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[07MAY22] PMDG 737-700 Release Schedule Announcement

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    I'm about to move my annual leave forward so that I can spend the next few weeks day and night with the new plane....
    Jokes aside, the anticipation is huge, of course thanks to the whole PMDG team 👏🏻🍀

    Greetings from Germany

    Rocco Jakob


      This plane is going to bring me out of retirement, can't wait to get my hands (and virtual paint brush) on her!
      AJ Nikoley
      FS Texture Artist
      Baggage Handler Extraordinaire


        AWESOME, CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'll be ready to buy as soon as it is released!!
        Vince Thurs


          Thank You Robert .... I have been waiting for so long for this release. I wasn't sure if I would live long enough to enjoy it. Now the excitement might kill me.

          - Terry O'Brien
          Terry O'Brien


            Yeaaaah!!! Thank you PMDG Team


              I'm a lurker. . .because I haven't kept current with forums over the decades, but I have fond memories of all the amazing companies that have brought some great products to the many versions of flight simulator over the years. Heck, I remember getting my first addon "VIP" panel from Ken Kerr (a 757) that I downloaded off of compuserve! with dial up. 😅 And then PSS made some great buses, and a 777, a 747, a Dash8. And DF2000 with a 737-300, and LevelD's 767s, Leonardo's MadDogs. . .and of course there was PMDG. There was always a high bar to outdo the last amazing product from any of those "other" companies. PMDG has always been the standard to beat. Heck even the light planes like the Jetstream were great products! Incredibly, not many of those companies are around, for one reason or another. (MS's massive hiatus didn't help anything.) But, here we are. With a new bar being set. I've been dreaming for the day of VR simming with a full photo realistic world, full of clouds, traffic, and ATC chatter. Like RSR, there are always flaws to find, even for the user, but. . .this is getting so incredibly close to reality! PMDG, I expect nothing but the best from you. Even if there is a pixel that is slightly discolored. And to that end, I say. . .

              A. Eugene Cozens


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
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                OMG. KEN KERR. I haven't thought of that name in a bazillion years but when I read it it was like a time warp! Thanks for the memory. :-) - RSR

              • planemusic
                planemusic commented
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                Hey rsrandazzo, is Kyle still on the team? Haven't seen him in a while here in the forums.
                Ashwant Gonesh
                Last edited by planemusic; 08May2022, 03:39.

              Thank you Robert.9 .May Boeing 737 Engine start.
              Tomas Zima Prague


                Wonderful news Rob and team and thankyou for a great product as usual.
                Danny Z.Cebis


                  Good work Robert and the PMDG teams. We have waited 2 years to touch your wonder. Thanks

                  Maxime KRESS


                    The Eagle has landed! A monumental moment in flight sim history! Looking forward to flying my favorite airframes once again and this time in MSFS!
                    Jon Richardson
                    USAF Vet


                      Great news that a release date is finalized now! I'm assuming that the experience gained with the 737 release should help make the subsequent 777 and 747 developments less difficult? Perhaps hope of a quicker release of the 777.
                      Jared van der Berg


                        Bravo Randazzo! PMDG is ART!
                        Alejandro AD ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ


                          Really looking forward to Monday!
                          Ken Robinson


                            Blown Away! Keep up the good work.
                            Dino Rossetti


                              Dear PMDG team, thanks for the update and congratulations with the work you all acomplished.
                              The trimwheelsound sounds great!
                              if iam not misstaken, I hear also some cabin announcements in the back... is that standard on the 737 or a 3rd party tool? If its standard, does that mean there are other announcements included as well?


                              You set the bar high, and altough you cant "enjoy" your work of art, and cant help to keep seeing flaws, please maintain this level of perfectionism because that will bring progress in this world and joy to all the great folks here that will enjoy this masterpiece!

                              Thanks again, keep up the great work and Iam looking forward to monday!
                              Jaap B, a.k.a. PHjaap
                              MSFS, PMDG DC6
                              Acer Predator laptop, i7-10750H, 32 GB, 1 TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 with Max-Q


                                Nobody has asked the real question yet, where's the pogo stick hidden and is it HD now?
                                Last edited by RyanVince; 07May2022, 06:20.
                                -Ryan Vince


                                  Thank you for this great news !
                                  Philippe Dufour.
                                  Level: Basic Knowledge.
                                  PMDG Product: DC-6 FS2020.


                                    I have no doubt PMDG's 737 will set a new intellectual paradigm for plane development in MSFS. This will be an incredible moment and all thanks to the team at PMDG, thank you all so much.

                                    Stuart Lunn @ Cambridge UK
                                    Stuart Lunn


                                      Great news to wake up too, looking forward to Monday.

                                      Congratulations PMDG for the impending release
                                      Joe Colehouse EGCC


                                        Screenshot 2022-05-06 222133.jpg

                                        OK, thank you for the announcement.

                                        I've started furloughing the existing fleet at KVCV. First delivery is difficult... my trusty CJ-4. She taught me how to fly a jet in this beautiful simulator. She, especially, carried me through the dark days of a pandemic.

                                        CJ-4 parked

                                        If my signature isn't here, I really tried to set that up and I will fix ASAP.

