microsoft Flight Simulator. PMDG has a long reputation for high quality, ongoing product support and continual free update development- and we want to position the PMDG 737-600 as a welcoming entry point for customers who are new to the sorts of products we provide. Once you have seen what PMDG can add to your simulation experience, we hope to welcome you as a long-time member of the PMDG Driver's community.

    The PMDG 737-600 is available now, at!

    PMDG 737-700 for MSFS Update to Build 3.00.0031:

    One of the things you will see us doing now, is updating all of the 737 products in parallel in order to ensure that all 737 users are enjoying the same features sets and changes as we continue to build out this great product line of airliners.

    The biggest and most notable change is that we have folded in new PMDG Lateral Flight Path simulation, updating the very core of how the flight management system computes, plans and and draws the "magenta line" that ultimately gets followed by the airplane. The new LFP simulation conforms to ICAO standards for computation of paths and the arcs flown to connect each segment of a flight plan, thus yielding a far more accurate simulation than all previous generations of PMDG products. In concert with this change, we have also provided a significant improvement to the vertical profile simulation, as it is now able to capitalize on greater accuracy in the mathematical computations from the lateral path model, thus resulting in greater accuracy and more consistent results along the vertical profile. These two are heavily intertwined, and this update represents a significant step forward in the core flight management logic.

    To make all of this hum and sing, we have also improved the lateral control module of the flight director so that it properly leverages the bank angle of the airplane to manage the lateral path realistically. You will notice that the airplane smoothly handles transitions from non-curved to curved paths in the flight route, including entries and exits from holding, missed approaches and the like- with very little wandering and tightly controlled lateral deviation. (You do have to manage the airplane properly tho!)

    Here are just a few changes you will note when using this new LFP update:
    • Magenta line drawing is far more consistent and accurately matches real-world results along programmed routes of flight.
    • Improved accuracy of lateral deviations from flight path. (LNAV sticks to the line like glue in most scenarios)
    • Lateral Path accurately predicts arcs to be flown and will show "unflyable" arcs if aircraft speed plan is too high for the procedure.
    • LNAV now provides descreet data to other consumers for improved aircraft performance and accuracy (VNAV, FMS, Fuel Prediction, etc)Greatly improved accuracy and stability of VNAV path computation.
    • Full VNAV Constant Descent Angle capabilities with correct approach behaviors to real world application.
    • Improved roll model behavior of flight director to conform to expected aircraft performance.

    We have made a number of other changes and improvements around the airplane- one of which I want to call out for attention because it is guaranteed to trip up even long-time users of PMDG products:

    With this update we have corrected some problems with the brake pedal position module that caused improper behavior when setting/releasing parking brakes and when disengaging the autobrake using brake pressure as is most commonly done in the real world. This is going to trip up a lot of users- so here is what you need to know:
    • To set the parking brake, you must FIRST apply full brake then set the parking brake latch on the pedestal. The red light will illuminate, and the latch will be locked in place.
    • To release the parking brake, you must apply full brake pressure.
    In the past, simply clicking the parking brake latch would release the parking brakes, but that is not correct behavior and we have now fixed this. The only way to release the parking brake is to get full brake application until the spring latch mechanism releases the parking brake latch and it pops back to it's stowed position. If you use rudder pedals with toe brakes this will provide a satisfying, proper simulation of the brake release. If you use a keyboard or button for your brakes, be sure to hold it for a few seconds as brake pressure ramps up slowly. A simple tap of the button won't work- you gotta hold it until full pressure is applied.

    On the autobrake release side, to use the brake pedals to release the autobrake after it has engaged, simply apply pressure slowly on the brakes until you exceed the amount of braking being applied by the autobrake. The brake pressure sensors will pick this up and send the trip-off command to the autobrake control module, thus releasing the autobrake for you.

