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[23JUL22] PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates and General News for Your Weekend

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    [23JUL22] PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates and General News for Your Weekend


    Once again, Happy Friday and welcome to a weekend update for your PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    The team has been hard at work with continued improvements in all areas of the 737 product line, including the 737-700, 737-600 and 737-800. This is the first time we have had this many products in development testing all at the same time and it certainly does keep everyone on their toes as we begin spooling up to move through a series of releases in very rapid succession during the weeks ahead.

    PMDG 737-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator:
    First up, lets talk about the Babiest of Baby Boeings: The PMDG 737-600!

    I mentioned last month that we had decided to use the 600 testing period as an iterative test program to bring in our new Lateral Flight Path model. This decision was made knowing that it would cause a slightly longer development period than the originally planned six weeks for the PMDG 737-600, but it has proven to be a good use of development and testing time. We are just about ready to release the 737-600 and it will include the new Lateral Flight Path model, along a significantly updated vertical path model that is finally able to leverage the improved accuracy of the lateral model into it's own computational process. Specifically, bringing in the new LNAV and F/D roll channel model allowed us to unlock some advanced behaviors in the vertical path, with significant improvements to CDA performance and other vertical path computations that really have the 737 behaving like it's real world counterpart.

    We are chasing down a few last minute annoyances and we hope to wrap up testing early in the week with one or two more conforming builds. If those go well, we anticipate she will be in your hands by this time next week. <<NOTE - STANDARD DISCLAIMER APPLIES: If we hit any hiccups we don't like- we will slide the release out as needed but we'll keep you posted here!>>


    PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator:
    This week we have a pretty nice update for the 737-700. The team has been hard at work continuing to add detail, adapt behaviors and improving the overall depth of simulation for our flagship 737 package. This update includes a broad range of items from texture and graphical improvements to advanced logical improvements such as alternate gear extension. The change list is included here and you can scan through to see the wide range of areas getting attention throughout the 737.

    Concurrent with the 737-600 update (hopefully next week!) we will also push another update to the 737-700 in order to bring the new Lateral and Vertical flight path changes into the 700 series airplane as well.

    **One note we want to call out: For those who experience the dreaded "gauge flicker" in the 737: Asobo advised us back in mid-May that they had found the source of that problem deep within the Nano layer of the MSFS platform. They reported it was fixed and would push in the next update. We have been testing in SU10 and can confirm that it is indeed fixed. This will be a welcome relief and will also allow us to turn on the EFIS/MAP display configuration. Expect that we will do this concurrent with the SU10 release.

