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[05FEB22] Development Update: PMDG 737 for MSFS

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    [05FEB22] Development Update: PMDG 737 for MSFS


    As we wrap up this week of development on the PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, I wanted to share a progress update to give you an idea where we are and how things are going.

    This week's primary focus fell into a couple of areas:
    • Continued refinement of the Heads Up Guidance System
    • Continued work on the flight model
    • Further refinement of autoflight control laws
    • Refinement of the AFDS Control Wheel Steering mode (aka: How to fly your 737 like an airbus )
    • Problem solving on some issues related to external model textures and the aircraft structure/window interface
    • Continued work on fine scale details within the cockpit.
    • Chasing down compiler-related code issues.
    • The endless game of debugging complex systems.
    The airplane is now being flown on complete flight stages as we continue to look for issues hiding in the background. The systems logic is well in place and the issues being identified are getting resolved one at a time. From a simulation standpoint the software is incredibly stable and well mannered so we are in the process chasing down things that I would call "platform interface" issues. For example, making certain that various keyboard shortcuts and MSFS native commands are connected properly to the software so that the airplane's systems respond appropriately to the MSFS control set. It sounds rather obvious to say that we have to go through all of these- but it is actually quite tedious and requires a bunch of minor changes to the code in order to get things behaving properly.

    One big change over the past few weeks is that the simulation is fully flyable and usable in a predictably stable manner. This has allowed us to shift from implementation to refinement as we continue to improve the flying characteristics of the airplane and make adjustments to the autoflight system control laws in both normal and CWS modes. Since this is our first project working to bring our entirely customized capabilities into the MSFS platform and it has been interesting as we adapt the handling qualities. Each platform has it's own set of strengths and weaknesses, so we are likewise adjusting the 737 software to account for the strengths of the MSFS platform, while also working around some of the weaknesses. We went through this process when initially bringing our products from FSX to P3D, but those two platforms were alike enough that it wasn't terribly difficult in the beginning.

    This is an order of magnitude more complex than that effort from 2015, but we are really pleased with the results!

    Checking the performance of the airplane requires a tremendous amount of detail flying work to validate that the pitch/power/drag interactions are correct at all altitudes, configurations and weights. It is exacting work, but it is going mostly well.


    All over the airplane we are heavily engaged in cleanup-mode now- and we have chosen a go-to-beta date. Our confidence in hitting that beta date is very high, and we are also feeling confident enough in the project to begin setting a projected release date range on the calendar. (No, I'm not going to tell you what it is because that would be a sure-fire way create the sort of bad karma that would cause a lengthy delay! )

    I have begun work on some video segments, but I don't want to say too much about those yet.

    Overall, we are finally starting to feel good about the progress we are making with this project. The whole kit is finally beginning to look, act and feel like finished product.

    The wait is nearly over!

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations


    Krásné těším se na vydání. Ahoj Tomáši
    Tomas Zima Prague


      sounds awesome! cant wait to see it in action!
      one question, Will the performance numbers be calculated in sim? or will it be EFB or do we need to find a calculator else where?

      secondly, will the EFB connect with the FMC? for instance like in the p3d models where you calculate performance, you can copy info from the FMS but not send it to the FMS?

      thanks again! no matter what itll be great!
      Brandon Hostetter
      CSEL IFR.
      I9-11900K 5.3Ghz~EVGA RTX 3080TI FTW3 ULTRA~ 32GB ram~ Z590 aorus elite~ Lian Li o11 dynamic max~ HTC VIVE PRO 2~ Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo~ MFG Crosswinds~


      • rsrandazzo
        rsrandazzo commented
        Editing a comment
        Brandon- The EFB modeled is the EFB offered by Boeing as an option for the airplane it interacts with the airplane in the same manner as the one offered by Boeing. - RSR

      • Captain Gaming
        Captain Gaming commented
        Editing a comment
        awesome! thank you RSR.

      Hey, will the 737 be on Xbox?