    (If you guys see others struggling with the change in brake behavior- please point them here or copy this notice to them? We appreciate it. :-)

    Change List for Update to 3.00.0031:

    0011439: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] ABRK disengage circuit does not respect manual brake higher-pressure sensing limits before tripping autobrake (rsrandazzo)
    0011333: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Parking Brake released when exit to menu and entering again in the sim (rsrandazzo)
    0011390: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] MSFS Parking Brake methodology needs replaced with customized real-world logic and release mechanism (rsrandazzo)
    0011342: [AFDS - General] APP mode fails to Drop G/S when Nav Radio is detuned (emvaos)
    0011658: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] InHG decimal arrow on standby altimeter does not line up properly with digit rollers (vscimone)
    0011650: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Build 30 BBJ - AUX Fuel tank panel displayed when no AUX fuel tanks installed (vscimone)
    0011657: [General - Unsure] PMDG Mouse option Outflow Valve Manual operation (hvanrensburg)
    0011186: [Main Panel - Standby Gauges] standby altimeter wrong indications when below 0 (vscimone)
    0011609: [AFDS - Roll Modes] Smoothing control wheel movement with AP ON (emvaos)
    0011193: [Main Panel - MCP] Selecting V/S "0" shows "0000" instead of blank (abashkatov)
    0011164: [Main Panel - MCP] Selecting VS "0" should show blank Display not "000" (abashkatov)
    0011654: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Aft overhead annunciator next to No1 EEC should be Engine Control not Reverser (vscimone)
    0011631: [External Model - Geometry] BDSF nose wheel does a 360 turn on full left rudder deflection (jbrown)
    0011649: [Systems - Hydraulic] Alternate Brake system inoperative (rsrandazzo)
    0011644: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Digital Pressurization needle does not shut off when aircraft powered down (vscimone)
    0011652: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Misspelled Hudraulic in a checklist Item (cmakris)
    0011647: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] On row D of the upper FO's breaker panel, there's an errant line that intersects with the 'S' in "FMCS". (vscimone)
    0011648: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Text overlap on FO's breakers (vscimone)
    0011400: [Systems - Fire Protection] BDSF Cargo Detector fault light always ON (rsrandazzo)
    0011626: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Analog altimeter baro knob does not rotate (vscimone)
    0011630: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] MCP lights also illuminates the topside of the glareshield (vscimone)
    0011643: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] AFDS flood does not illuminate STD and RST buttons (vscimone)
    0011640: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] PSI missing from duct press gauge (vscimone)
    0011590: [General - Documentation] Introduction manual amendment regarding FMC spec (hvanrensburg)
    0011629: [Systems - Hydraulic] PTU Inoperative in Auto Slat function (rsrandazzo)
    0011628: [Systems - Fire Protection] Overheat Detection auto reconfiguration not currently working (rsrandazzo)
    0011627: [Systems - Fire Protection] Fire/Overheat detection Fault light behavior incorrect (rsrandazzo)
    0011454: [Systems - Hydraulic] refill hydraulics not working as expected (rsrandazzo)
    0011620: [Systems - Fire Protection] Duct Leak/Overheat test comes on too fast when tested (rsrandazzo)
    0011623: [General - Documentation] Slight typo in EULA in new -700 install... 029 release (rsrandazzo)
    0011509: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Emergency Exit Light Switch not working correctly with PMDG Mouse clicking Method (hvanrensburg)

    Updates, Marketplace and Other Tidbits:

    We are beginning to accelerate the pace of updates for the 737 product line as we are through many of the bigger, more difficult early teething issues that come with bringing a new product line to a new platform. With this success, we are beginning to accelerate other changes, new features and of course corrections and fixes. This includes things like the new Universal Flight Tablet that is about to enter testing. We are really happy to be bringing you these continued updates and improvements to the product line and we hope they are improving your simulation enjoyment!

    Many have asked when we will begin to put the 737 into Microsoft Marketplace. We anticipate releasing the 737-700 to marketplace within days. It will need to go through MS's vetting, but it should be available there soon.

    For those who purchased the PMDG 737NGXu back in November/December 2019, don't forget that you have $100 in credit available to you at! From our side, this represents an $893,400 investment back into the simming community and we want to be sure you take advantage of it before it expires in December 2024! Using your credit is simple, just place your order normally and our eCommerce system will alert you that you have unused credit available. Thank you for your faith in us back in 2019- we hope you enjoy your credits!

    Okay- that is all we have for you today. Go grab yourself a 737-600 and then come back and tell us about your weekend flying!
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    just got the 600, as usual thank you Dear PMDG Team for this beauty. Now please lets focus on the -800 to get my Austrian Airlines early 2010 fleet complete
    Alexander Wurz


      Nice, good job, any question, do you apply for the 737-700 the option for not winglets? please, in Argentina we are waiting for you!
      Attached Files
      Last edited by Agus Castrilli; 29Jul2022, 22:41.


