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[14MAY22] Hello and Happy 737 Weekend... Some bits of news and a temporary NOTAM

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    [14MAY22] Hello and Happy 737 Weekend... Some bits of news and a temporary NOTAM


    I have had a few days to catch up on sleep and spend some time behind the scenes getting caught up managing the various back-end processes that keep PMDG running- but now that it is the weekend I thought it was a good idea to pop in and say hello and offer some insight into what we are doing in the back-room.

    To Start: A NOTAM:
    First, lets start with a bit of unpleasant news that qualifies as a temporary NOTAM: The service provider that manages part of the activation process for us in the background has notified me that at approximately 1930Z they started an unplanned maintenance cycle that will be completed at approximately 0030Z/15MAY. This will affect activation of most PMDG products during the NOTAM period for most customers. This is the second multi-hour failure they have experienced during the past week. I apologize for the outage and ask your forgiveness and patience on their behalf.

    I have voiced my strongly our continued disappointment in their reliability and will be meeting with them on Tuesday to discuss the importance of reliability if they are to continue being our supporting vendor.

    Next: Something Not 737 Related:
    On Monday 17MAY22 we will be pushing a small update for the PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update includes a sweep up of some changes we have made since the previous update. We will post a list of those changes at the time the update is published, but you can get the update at no cost via the PMDG Operations Center.

    Updates Pending for the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS:
    Late next week (Thu/Fri) we will push the first of a series of update for the PMDG 737 for MSFS. This first update will be relatively small, focused on a few customer experience issues and some small/easy corrections to a few items that have been reported since product release on Monday. Overall, we are very happy with the product stability in user operation, but as we always do, our team has been monitoring various user groups and our own technical support intake and forum posts in order to cull through and identify areas that may need to be addressed now that the product is in widespread use.

    We are happy that most of the issues we have identified are categorized as corrections/improvements and we are not seeing any universally disruptive concerns at this juncture. (Problems such as CTDs affecting large groups of users and that sort of thing, is what I mean...)

    For those who are new to PMDG: We have a very aggressive method of collecting, categorizing, researching and tracking issues that get reported to us. You will find that once we get through the initial cloud of release week, we tend to push updates that will contain anywhere from 25-200 ranging from major corrections/changes to tiny, inconsequential obscuria that we noticed along the way. We expect to be pushing updates out for the 737-700 at a weekly pace initially so if you have run into something that is creating problems for you- there is a good chance it will get swept up into an update soon enough.

    We have a couple of major research efforts underway that we want to tell you about also:
    • Customers seeing flickering artifacts on the displays: We have gotten a few reports at tech support, and in threads here in the forum that some users are seeing flickering artifacts on the displays. They are often reported as "when turning" but this is a distractor, because the turning causes a redraw mechanism that fails. We can reproduce this in house in the EFIS/MAP layout, which is why that layout is disabled in the initial release. We believe this to be related to a problem in the GDI+/NANO layer and brought it to the attention of Asobo in October, but I believe it was viewed as a lower priority item as we were able to code our way around it with some ingenuity. Unforunately, when SU9 landed, the problem returned to the EFIS/MAP layout and this resulted in us disabling that option and re-floating it to Asobo for their review. It has not been reviewed as of this juncture as the individual responsible was not in the office last week. We are hoping it will get some attention this week. We will keep you posted.
    • "Low FPS Control Animation" is a phrase that took some time to sort out, since it is a mixed metaphor that doesn't really describe the issue well. Working with a few folks here in the PMDG forum we were able to get some examples of what users see when they report this issue. We have a few theories on what causes it and are hoping to have a chance to test some corrections with folks that we know to see it during the coming week. It is a curious item that may be caused by a particular combination of settings- but that usually means it is something we can code out of the product. We shall certainly try.
    • Lack of steering input for GameController users: We have mentioned a few times that Asobo added a "nose wheel steering axis" to the sim with SU9 (Actually- it has been there but was inoperative until SU9) and this brought with it some changes in the behavior of the ground steering that proved to be incompatibly with the real-world functionality of the 737's tiller/rudder pedal steering interconnect. This caused us to make some changes to the steering input, but those appear to have been further aggravated problems for users trying to operate the airplane with game controllers. We have repeatedly requested additional documentation on these changes from Asobo, but thus far we haven't gotten anything useful. We remain hopeful that the pending SDK update might include some documentation of the changes that were made so that we can code around these issues and get everybody working with a viable solution for ground steering. Stay tuned.
    Important note: This announcement thread is the usual place where many users will ask "is <that users favorite item> included in the updates?" Please note that we don't answer those questions because it turns our development agenda into a very raucous democratic process that tends not to make forward progress because everyone thinks THEIR item should get attention first. That isn't good for development, so we use our own, internal design process to determine what gets attention and when that attention is provided. If you are new to PMDG products- just sit back, relax, enjoy the product and pull the updates when they are published. You'll be surprised at how much stuff we will pack into post-release updates.