    CHANGE LIST: PMDG 737-700 3.00.0029
    0011603: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] DTO Incorrect Display (abashkatov)
    0011434: [External Model - Liveries] Texture Mapping. Element Moves Depending on viewing Angle (jbrown)
    0011446: [External Model - Liveries] Injestion Warning Decal (jbrown)
    0011447: [External Model - Liveries] Gaps in Left Side Injestion Waring Line (jbrown)
    0011483: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Aux Fuel Panel shows pasrt of the Nose Wheel Steering Panel on BBJ (vscimone)
    0011486: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Space missing between R and WIPER (vscimone)
    0011487: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 'NORMAL' missing from overhead panel temp control panel (vscimone)
    0011488: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 'ENGINE START' missing from overhead panel (vscimone)
    0011490: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Floating decal text on fuel control levers (vscimone)
    0011491: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Engine 2 fire handle floats when pulled (vscimone)
    0011492: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Glareshield document holder lacks visible bottom (vscimone)
    0011493: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Lines missing from cabin pressure gauge (vscimone)
    0011494: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Inside of stab trim cutout guards should be red (vscimone)
    0011495: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Text on yoke is crooked (vscimone)
    0011496: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Text remnant to the right of "AILERON" (vscimone)
    0011497: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] + missing from cargo fire panel (vscimone)
    0011498: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Dots missing from crew oxygen pressure gauge (vscimone)
    0011499: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Placard missing from back of jump seat (vscimone)
    0011501: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Pass oxygen guard should be safety wired (vscimone)
    0011503: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Rudder trim off flag missing (vscimone)
    0011505: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] AO spots on ACP panels (vscimone)
    0011615: [General - Ground Operations] Fuel Truck Dangerous Goods shield wrong number (jbrown)
    0011166: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Maingear not recognized as extended after manual gear extension (rsrandazzo)
    0011175: [Main Panel - PFD] White Speed Bug should not be removed on touchdown (abashkatov)
    0011187: [Sounds - Internal/Cockpit] Add seatbelt sound chime on aircraft power up from cold and dark (abashkatov)
    0011534: [Systems - Flight Controls] Hyd System B providing inadequate pressure to rudder actuators (rsrandazzo)
    0011601: [Systems - Hydraulic] EMDP 1 and 2 control switches wired to incorrect busses. (model code xml reversed due to numbering inversion on panel) (rsrandazzo)
    0011612: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] LFP v2 : Reduced distance cut-off between WPTs for creating arcs (emvaos)
    0011613: [Systems - General/Not Sure] Alternate Landing Gear Extension needs modification to take advantage of MSFS independent gear operation (rsrandazzo)
    0011238: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] FO Window Handle wrong style (vscimone)
    0011018: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] GPWS INOP light should be ON with IRS off (abashkatov)
    0011113: [General - Engines] Engine shutdown - Simvar N1 engine values reach zero far quicker than expected (acholakian)
    0011608: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] RECIR FAN panel background color differnt than rest of panel (vscimone)
    0011573: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Errant shadow spots on ACP panels on Overhead (vscimone)
    0010454: [Main Panel - ND] VOR/ILS ident not being displayed (abashkatov)
    0010989: [General - Unsure] BBJ, AUX Tank gauge at MIP not showing any Fuel quantity when weights are set to LBS (abashkatov)
    0011596: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Removal of not needed files from Data/Dynamics (cbpowell)
    0011605: [External Model - Geometry] APU Drain mast missing (jbrown)
    0011600: [Sounds - Internal/Cockpit] airspeed callouts sounds missing (acholakian)
    0011594: [Apps - LightsNSwitches] no smoking / chime only switch does not move (vscimone)
    0011604: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] GEN switch click spots should be limited to the switch tips (vscimone)
    0011599: [External Model - Geometry] Mismatch Vortex Generators (jbrown)
    0011602: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Aileron trim switches should be offset, not centered, on switch posts (vscimone)
    0011589: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Standby Artificial Horizon knobs are low resolution (vscimone)
    0011587: [General - Ground Operations] Stairs at Door 1 misaligned (hvanrensburg)
    0010959: [Main Panel - ND] Green line on terrain display with water option on (abashkatov)
    0010732: [Main Panel - ND] Terrain depiction on ND 'ghosts' as you move and turn. (abashkatov)
    0011309: [Main Panel - ND] Memory Leak when Lower Eicas is set to ND and terrain display is on (abashkatov)
    0008442: [Systems - Pressurization] Addition of the new style Pressurization panel (vscimone)
    0011512: [Systems - Electrical] Battery Voltage low. (rsrandazzo)
    0011548: [FREEZES - All Types] Cockpit Freeze Upon Increasing ND MAP Range to 640, have Terrain Data on and Terrain Sweep to OFF (abashkatov)
    0011554: [External Model - Geometry] Landing Light Illuminating Inside of Engine Cowling (jbrown)
    0011557: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Routing should be recalculated from PPOS when wings level on a heading to intercept leg (emvaos)
    0011562: [General - Flight Model] BBJ variant only, nose wheel does not animate when XBOX controller is used for the rudder (jbrown)
    0011572: [External Model - Liveries] F1 Norm Map Adjustment (jbrown)
    0011574: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Engine start text is not illuminated (vscimone)
    0011575: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Aft window pillars collision box needs tweaking. (jbrown)
    0011577: [External Model - Geometry] Brief orange splash on nose of the aircraft when turning on the strobes (jbrown)
    0010578: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Overhead Switches need HD texturing (vscimone)
    0011462: [General - Flight Model] Backcourse APP not working correctly. (emvaos)
    0011507: [Systems - General/Not Sure] Use last OIL option although enabled not working correctly (emvaos)
    0011514: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Oxy. Press. needle does not illuminate with overhead backlighting (vscimone)
    0011518: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Speed Brake Handle Textures are Blurry (vscimone)
    0011595: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Attendant Switch not animated (vscimone)

    PMDG 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator:
    Development work on the 737-800 for MSFS continues apace. This includes the 737-800 passenger variant, the BBJ2, the BDSF and BCF versions of the airplane for a total of 8 models in the package. With the release of the 800, a number of equipment changes have been made to the flight deck to reflect the systems differences between the smaller siblings and the larger pair of airplanes in the fleet type. This work continues and we will turn our beta testers loose very soon to begin showing you the airplane from their own perspectives.

    The 800 is really the "ultimate" 737 variant from an adoption standpoint- being the most popular variant yet built by a wide margin, we are looking forward to putting her into your fleet in/around Mid August. <<STANDARD DISCLAIMER APPLIES: This timeline, like all timelines is an estimate based upon current progress and remains subject to change.>>

    One funny anecdote from inside PMDG for you: We have all been looking at the 700 and it's much shorter 600 sibling for so long, that we made Jason go back and re-measure the 800 a dozen or so times because by optical illusion and familiarity- the 800 (or in this case the BBJ2!) looks like a 900 by comparison!