                                        -Joe Schultz
                                        Attached Files
                                        Joe Schultz, PMDG Fan


                                        • NegativeApproach
                                          NegativeApproach commented
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                                          The CJ4 has been a blast! Truly impressed by the WT team, massive kudos to them.

                                        • Murf7413
                                          Murf7413 commented
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                                          UGH.... VCV!!!! Was Based there for 9 years when it was George AFB in the 561st, until we retired my beloved F4!!!!

                                        • JRBarrett
                                          JRBarrett commented
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                                          Murf7413 Small world! I spent 3 years at GAFB (1974-1977) in the 35th AMS (Electronic Warfare). I primarily worked on the Thuds.

                                        Congratulations Robert and PMDG!!! Looking forward to the start of wonderful things coming up in the next months and years!
                                        Felipe Turbay


                                          Good news for the people that buy the -700 ( i need to wait 3 more months )

                                          wil pricing be released Sunday or did i miss something?

                                          Will the MAX come 6 weeks after the -900 or after the 747 ?

                                          Dennis Heijblom


                                          • thesilentchris
                                            thesilentchris commented
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                                            They didn't mentioned regarding the pricing in this post but they once mentioned they would announce the pricing in parallel with the announcement of the release. As they didn't, I would guess today or tomorrow. But maybe they also made the decision now last minute to keep it a surprise until the plane has been released. So let's see. In any case, I can live with it to wait until Monday to know for sure.

                                            The MAX will be released "somewhere in the future". It won't come 6 weeks after the -600 as it needs way more developing time. I would guess that they didn't announced any specifics on the release of the MAX as they really need to gather a lot of data first to make sure the plane is as close in the simulator as it is in real life. And due to the "issues" at Boeing with the MAX, the MAX is just simply not flying long enough to gather enough data.
                                            So, I would guess they will probably hold it until after the 747, but they want to be flexible enough to change those plans. So they will probably release it when they have to the time and confidence to make it right

                                          • Hilly32
                                            Hilly32 commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            I imagine pricing will be given at the time you are given the opportunity to add the product to your shopping cart. Hope this helps.

                                          Looks like they made the wiper proportionally the correct size now. Looks good ! Was hoping for a weekend release, but I guess Monday is not the end of the world.
                                          P. De Swardt


                                            Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
                                            See you after the weekend.
                                            Dear Robert,


                                            But when? When on Monday? At what time? Which part of the day? In which timezone?

                                            Plans need to be made, and we’re all on a need-to-know basis… and we need to know! 🤪

                                            P.S. Good luck server admins! We apologize in advance.

                                            Wojtek Pietrusiewicz


                                              congratulations, pmdg congratulations on their 2 flight for mfs20

                                              Best Regards Petter
                                              Petter Storvik


                                                Looks like its going to be free. Pmdg have not given us the price.


                                                • Hilly32
                                                  Hilly32 commented
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                                                  I suspect when you click "Buy" on Monday you'll be given the price...

                                                Well this is exciting. Another release day purchase for me but it will have to go under ground checks in the hanger until after my uni exams for this year lol. once they are over, it will be non stop flying this beauty until the next release :P This is going to be wild.... Gotta get them all and the same goes for each release of the 737, then the 777 etc etc.

                                                Just wondering if you will ever consider doing a 757 at some point in time.

                                                Anyways thankyou for the update and congrats to the team in advance of release.

                                                This is going to be big....Never in all my years simming have I ever been hyped for a release as I am for this.

                                                May the final stretch go smoothly for the team

                                                Stephanie A. Boyd-Trevisan

                                                Stephanie A. Boyd-Trevisan. LMML.

                                                i710700K, 32GB RAM, RTX2070, MSI Z490 Gaming Wifi, 2 x1TB NVME drives, 1 x 2TB SSD and 2 x4 TB HDDs. T16000M FCS Hotas, Throttle and T-Rubber pedals 3 x34 inch Gigabyte Curved QHD montors running 1440p @2K


                                                  That’s amazing — can’t wait!
                                                  Anyone interested in the pricing structure though?
                                                  Michael R Cerovac
                                                  MSFS Enthousiast & PA-38 Tomahawk Pilot
                                                  Cloud PC Gamer via ShadowTech


                                                  • Hilly32
                                                    Hilly32 commented
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                                                    Maybe try checking on Monday? Only two days away...

                                                  • mikeveccora
                                                    mikeveccora commented
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                                                    Next time skip my post if you are just going to be facetious.

                                                  Mkay, sooo what will i do meantime, i think i will celebritě this as much as to wake up on monday that ive already reserved as holidays 🙈
                                                  Vojtech Karban
                                                  FlyvirtualCZ discord group


                                                    Congratulations Robert & all the team. The Monday release will be a massive weight off of your shoulders I think the whole community would agree that two weeks somewhere sunny with a few jars is more than warranted. Given the popularity of many streamers and how far the information about this aircraft has gone, I think you are facing your most profitable project yet. Well and truly deserved It will be a pleasure to undertake my delivery flights.
                                                    James Savory.

                                                    Specs - i5-10600K | Asus Dual 2060 | 32gb HyperX Fury ddr4 3600 (4x8) | NZXT X73 360mm AIO | 2 x 4TB Barracuda 3.5'S | 2 X 500GB 970 EVO+ M.2's | O11 EVO | Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi