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[12JUL19] Things are beginning to boil in the background...

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    [12JUL19] Things are beginning to boil in the background...


    I apologize for the relative silence from our end since my last update during late May. It has been an incredibly busy summer of flying and travel and development and it seems that each night when I sit down to give you an update, something becomes more important (at least momentarily!) and I get distracted until the following day.

    As you know, a bunch of us were occupied by flying the PMDG DC-3 within and then home from Europe after the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Perhaps I should put together a post or two with pictures, video and some recollections on the experience. Operating a 75 year old airplane across 3,300nm, of very hostile North Atlantic was easily the most epic flying mission of my career thus far, and for those interested in such things I would love to share the experience with you. All of the fly flying, the hazards, the ETPs and the decision making aside, the truly grand part of the journey was that so many of us involved in PMDG in various roles were able to put this mission together and operate it successfully.

    The whole thing does rather BEG for a PMDG DC-3 simulation, doesn't it? If only we had good access...

    During the trip, we were able to turn various FBOs and hotel meeting rooms into impromptu PMDG team work sessions, which sounds far more glamorous than it is... But we were able to hash out quite a bit of workflow and development strategy as the trip bogged down in various places and the flying fell victim to occasional bouts of bad weather.

    The down-side: We had mostly impossible-to-use access to internet for a period of almost a month. If you want to watch a bunch of otherwise-sane fellows lose their minds, give them intermittent internet. I blame a combination of the weird mobile formats that we use over here in the USA as they seemed to make data connections wonky while we were in Europe, and the apparent habit of the hotels we patronized to have a single 14.4K modem plugged into a wall and then broadcast by wifi as an excuse for internet.

    We have been fully staffed back in the office for three weeks now- and all of us have been happily head-down on work trying to get NG3, Global Flight Operations and our new shopping cart through the various gates that are required in order to move each of these projects on to the next phase of their life cycle.

    PMDG 737-NG3:
    We are in the process of assembling our technical advisors in order to give them first crack and helping us to nail down the loose end details on this new product. We are beginning to discuss her first preview, which I suspect will require video in order to truly do the airplane justice. Stay tuned for more on that.

    There are (literally) so many new features in NG3 that I beginning to worry about how I can capture them all for eventual previews here in the forum...

    PMDG Global Flight Operations:
    We are beginning to talk freely about public release plans for this brand new simulation environment. We have some date markers on the calendar, and we have a clear idea how we are going to bring the product live for users. We have been holding back updates from our beta team for a few months now as we were refactoring the core of the Global Flight Operations functionality in order to add some new features that weren't originally expected to make v1.0- and we are also adding in a bunch of features that we conjured up during one of our (really ugly) conference room meetings at a hotel along the way. (Both Kyle and Chris gag involuntarily when i mention this particular location- so out of respect for the vendor, I'm gonna keep that a secret, but someone please hold the vomit bucket a bit closer to Kyle for me, please? )

    The **primary** blockage to progress with Global Flight Operations right now is that we need the new shopping cart to come online before we can put our operational plans into motion. (see below) Once we have a clear date set we will be posting information here in the forum on what you can expect...

    New PMDG shopping cart system:
    It is no secret that PMDG believes in loyalty. If we use a product that supports our needs, we will use it until it is dead. Nowhere could this statement be more true than when you look at our shopping cart system. This system, the third we have used since the company was founded in 1997, has been in operation with us since 2004. Within this system is every purchase made by a PMDG customer dating back to 04OCT04 and that represents a significant number of orders, download links, license keys and the like. The vendor for this system was bought out a few years ago and appeared to have lost interest in rapid maintenance and support of the system, so in January 2018 we began the search for a new system. We made the selection during the first week of August 2018 and began working on implementation and data migration in September of last year as well.

    After nearly a year we are finally ready to make the transition- and sometime over the next two weeks we are going to shut down the eCommerce system for a few days in order to bring the new system live for your use.

    We have put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that all of your order history and license data will be there in your new account when you arrive to check things out. Even though most of you are not using your old, 2004 purchases we feel it is important that a full history of your transactions with us be retained and we have put a tremendous amount of effort in that regard.

    The new cart should come online in the next two weeks and is a key strategic component to support the release of NG3 and Global Flight Operations. While Global Flight Operations has an almost invisible download footprint, NG3 will rival the 747 product line for installer size- and with this new system being cloud-based in it's entirety, we should see none of the server-side hiccups that we have experienced in the past couple of releases when demand outstrips our 14 year old cart's ability to deliver.

    We are very much looking forward to rolling this new system out- and we will make sure you know when it is live so that you can check it all out and tell us what you think!

    Okay- time for me to get back to working on some code-side items for NG3.

    Please have a nice weekend, everyone!