    PMDG Flight Tablet:
    I don't have much to update you with here except to say that work continues. We are primarily focused on working through the operating system and adding in the various features that make the tablet useful. As mentioned previously, simBrief integration is in place and Navigraph charts are currently being worked through. I am not brave enough to guess when this will be made live within the airplane, but I am hoping to begin showing you some previews shortly after the 800 is released- as it has some pretty cool features to add to your simming experience.

    Post SU10 Updates (Things such as Weather Radar)
    Most of the development team is now working in the SU10 beta environment as we want to be certain that nothing breaks for you when the SU10 update is released. We are also beginning to get caught up enough with 600 and 800 development tasks that we can begin to pick at some of the new features Asobo published as having been added with the SU10 beta, such as weather radar. We anticipate beginning to look at the new MSFS weather radar feature before SU10 gets released, but at this juncture I don't have enough knowledge of what that platform/SDK feature includes- so I can't comment on schedule for implementation yet. If an actual radar image is provided and we simply need to lay that into a display, it is a simple thing that we can accommodate quickly- but if we have to build out the signal image simulation for the signal refraction model, then it will take more time.

    There are a few new features listed in the SU10 beta that we will begin to pick at once the team has some free bandwidth from the primary focus of the development cycle. Our development plate is rather full with two airplanes in testing, but we shall get to this when things calm down. We are eager to see what was really added!

    That is all we have for you this weekend- enjoy your flying and don't forget to throw some images into the screenshot forum to share your flights with all of us here!

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Thanks! Randazzo !
    i9 9900K 5.0 | ROG-RTX3080TI-O12G-GAMING | Trident Z Royal c18 3600 8G *4 | Inter 760P 1TB M.2(NVMe) *2


      Great update. Thanks Robert and team!

      Jeff Soule


        Looks amazing! Thanks for the update. By the way, is that BBJ2 lifting out of Vancouver? She looks lovely!

        Nektario Tiganis


        • Nek81
          Nek81 commented
          Editing a comment
          JBrown, I agree. YVR has got some great landscape. I was there with my kids this afternoon and it was great. Super busy, too!

          Nektario Tiganis

        • Ephedrin
          Ephedrin commented
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          A friend of mine moved from Germany to Vancouver to fly helicopters for a living and he immediately added his seaplane certification and absolutely loves the place.

        • pdumitru
          pdumitru commented
          Editing a comment
          That sure is YVR! Got the mountains on the right, and the university straight ahead


        Thank you, Captain Randazzo. As usual, the update and insights are greatly appreciated. 👍
        Herb Schaltegger - Father, husband, lawyer, engineer & getting too old for this $#!t. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!TM.


          Great stuff, rake your time with any promised features prior to the release of the 700.
          Andrew Bolton


            The place marked by the red arrow shall not be illuminated by the lamp of MCP
            HAO ZUO
            i9 9900K 5.0 | ROG-RTX3080TI-O12G-GAMING | Trident Z Royal c18 3600 8G *4 | Inter 760P 1TB M.2(NVMe) *2


              Thank you for the update looking forward for the 737 800 😀


                Thanks for the update, looking forward to those updates
                Alexander Wurz


                  Awesome news!

                  I'm wondering, though, if hypothetically, there are things unrelated to the LNAV update that may delay the release of the 737-600, would the 737-700 still get the LNAV update next week if it's ready?
                  Tom Clarkson


                  • rsrandazzo
                    rsrandazzo commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Tom- No. - RSR

                  Thank you for this update!!

                  Eugene Warrick
                  Eugene Warrick


                    Plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks/months ahead then! Can't wait!

                    Luke Carter | Flight Sim Content Creator & PPL Student Pilot


                      Thanks Robert sorry for the post I made a couple of days ago you have truly made up for it and you have clearly showed it with this new bugfix/update can't wait for the EFB/LNAV update.


                      • Swaluver88
                        Swaluver88 commented
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                        if you look closely at the change log there are few little LNAV updates in this version it looks like

                      • rsrandazzo
                        rsrandazzo commented
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                        Thomas- No worries. ;-) - RSR

                      All of these improvements to the 737 and no wingletless for the non -600 variants?
                      Jackson Dart
                      WIngletless 737NG Cultist
                      MFS DC6 & 737NG3


                      • ThomasALW
                        ThomasALW commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Hmm - I'm a little concerned now after reading Captain Randazzo's comment - I always assumed the 600 would be without winglets - as was shown in the photos. Hope I misunderstood his comment.

                      • Vee One
                        Vee One commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Thomas, stop it. Read Captain’s Randazzo’s answer again and let it soak it in. Or you don’t read things or you are just an upset kid…

                      • ThomasALW
                        ThomasALW commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Vee One, Don't think I expressed that I was upset in any way my friend - hope you instead are well. And it seems the winglets were not certified for the -600, so all's good in that regard.