    We have had a few oddball reports of folks doing things that we never considered possibilities, too. (Yes, one poor fellow flew the drone camera to his destination many miles away- and then discovered it created problems... ) All of the development team is aware that this is an entirely new simulator platform with entirely new capabilities, so there are things we never pondered being important that customers have pointed to as needing attention- and that process will be ongoing for many years, I suspect. As usual we will add many fun new features as time goes on here- the journey shall be fun for all of us!

    There are a host of other items we are working on and toward- and it would be impossible for me to list them all. The bottom line is that we are really quite happy with the results of the airplane in wide customer use, but that doesn't mean we simply turn the lights off and go home. For us the development process for our products is more ongoing and we will continue to find and hunt down solutions to things as we work toward the 737-600/800/900 releases.

    Look for our first update to the 737 coming to you via the PMDG Operations Center late this coming week. First one will be mostly small items, but then we'll get into some heavier items in subsequent updates. We'll post the change lists here once we have published the update so you can see what changes have been made.

    Last Item: Thank you! Last item for tonight is a quick note to say thank you. To EACH of you. In twenty five years of creating airplane addons for simmers, we are always quietly amazed that people show such appreciation for our work. At times this kind of development really isn't that much fun, and there has been more than one occasion where each of us has pondered calling those head-hunters to get us back into the aviation industry where at least the hours and workload are predictable. Then we have weeks like this week- and see how much the results of our work means to all of you as simmers- and that makes the work fun again.

    So thank you for that. We have really enjoyed watching you put the 737 to work this week.

    We are just getting started. Vin promises me we will be able to start previewing the 777 "soon™"

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Glad to hear that the update process is ramping up and the team is making headway on fixes and tweaks. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store.
    Tim Lincoln
    My YouTube Channel



      will there be an update to have the lights a little brighter? thank you for your great work Robert and the whole PMDG team

      Kamel Talbi


        Thanks for the update, I also experienced a lot of CTD with the plane, nearly on every flights, that was caused by an old Honeycomb AFC-Bridge module.

        Just wondering, will the update next week include HUD fix?
        Benjamin MATHON
        Abidjan, Ivory Coast


        • FlyingInFocus
          FlyingInFocus commented
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          Can you elaborate? I have had a few CTDs and I use the honeycomb alpha, what is the bridge module?

        • Benjamin.M
          Benjamin.M commented
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          That's the module you install inside the community folder, so the status led will work.

          Move the folder AFC_Bridge to somewhere else and try again a few flights

        Wingletless coming in any of these weekly updates from now until the 24th week?
        Jackson Dart
        MFS DC6 & 737-700 NG3


          I only have one complaint and only one. The rudder sensitivity.

          PLEASE! fix the rudder inputs.

          The bird feels very weird when rolling for take off. Way too sensitive.



          • rsrandazzo
            rsrandazzo commented
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            Yuniesky- Rudder sensitivity is controlled ENTIRELY by you in the controls portion of the MSFS menu. :-) -RSR

          Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

          We are just getting started. Vin promises me we will be able to start previewing the 777 "soon™"
          Woah now ya talking.
          Peter Walsh.


            Thanks, brother Robert...enjoying the 737 and hope to see the Triple-7 and my fav the 748 in due time.
            PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


              Thanks for the update rsrandazzo , just some small questions, is the best way to report bugs/issues just via making a support ticket? Also, has there been any development from Asobo regarding the improved debugging program? I'm assuming once that is implemented, it will help future developments move at a slightly quicker pace?
              Dino P.


