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[07MAY22] PMDG 737-700 Release Schedule Announcement

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    [07MAY22] PMDG 737-700 Release Schedule Announcement


    If you have ever had the opportunity to see the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, you can understand why Michelangelo is commonly thought of as one of the Great Artists of all time. Or, if you share my quirky view of the universe, you might consider him to be one of the least fortunate men ever to walk the earth, because he cannot see that work for it's beauty.

    Instead, he sees only it's flaws.

    The same can be said for nearly anyone involved in a creative endeavor, whether it be writing, painting, sculpture, movies or software- the end result is the same. The creator can always turn the creation over in his hands and spot the flaws, long after it has exceeded the expectations of the recipient.

    This has always been the hardest part of produce development at PMDG; deciding when we are finished.

    On Wednesday, we had our routine All-Hands meeting and effectively scratched off the last of the true blockers holding us off from release. That isn't to say there aren't other items we still wish to work on, or add, or improve, because there are. But we have finally reached the point in the endeavor where we can say, "Yes- this is a product that will serve the customer well and that we can be proud of."


    At PMDG we have a long reputation for creating good, solid products that can be counted upon. This is by far the most difficult development cycle upon which we have ever journeyed and I wish I could tell you that it has been fun, because it hasn't. Creating this airplane without the benefit of modern debugging tools has at times caused us to wonder if we were on a fools errand. The ingenuity and perseverance of the team has impressed me time and again as we created tools and methods needed to build the 737 so that it would prove to be as reliable and feature rich as any product that preceded it- and then went on to exceed even those expectations.

    This is not a "port" of an existing product, which is why we changed the product naming a few months back. We had started out referring to it as "NG3" but NG3 was originally envisioned as a port of our Prepar3D version into MSFS and it became obvious to us in September of 2020 that porting the product would give you an inferior user experience. Microsoft Flight Simulator, when it finally arrived, offered such a magnificent visual environment that it seemed we would be missing an opportunity to do something truly wonderful if we simply dragged the 737 "as is" into the new environment and handed it off to you.

    And so the 737 project as a whole went back to the drawing board- at tremendous cost and enormous workload- and became The PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    The first product in the series is PMDG 737-700 for MSFS. It will release next week.

    In the months that follow, we will add the 600, 800 and 900 series to the line, before shifting attention to completion of the equally new PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and PMDG 747 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. (More on those some other time.. this is a 737 party!)

    We anticipate adding a new airframe to the 737 series approximately every six weeks through the summer and for all the MAX lovers out there- those will come too. Eventually.

    As we pull our 737 across the transom into release mode, I am reminded of just how long this journey has been. It has been far longer than any we would have imagined when we started. There were plenty of folks proclaiming success or failure, and many more who suggested we would need to sacrifice realism or completeness for reasons that were never truly clear to any of us who were actually working on the product. Microsoft Flight Simulator is, without a doubt, the best simulation platform that any of us on the development team have ever put a product into. There are plenty of moments in development where we would share images with one another and reflect upon just how good it looked, and how smoothly it ran, and how rewarding it was to see both of those behaviors at the same time- because our training up to now has lead us to believe that performance and beauty are mutually exclusive.

    They aren't.

    In the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS you have an incredible depth of richness that we think will serve you well for years to come. From our entirely customized autopilot, flight model, systems modeling and highly refined sound environment made up of entire interior and exterior sound samples, we provide you with an experience that is as immersive as it is accurate. The sound build out along was created by creating a specially configured recording environment in order to give us the sources that we needed in order to create twelve sound zones defining the area around the airplane... TWELVE... and then entire constellations of sound emitters to ensure that sounds come from the proper spaces relative to your view...

    We are happy you will be out flying our 737 next week.

    We won't be resting on our laurels, however. Work continues apace to add the new tablet which will feature options controls, navigraph charts, SimBrief integration and more. We have many new features that will roll in with updates, along with various fixes that might prove necessary post release. (In fact we know some fixes will be necessary. It is a reality of software development- so plan to see a few updates come to you in rapid succession via the PMDG Operations Center in the days following release.)

    But for now you probably just want to know WHEN.

    Well.... You can learn that here:

    Beyond everything else, on behalf of the PMDG team, I want to say thank you for the support you have given to this team since our founding back in 1997. Quite literally, we wouldn't have made it this far without you- and we are happy to do our part in elevating the simming journey with this new release.

    We know you will like her. See you after the weekend.
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    Amazing, RSR! Thank you for the amazing update and I cannot wait to put this beauty in my hangar!
    Alec Henderson


      Great news RSR looking forward to flying her!
      Nathan Edmunds
      Sydney NSW, Australia


        Pmsl delayed again.


        • Mort the 2nd
          Mort the 2nd commented
          Editing a comment
          It can't be delayed if there wasn't a release date.

        • Murf7413
          Murf7413 commented
          Editing a comment
          UGH!!! Some folks are never pleased...

        • Bob_Z
          Bob_Z commented
          Editing a comment
          NG3 is not delayed since it doesn't exist anymore. Now it's the The PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Name and that one will be on time. Marketing 101.

        Thank you.



          And thanks for the update - very much appreciated. :-)
          Greg N.
          Avionics Systems Software Engineer


            Thank You!!!!

            Gary Bickelhaupt


              Can't wait! Well done.