                      Originally posted by 736279662 View Post
                      The place marked by the red arrow shall not be illuminated by the lamp of MCP
                      Have you submitted a support ticket to make sure they actually see it.
                      Captain Kevin

                      Kevin Yang


                      • 736279662
                        736279662 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I sent the ticket through PMDG Customer Support a month ago, but nothing happened

                      Again, basically visual improvements. When will we have a manual flight that matches the B737?

                      When released tha last update, Randazzo promised a video about control settings. Where is it?

                      Please, we need a correct pitch behavior! Please, please, please.
                      Pedro Guedes


                      • sergio8234
                        sergio8234 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I believe that video regarding control settings was for the time when the dual axis support was not working. Not for like control setup on how to make the aircraft fly more realistically

                      Thanks Robert, much appreciated as always.

                      Really looking forward to trying out the new LNAV.
                      Pete Simpson


                        Great update! The bit about being thrown off by the length of the -800 made me chuckle as I had the reverse experience in real life. I’m a Delta flyer, and one of my favorite places on earth is the outdoor sky deck at the ATL Concourse F Sky Club. Being a Delta guy, I see a lot of Airbus and the -800/900 737s. It had been a good long while since I had seen a -700, and then one afternoon at the club I saw an Aeromexico -700 turn the corner and I couldn’t believe how tiny it looked. I’ve been loving the -700 in MSFS and (again, as a Delta guy) very much looking forward to the -900ER when it eventually leaves the hangar.

                        -Eric Boyken


                        • Swaluver88
                          Swaluver88 commented
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                          ever been to the new LGA or new LAX one? GAHHHHH i absolutely love those two now!

                        • British Avgeek YT
                          British Avgeek YT commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Definitely required a double take didn't it! 🤣 At first glance I thought it was the -900ER until I re-read and looked again!

                        Great update Robert. I wasn’t sure why I got the 737-600 in p3d but I love the plane. Its a really neat little lane good for small airports like Big Bear Lake. Ok so a 737 600 doesn’t usually land there but it was pretty easy to do.
                        Dean Salman


                        • sergio8234
                          sergio8234 commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Aha I do the same at times except with the 737-700 where I love to land out at Brenham Municipal (11R). Decent sized runway with 6003' available but super narrow only at 75' landing the 737 there with few passengers and only necessary fuel, it stops pretty easily on there, taxing is a bit difficult though. We all have those days where we do something extreme with the aircraft for fun.

                        Great Update, Looking forward to the release of the 600 and 800 plus updates to the 700.

                        Ken Hand
                        Ken Hand
                        AMD 3900X, EVGA RTX 380 XC, X570 wifi, 128GB ram.


                          Nice update... guess I'll need to do another flight this evening. 😁

                          Bryan Opalka
                          Noble Air - Americas Regional Manager
                          PMDG 737/777


                            Excellent Robert and team keep up the good work.
                            Danny Z.Cebis


                              Absolute stellar news! Thank you!
                              Christoph Linden


                                Thx for your work!


                                  This products are so realistic that PMDG is even simulating the countless delays on the industry!
                                  Francisco Salazar


                                    Any updates or more internal talk of pricing? Great update! Can't wait to get that EFB and the rest of the NG fleet
                                    James Siems
                                    -600, -700, -800


                                    • sergio8234
                                      sergio8234 commented
                                      Editing a comment
                                      They unfortunately do not mention anything about pricing until the product has a set date for launch. We won't be knowing until either next week or the following since that is when they are eyeing to release it unless it gets pushed back

                                    Wow this planes look fantastic! great I can wait to see this planes in my computer! Thank you Robert looking fwd for those updates!
                                    Rolando Olmo


                                      indeed looks quite long 😂
                                      Gonzalo Yagci 👨‍✈️


                                        Thanks for the update! I look forward to the 600 and 800 but I will enjoy the improved 700 until then (and after).

                                        Curious about the change list: many of the items listed were also listed in the July 8 update. Is this a full list of all changes made since release or just in this update? If it’s the latter, how come so many items are listed again? Weren’t they fixed in the last update as stated in that post?

                                        - John Svensson


                                        • rsrandazzo
                                          rsrandazzo commented
                                          Editing a comment
                                          John- Sometimes guys on the team reopen and reclose items, which resets them in the change list. I try to sweep out the ones I know are not consequential, but sometimes they are. - RSR

                                        • Swezam
                                          Swezam commented
                                          Editing a comment
                                          I understand! Thank you for explaining. -John Svensson

                                        Thanks for the update.
                                        Joe Bloggs