              • Want2BFlyin
                Want2BFlyin commented
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                If you want to be absolutely certain that someone from PMDG sees something, then you will want to do it through a support ticket. Some folks from PMDG do come into these forums occasionally, but the forum is primarily user-to-user.

              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
                Editing a comment
                Dino- We have had no updates on the topic of debugging since Asobo politely asked me to stop inquiring back in January. We saw a notation in the upcoming SDK notes that mentions improvements, but doesn't detail what they are, so we will have to wait and see. - RSR

              • meurkel
                meurkel commented
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                I saw today on Asobo's careers page that they are looking for a "flight sim tool programmer" with a strong knowledge of C++. Maybe they are still lacking people with enough skills in this area?

              Thank you Robert and the rest of the pmdg team for your hard work. Im having an absolute blast flying the 737. I remember starting out with fs2000 as a kid and then learning about fms systems with the old 737 for fs2004 and dreaming about having a sim like the one we have today. The 737 for msfs combined with a vr headset is absolute bliss, thanks for bringing this masterpiece to us.
              -Mike Iacovetta


                Hi,thanks for the 737-700.
                is there any possible to change the brightness of landing light?its just too dark,when i landing on eddf today,just cant see anything on runways...


                  Great post and great work, looking forward to updates adding features
                  Wayne Such


                    I heard magic digits 777. I take it as a green light to start a thread titled "T7 are we there yet? and what's the holdup?"
                    Aleks Matrosov


                      I lost interest in MSFS a couple of weeks before the release of the 737, so thank you for reigniting my will to play. You did an incredible job, all of you at PMDG. Eagerly awaiting the 777 - I've always wanted a good 777 to fly!
                      Joel Cubbin


                        Thanks a lot, rsrandazzo
                        Just a quick question: Is it Monday the 16MAY22 or Tuesday 17MAY22 ? (Monday 17MAY22 doesn't exists in my calendar)

                        Thanks again!
                        Best regards,
                        --Anders Bermann--
                        Scandinavian VA
                        Pilot-ID: SAS2471


                        • rheinis
                          rheinis commented
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                          Monday 17MAY22 is actually the same as Soon™

                        • Anders Bermann
                          Anders Bermann commented
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                          Yearh... I know... My wife keep telling me the same thing.
                          Cheers, buddy! And thanks for the reply.

                        • Mickel
                          Mickel commented
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                          If it’s any consolation, it will be Rob’s Monday and my 17th. 😁 That said, he does work all sorts of strange hours, so it might be before my sleep time.

                        Good to see the rudder/tiller issue on controller is being resolved. Can't wait to be able to actually fly this bird.
                        Justin Tsang


                        • rsrandazzo
                          rsrandazzo commented
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                          Justin- To be clear: I didn't say it is being resolved. I said we are still trying to figure out what Asobo thinks they are doing with a dual-axis rudder channel that can take inputs in two directions without summing them. A bit of documentation on these things would be nice, but is apparently a bit too much to ask. LOL - RSR

                        • Crabby
                          Crabby commented
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                          I must be doing something wrong! I have been actually flying this bird since the moment it was released. I will stop having fun immediately.

                        • Toyotale
                          Toyotale commented
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                          rsrandazzo Ah I see, well hopefully we will have good news soon! Thanks for your hard work.
                          Last edited by Toyotale; 17May2022, 06:04.

                        Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

                        We are just getting started. Vin promises me we will be able to start previewing the 777 "soon™"
                        That's put a big smile on my face
                        Joe Colehouse EGCC


                          This airplane in this sim just blows my mind everytime I start it up!
                          And talk of the triple seven just make me drool even harder!
                          Mattias Nordin


                            A big thank you from me, I am having so much fun with the 737
                            Martin Jordan


                              Thanks for the update! and the will turn out well... and see picture from B777

                              Best Regards Petter
                              Last edited by petterws; 15May2022, 10:39.
                              Petter Storvik


                                I'd installed MSFS2020 since the initial release, but only 50 hours logged on it until the 737-700 was released. Most of my sim flying is on X-Plane still,but now with a decent aircraft,I'm using MSFS2020 more and more.
                                Jude Bradley
                                System specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, i9-9900KF Gigabyte Z390, RTX-2070, 32GB RAM Prepar3D V5 X-Plane 11.50 Beta tester for MS2020


                                  The positive reception is well deserved, truly. Nothing brings me more joy than to see dedication like this, that pushes the boundaries of simulation.