      • rsrandazzo
        rsrandazzo commented
        Editing a comment
        Nameless- Please do add a signature to your posts- we insist upon it here. :-) With regard to Xbox- that is still planned, yes. Currently we are still waiting for a change to the Xbox side that will allow our projects to run on that platform. (DC-6 was released for Xbox but then removed as it was found that an update was needed to allow projects like ours to operate on Xbox.) The last update we had from MS was that the update is still pending and that it might be a few months. Once that happens, I fully expect 737 to be available there as well. - RSR

      Thankyou for the information and the wonderful pics Robert,this is great news and im very much looking forward to release of this beautiful looking aircraft.
      Danny Z.Cebis


        This is so awesome! It’s been over a year now since I had to move to XP11 (because nothing in MSFS works but I was too spoiled by the quality of it and couldn’t stand P3D anymore…) and I only recently start to fly a few full flights in MSFS with the CJ4. I was shocked that the sim really starts to behave on my computer, no more CTDs, stably over 25 fps at most time, and even better quality at day time in most parts of the world. I have to say I struggled too much on controlling the aircrafts before and didn’t really enjoy the platform until now. I can’t describe how excited I am for the coming 737! I see many sleepless nights and tiring mornings in my future!

        Jason Peng


          Originally posted by David_3078 View Post
          Hey, will the 737 be on Xbox?

          Please add your first and last name signature to your post as per forum rules.
          See here.

          Lets get the aircraft on pc first.
          Danny Z.Cebis


            Okay, i see the aircraft is never coming to Xbox.
            as xbox is the black sheep of everyone.


            • Ephedrin
              Ephedrin commented
              Editing a comment
              Robert replied to you above... It will, if MS makes it work

            • dfarantes
              dfarantes commented
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              In the last Q&A, Asobo Developers clarify that the problem is Xbox is a closed platform, with a lot of security locks to avoid virus and malwares. This locks dont exist in the developers xbox hardware, so they simply don't see the problem before the release. The fix isn't in hands of PMDG or even Asobo, is in the hands os the Microsoft Xbox Software Team. So all of us need to wait, because more important than the planes is a secure platform.

              Daniel Arantes.

            How exciting! I'm super happy to know I'll have my hands on this bird sooner rather than later!
            Elijah Meadows


              sounds good RSR... I have the feeling that the spring 2022 will be very very exciting 😉
              Chris Mbe


                Today we celebrate the independence day. That's my prediction for release date . In seriousness. I'm hoping PMDG is not going to move the release date around to match some symbolic date in history and just releases it next day after it's done and ready . Year and a half two years of wait for me for my T7 and QOS but at least now we know it's possible in a practical sense to have those two in MSFS.
                Aleks Matrosov


                • Swaluver88
                  Swaluver88 commented
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                  Annoying variables exist. That's why you never speculate on release dates.

                • matrosov
                  matrosov commented
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                  If I'm a developer I never speculate on release date because people will eat me alive if I miss them. Which is kind of funny because it's not like they gave me money upfront. If I'm on the other side of the curtain I can speculate about release dates because it's fun, like gambling where I don't loose any money. .

                • rsrandazzo
                  rsrandazzo commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Aleks - well, the good news is that there is no July 37th, so there really isn't much on the calendar that would be worth waiting for. When it is done, we will release it. :-) - RSR

                Keep on the good work
                Fourni Vincent


                  Thank you Robert for the update and looking forward to the 737!
                  Karl Stenson


                    Looks great. My photoshop is locked and loaded

                    John Tavendale


                      Beta is music to my ears. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and that release timeline can be stuck to.

                      I really look forward to loading up the NG3 and battling the harsh Canadian winter with flights from Yellowknife - Iqaluit and back (Canadian North).

                      Keep up the fantastic work and if it all hits the fan then we can wait for another few months...
                      Ciarán Andrews



                        YESSS!!!! Thank you for the update, picture, and great information! We are all looking forward to enjoying endless hours of flight in a beautiful aircraft surely to shame previous versions and dare I even say other producers. Top quality products for the masses!!!
                        Jason Ellis
                        Instrument Pilot wishing I was more.