      • Yago Franzanti
        Yago Franzanti commented
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        +1 on this!

      • cirurginn
        cirurginn commented
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        they already said that they won't do it, but maybe if more people start asking for it, they'll change their minds.
        please consider adding a non-winglet version of the -700 , at least after the entire 737 line up is released, no rush

      • mxmanzini
        mxmanzini commented
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      When do we get the 737-700 update?
      Tim Wells


      • ActuallyGreg
        ActuallyGreg commented
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        I don't see it as well.

      • JH2022
        JH2022 commented
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        My ops center is still on 3.0.29. RR seemed to speak of the update as if it's already been released. Does anyone have it?

      RSR mentioned "an entirely customized sound environment." Curious to hear if this is noticeable for many customers? So, for example, do the engines sound louder from the cockpit, being a bit closer that in the -700?

      Andrew Jones
      Andrew Jones


        Originally posted by Avwriter View Post
        RSR mentioned "an entirely customized sound environment." Curious to hear if this is noticeable for many customers? So, for example, do the engines sound louder from the cockpit, being a bit closer that in the -700?

        Andrew Jones


        The 600 soundset does take into account the closer proximity of the cockpit to the engines - indeed, each 737 model has its own unique dedicated soundset.

        Armen Cholakian
        PMDG Sound Engineer


          I'll eagerly wait for the 737-700 to make an appearance in the Marketplace.

          Question for y'all hardcore fans; is there anything special operationally or procedurally (or even systems-wise like an extra hydraulic pump or something) in a 737-600? Or is it literally the same in fit form and function in every way with the exception of some wildly different performance figures (e.g. take-off distances, OEI climb performance, etc.)?

          I think I would skip on the -600 if it's just different performance figures, but if it has some interesting nuance I might jump at it.
          Amr Diab

          - My love, the light of the eye


          • Crabby
            Crabby commented
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            I have said this before. One key to simulator happiness is having as much control over your addons as possible. I would recommend highly that you only buy from the marketplace what you HAVE to buy there. You will be better served by not having to deal with encryption and lack of control over location that comes with Marketplace products.

            [email protected] commented
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            there is literally no reason, why not to buy on marketplace.

            files encryption does not affect users anyhow and user dont need to take care about it.

          Originally posted by TimDawg View Post
          When do we get the 737-700 update?
          It is getting ready to be released.
          Chris Makris (Olympic260)
          PMDG Technical Support


            I wasn't planning on buying this but...

            Ok Robert... at this price you win.
            Giuseppe Nelva


            • TrevorHannant
              TrevorHannant commented
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              Yeah, wasn't going to commit to the -600, was holding back for the -800 first but that price may just change that decision...

            Originally posted by amahran View Post
            I'll eagerly wait for the 737-700 to make an appearance in the Marketplace.

            Question for y'all hardcore fans; is there anything special operationally or procedurally (or even systems-wise like an extra hydraulic pump or something) in a 737-600? Or is it literally the same in fit form and function in every way with the exception of some wildly different performance figures (e.g. take-off distances, OEI climb performance, etc.)?

            I think I would skip on the -600 if it's just different performance figures, but if it has some interesting nuance I might jump at it.
            Do a 60-90 minute flight, flightplan FL400/410 (direction dependant) and watch as you hit that with ease and have time to sit there in the cruise before having to consider TOD
            Trevor Hannant

            CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz
            GPU: Nvidia GTX960
            RAM: 32Gb


              Another solid effort from PMDG. Thank you for keeping my 737-700 constantly updated. Love this plane so much.

              Jeff Soule


                The Op Center is not indicating a 737-700 update yet. Is this to be released later or does it simply take time to propagate through the various layers?
                Jeff Cupido


                • NegativeApproach
                  NegativeApproach commented
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                  See comment number 8 in this thread

                  -C .Linden

                Thank you for the update, picking up my custom BBJ from KRNT tomorrow, so can't wait to test the new LNAV. Looking forward to the EFB and then ready for the 777F and 747ERF to enter my companie's fleet
                Joe Colehouse


                  Excellent update, will the -600 be rolled out to msfs marketplace at the same time as the -700?
                  Gonzalo Yagci 👨‍✈️


                    At this price despite already having the 700 it's now in my growing collection of PMDG Aircraft. Great job all.