                                  We are just getting started. Vin promises me we will be able to start previewing the 777 "soon™"
                                  If I put the necessary amount of fire emojis here to describe how excited I am for this, I'm afraid the forum will crash and you'll have yet another vendor to denounce, so I'll refrain from doing that.
                                  Fahad Al Riyami
                                  PMDG 737NGX, 737NGXu, 747 (+ -8), 777 (+ -300ER). MSFS-exclusive, Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo.


                                    Brilliant news - many thanks for the update.
                                    Henry Jones


                                      No Robert.......Thank you really and all the team for such a fantastic product
                                      Alaa Riad


                                        Cheers for the update, just for the sake of contributing I have not had a single ctd whilst using this aircraft and to be truthful, considering the sheer number of payware things I have installed is a minor miracle. I’ve got everything from Glasgow airport to raas, flybywire a32nx, amongst hundreds of other things tweaks etc my community folder is swelling past 125gb and that’s not including things like volanta, pacx and all the rest of it. The only issue I can with good clarity and a good conscience say I’ve had is intermittent flickering of only the co-pilot’s PFD never on the skipper’s side. Do not for a minute regret buying this and I’m sure it’ll see me through a couple of thousand flying hours over the years. Cheers for all the work & not giving up when Microsoft take the notion to make a mess of things.
                                        James Savory.

                                        Specs - i5-10600K | Asus Dual 2060 | 32gb HyperX Fury ddr4 3600 (4x8) | NZXT X73 360mm AIO | 2 x 4TB Barracuda 3.5'S | 2 X 500GB 970 EVO+ M.2's | O11 EVO | Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi


                                          let me thank you guys for giving us such an amazing 737 ,i have forgotten how many of these you have made for flight sim, but i have one copy of most of them starting from your cd /dvd ones to the last one that i downloaded few days ago, i think i must have bought all your products till date, and will keep buying them cause there is no flight sim with out pmdg, this must rate as the best 737 you guys have developed for flight sim till date, unless something better comes up later, thank you for making us enjoy the sim, dc -6 was amazing too and this one adds to that.
                                          vivekanand bhat


                                          • rsrandazzo
                                            rsrandazzo commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            vivekanand - Thank you. I really do appreciate it- and the whole team does as well. We have some exciting times ahead! - RSR


                                          Thanks Robert for the updates. I look forward to future updates.
                                          Tomas Zima Prague


                                            On my first flight with the KLM livery, the darn right engine generator wasn't working after N1 spun up to 20%. Had to pull back into the gate, call the maintenance van and reset the electrical issue. I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of a brand new(ish) 737, but at least PMDG picked up the tab on the warranty!
                                            David Smith


                                            • rsrandazzo
                                              rsrandazzo commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              David- If I had a nickle for every time I have picked an airplane up out of maintenance that had a fault, I'd have... well. Honestly about $2.25 but you get my point. - RSR

                                            Thank you for the update!
                                            I hope the fast trim sound bug is also fixed soon!
                                            Amir Khanevadegi


                                              The MSFS market is about to see further high qualified passenger planes which in real used to be build predominantly in Finkenwerder/Toulouse. Now the time starts where real competition is there with different suppliers -some are ‚new kid on the block‘ facing the same difficult MSFS as PMDG does. Maybe the updates need to become a bit more extensive in the very near future.
                                              Cheers Jonathan Schmeier


                                              • rsrandazzo
                                                rsrandazzo commented
                                                Editing a comment
                                                Jonathan- I know that people like to try and create drama out of thin air- but really. It is a hobby. There is plenty of room for plenty of developers with plenty of different design features in their products. It has always been this way- and that makes the hobby vibrant. Buy what you like- and try to minimize the effort spent in creating imaginary conflicts between them. Only small minded people enjoy such things. - RSR