                        • rsrandazzo
                          rsrandazzo commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Jason- Lets not worry too much about other producers. Every project has it's bright points and it's dark points, including ours. We just focus on our own work and try to bring you the best we can. - RSR

                        Giddy with excitement
                        Jeff Hendershot





                          • BAIRES
                            BAIRES commented
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                            I'd replace the "LNAV Update" for the weight and balance fix needed for NGXu - the Stall speeds are wrong - Wonderful Meme BTW... - Rafael

                          • BodoM
                            BodoM commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Maybe the LNAV Update is coming as soon as the MSFS 737 hype is over...

                          Originally posted by David_3078 View Post
                          Okay, i see the aircraft is never coming to Xbox.
                          as xbox is the black sheep of everyone.
                          I think you need to re-read Robert's comment on your original post...
                          Trevor Hannant

                          CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz
                          GPU: Nvidia GTX960
                          RAM: 32Gb


                            good news are good news.
                            Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6900XT, 32GB DDR4 RAM @3600MHz, 4k
                            Marc Eland
                            GFO Beta


                              Great news Captain
                              Joe Colehouse


                                One big change over the past few weeks is that the simulation is fully flyable and usable in a predictably stable manner.
                                This is big news! Getting closer to beta and release date!

                                Thanks for the update as most of us are checking in daily if not hourly. lol

                                Mark Guinto
                                Mark Guinto
                                KSAN KNKX 🛫


                                  Really positive news!
                                  Alaister Kay


                                    Good thanks.
                                    Peter Walsh.


                                      Will this 737 have a worn cockpit? You have shown us images but the 737NG3 cockpit looks bloody spotless...
                                      Jackson Dart
                                      MFS DC6 & 737-700 NG3


                                      • PiotrMKG
                                        PiotrMKG commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        Answer is No, every plane that is in Marketplace has to be brand new out of factory state.

                                      • rsrandazzo
                                        rsrandazzo commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        Well- That is what the contract said. The DC-6 is in marketplace and it's cockpit looks as well worn as you'd expect... So.... <shrugs> - RSR

                                      Great news Robert! Looking forward to getting my hands on her!
                                      Rob Felger


                                        Great news. How big is the performance impact fps wise?


                                        • Ephedrin
                                          Ephedrin commented
                                          Editing a comment
                                          Robert's last statement on this was that it was on par with default aircraft or even a bit better.

                                        Good to read and see that its moving along. I will refrain from commenting about progress anymore in case the denizens of Karma are listening. 🤨

                                        I'll be looking forward to it, 2 weeks ago I uninstalled P3D. I realised I just wasn't using it anymore. The move from P3D to MSFS was gradual starting with the DC6 and as aircraft like the FBW 320Neo improved I found myself flying aircraft on P3D but missing the atmosphere, feel and graphics of MSFS. Yes the weather and traffic need work, and we all know that the study sims are slowly approaching, but I was getting more out of MSFS. How many thousand hours on FSX and its derivatives of P3D over the years for me? So its a large step away from something that has been on my PC constantly since it was released.

                                        So fingers crossed for a good year with PMDG and the 737, some visibility on the 747 and 777 maybe the 757 and of course the big wish of the 767 for long term.
                                        And of blue skies for the new kids on the block Fenix with the A320 Ceo and TFDi with the PMDG version of Beetlejuice, the MD-11 (type it out 3 times and Robert appears )
                                        Greg Buckley


                                          Excellent! I'm so excited to see this plane evolve though development right in front of our eyes.
                                          Thank you team!
                                          STEFAN DORDEVIC


                                            Originally posted by No1Cheats
                                            Hey, friendly reminder PMDG requires you to have a signature. Look at mine for instance.
                                            So your first post here was to remind somebody to sign their posts and to check yours for reference, but on my screen, it doesn't look like you signed yours, either.
                                            Captain Kevin

                                            Kevin Yang