              Now that you fixed the F40 bug, will we get more details on what caused it or is that irrelevant now?
              Last edited by simtom; 07May2022, 01:39.
              Tomas Hoste


                Sweet, That will be my Tuesday here in New Zealand which is my day off can't wait..... just need to see the price point now
                Kind Regards
                Tom Gregory
                Ex Cabin Crew 737
                Virgin Australia


                  Woo hooooooooo. It's really here...

                  Jeff Soule


                    Sleepless nights now begin, the F5 button will start to become faded as of next bank will be sweating with fear...I am ready!!!!
                    Tom Berry


                      May 9th it is!

                      Pedro Carvalho


                        Sweet!!!… Thank you Mr.Randazzo!
                        Pablo Vazquez
                        Flight Attendant for a major US airline


                          Nice!!!! I can't wait

                          Hamza Munir


                            Price, please?
                            Mirko Quarna
                            Messina, Italy.

                            PMDG as a state of mind


                            • Rlucz
                              Rlucz commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Youll find out on the 9th, good day sir.

                            So it’s coming on Monday but at what cost? Didn’t you say you would tell us the price and date in advance?


                            • Bolton
                              Bolton commented
                              Editing a comment
                              A little more than the cost of an ice cream.

                            • CaptainMo
                              CaptainMo commented
                              Editing a comment
                              ofcourse the price matters

                            • JaredVDB
                              JaredVDB commented
                              Editing a comment
                              ActuallyGreg of course price matters, especially when the exchange rate to the USD is 16 to 1. The price of the -700 will decide if I buy it and later the -800 or wait 12 weeks for the -800.

                            When I started using Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 shortly after 95 back in 1997, I'd never imagined in the wildest dreams, what flight simulator would be in 2022. I'm still awed each time I fly - and I still have no add ons! - by how real it looks now, compared to back then. And yet, I never regret the years in which I learned and grew with the Sim. Your products have been with me since 2004 in FS9 and subsequent platforms. It was the greatest pleasure to meet you, Mr Randazzo, in Munich ten years ago. I still hope for the MD-10 from you, but also the 747 and 777 and will wait as I did till now - patiently. Take your time as that's one of the secret ingredients to your success and quality standards. Thanks for all the years in the community.

                            Kind regards.



                              Amazing! I’m sold! Can’t wait for Monday!!
                              Anthony Burkett


                                Thank you. I can't wait to try it. Hard to wait over the weekend, but as I know the business of software development, you guys have at least earnt a full weekend of relax.

                                See you all on Monday!
                                Manuel Díaz.


                                  Tysm for all your efforts. Looking forward to it


                                    AWESOME ROBERT! Loved the video announcement! Ill be taking Monday off & thanks for not releasing on Sunday & ruining Mothers Day for my wife!
                                    Rob Felger


                                      Next week works, wish I knew what day soas to book a vacation day. For now, this weekend, it will be more DCS Hornet in VR.
                                      PMDG Cultist...Chris Honke (CYYZ)


                                      • Pablo Vazquez
                                        Pablo Vazquez commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        Monday the 9th

                                      • McWheelie
                                        McWheelie commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        Did you even watch the video? XD

                                      Yay, people can STFU now. Hopefully everyone sold their Kleenex stock before the announcement. I was making a killing off all the crybabies. Can't wait PMDG!!!
                                      Last edited by DtotheAtotheVtotheE; 07May2022, 01:38.
                                      Dave Ess


                                        Let's go! I am going to rewatch this video over and over until Monday. I cannot wait.
                                        Dylan H.
                                        i9-9900K, RTX 2060 Super, 32GB of RAM, MSFS2020.


                                        • Gerardius
                                          Gerardius commented
                                          Editing a comment
                                          Groundhog Day for a weekend, but in watching video version 🤣

                                        Thank you so much! After 18th Aug 2020, 9th May 2022 is a super important day for the Sim Community! It will be a turning point for the new simulator!
                                        Andrey Holanda


                                          At least we have a date. Thank you!

                                          Now, will I have to sell a kidney? Or will digging in the couch cushions be sufficient? Hmmm ...
                                          Herb Schaltegger - Father, husband, lawyer, engineer & getting too old for this $#!t. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!TM.


                                          • rsrandazzo
                                            rsrandazzo commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            Herb- That depends. What sorta condition is the kidney in? - RSR

                                          • Speedy_one50
                                            Speedy_one50 commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            For a very good condition kidney 30.000€ more or less...

                                          yeah! thanks Roberto. Nice to know I've got a weekend with the Mad Dog before the release!

                                          Sean Lester


                                          • moxiejeff
                                            moxiejeff commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            And the Maddog was updated this morning! Love it!

                                          Curious why a price wasn't mentioned? Or a time on Monday? Can't wait though!!!!

                                          Jeff Soule


                                            Ok so is that Monday UTC?
                                            Rod Stagner


                                            • MtheHell
                                              MtheHell commented
                                              Editing a comment
                                              Normally It should be that, because UTC is the most relevant timezone in aviation.
                                              But I think, it will be a more "local opening hours" related time (just guessing - perhaps they choose "07:37" as the shop opening time... xD)

                                            Incredible news. I'm looking forward to pretty much the entire lineup of PMDG products for MSFS. The future of the sim is brighter with PMDG planes in it.
                                            Fahad Al Riyami
                                            PMDG 737-800 for MSFS, 737NGX, 737NGXu, 747 (+ -8), 777 (+ -300ER). MSFS-exclusive, Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo.

                                            PC: Ryzen 7700X, RTX 3090 FE, 32GB DDR5-6000,