                    Clive Rose


                      Very smart pricing on the -600. Well done.

                      Bob Clements


                        Thanks so much for this great job Robert! Btw where's the new update? I see nothing in OC.
                        Kimi Häkkinen


                          The 737-700 just continues to get better. Very pumped about the LNAV update.
                          Tom Clarkson


                            Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

                            Happy Friday and welcome to the release of PMDG's 737-600!
                            About the product page, fairly sure it runs fine on AMD Ryzen processors as well

                            Mart Jansen


                            • fahdriyami
                              fahdriyami commented
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                              And Radeon graphics cards too. Minimum hardware requirements need to be more inclusive lol.

                            Well, I had zero interest in buying the -600 but at the price? On pay day? After I've had a beer? Sold. Well done, PMDG Team.
                            Herb Schaltegger - Father, husband, lawyer, engineer & getting too old for this $#!t. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!TM.


                            • rsrandazzo
                              rsrandazzo commented
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                              Herb- What kind of beer? I'll join you. :-) - RSR

                            • DrVenkman
                              DrVenkman commented
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                              Hah! Robert, it's from a Nashville-based craft brewery called Bearded Iris. I'm drinking their Tunnel Vision IPA. After two of them now, following a long work week, the beer is very well-named. Srsly, their beer is excellent and becoming more widely available. If you get a chance, their beers are really great.
                              Last edited by DrVenkman; 29Jul2022, 23:48.

                            $34.99 is insane value for money. Very tempting...
                            Fahad Al Riyami
                            PMDG 737-800 for MSFS, 737NGX, 737NGXu, 747 (+ -8), 777 (+ -300ER). MSFS-exclusive, Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo.


                              Congrats on the release. I was also waiting for the 737-800 (having the 700 already), but for the price this is a no brainer.
                              I would also like to thank the PMDG team for the regular updates to the 737-700 so far. You diligence in making sure we get a great product is greatly appreciated.
                              Martin Childs


                              • rsrandazzo
                                rsrandazzo commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Martin- Thanks! It has been fun, actually- being able to continue finding corners that can be improved upon. It is nice when we load it up and suddenly something just works better. we'll keep at it. - RSR

                              Wohoooooooo.... Party. Thx PMDG !
                              - Sven Seibert.


                                Wonderful news she is a beauty congratulations pmdg.
                                Danny Z.Cebis


                                  Wow, this was a nice start to the weekend . Just a small query, is the official SDK being released with the 600 ?
                                  A Boeing 737NG for less than 5 bucks ? Someone wake me up , I must be dreaming !!!!!!
                                  Last edited by Dr_Eddie; 30Jul2022, 00:05.
                                  Eddie Zetlein, Surrey.


                                  • rsrandazzo
                                    rsrandazzo commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Eddie- Not yet- we are still making changes. Probably next week. - RSR

                                  Finally the 800 around the corner.
                                  Peter Walsh.



                                    I asked earlier about if this Lateral Path upgrade would be retroactive for all of the previous products on P3D. I can not find my question here, and as of now I am going to assume it was a technical glitch. (I guess I was the technical glitch, Mea Culpa)

                                    So will this Lateral Path upgrade filter down to P3D products?
                                    Last edited by JailbaitAJ; 30Jul2022, 00:17.
                                    Austin Jones


                                    • rsrandazzo
                                      rsrandazzo commented
                                      Editing a comment
                                      Austin- We are in the process of mapping out an update cycle for the 737NGXu in P3D. It will require further modification for the 777 and 747 and we aren't certain when that will take place- but very likely eventually. - RSR

                                    Dang it..... only $35..... now I have to buy it.
                                    -Will Walker


                                      Originally posted by JailbaitAJ View Post

                                      I asked earlier about if this Lateral Path upgrade would be retroactive for all of the previous products on P3D. I can not find my question here, and as of now ai am going to assume it was a technical glitch.

                                      So will this Lateral Path upgrade filter down to P3D products?
                                      You can not find it here because you have posted it on another thread and not on this one....

                                      Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                                      PMDG Technical Support


                                        Originally posted by cmakris View Post

                                        You can not find it here because you have posted it on another thread and not on this one....

                                        Must have clicked the wrong link. However, do you know the answer?
                                        Austin Jones