    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations


    (You can't simply write first due to minimum characters? :P)
    Kyle Rodgers
    PMDG Developer Emeritus


      Thankyou Robert for all the interesting information and looking forward to a new 🛒😁.
      Danny Z.Cebis


      • Ausflight
        Ausflight commented
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      Can’t wait for the NG3 preview !

      Loïc Hoareau
      Loïc Hoareau


        NG3 hypetrain arrived in the station! I am so excited! Thanks for sharing the news with us...

        Jan Vysoký
        Jan Vysoký


          Thank you for the update! Can‘t wait to see the first preview.
          Regards from Cologne,
          Tobias Kroll


            Very excited to see what global ops has in store, looking forward to it.
            Flight Sim Guides YouTube Channel


              The whole thing does rather BEG for a PMDG DC-3 simulation, doesn't it? If only we had good access...

              there‘s something poking me...
              i7-6700k, GTX 1080TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz, 4k
              Marc Ehnle


                Will the features from NG-3 at a latter date come to 747 fleet ,at least some of them?
                STEFAN ĐORĐEVIĆ


                  Thanks for the update!
                  Daniel Glover


                    Awesome! looking forward to
                    PMDG Global Flight Operations.
                    David J Guillen


                      Thank you for the update.
                      Experience should tell us that the wait is always worth it!!

                      But this??:
                      "The whole thing does rather BEG for a PMDG DC-3 simulation, doesn't it? If only we had good access... "

                      Maybe it is a hint, maybe not.

                      But it sure fills one with hope!

                      Enjoy your weekends!!


                      Roberto Stopnicki
                      Toronto, Canada


                        The whole thing does rather BEG for a PMDG DC-3 simulation, doesn't it? If only we had good access...
                        Um... it's not the only thing that's begging...
                        Alan Ampolsk

                        "Ah, Paula, they are firing at me!" -- Saint-Exupery


                          Hi Robert, welcome back home. Just a quick question regarding the new shopping cart system you mentioned. Will our login details (along with purchases, etc) be migrated to the new system, or will we need to create new login credentials such as username and password?


                          Matthew Bellette
                          Matthew Bellette


                          • Want2BFlyin
                            Want2BFlyin commented
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                            When I have had websites switch to a new shopping cart system in the past, I have always had to create a new login. I'm not saying that is what is going to happen in this instance, but I would be prepared to need to create a new login.

                          Originally posted by Armchair_Pilot View Post
                          Hi Robert, welcome back home. Just a quick question regarding the new shopping cart system you mentioned. Will our login details (along with purchases, etc) be migrated to the new system, or will we need to create new login credentials such as username and password?


                          Matthew Bellette
                          "We have put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that all of your order history and license data will be there in your new account when you arrive to check things out." - seems like new account creation will be required. After which migration is likely to take place based on a unique piece of information used to place the orders.. just me guessing

                          Mario Lobo
                          Mario Lobo


                            Thanks for the update Robert, bring on the DC-3, would be awesome in the sim. I would appreciate anything you could share with us about your trip, looking forward to it!
                            Zsolt Szivak


                              I'll be really impressed if my 757 for Fly! II is in the new shopping cart system.
                              Last edited by bob34; 14Jul2019, 06:38.
                              Bob Donovan


                                Thanks for the kind update. Have a nice weekend.


                                  This is what i call an Organized Team, thanks for the updates...


                                    A reminder to all, Please make sure all you posts are signed with your real names as per rules
                                    Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                                    PMDG Technical Support


                                      Thanks for the update, and welcome back, hope you enjoyed Europe.
                                      Alan Norris
                                      Live Video Stream :


                                        Originally posted by krodgers View Post
                                        (You can't simply write first due to minimum characters? :P)
                                        Brilliant lol
                                        Kyle Weber


                                          OK. We're closer to that hated-loved moment where we start to hyperventilate
                                          Thanks for the info!!
                                          Ivan Lewis


                                            How about the 777?

                                            Yori Smulders
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                                            Yori Smulders


                                              Originally posted by Yosm View Post
                                              Where is my signature?
                                              This forum is weird that when you make the post initially, it won't show up on your end. It'll show up fine when you refresh the page, but the rest of us can see it if you have it in there.
                                              Captain Kevin

                                              Kevin Yang


                                                Good things are coming during the next month....
                                                Raphael Chacón

                                                PMDG #431793 #371950 #333135 #332876 #292207 #280217 #247845 #206809 #178218 #171813


                                                  I don‘t care about what you will show us in your preview but I hope to see the little things of the newer NG like raindrop beacon, split winglets, new CFM56 engine option, LED strobe and landing light option. All the little things which we don’t have in NGX
                                                  Regards from Cologne,
                                                  Tobias Kroll


                                                    The above would be nice indeed, as well as several additonal VC options to choose from:
                                                    - new MAX style engine start levers for newer NG's.
                                                    - reshaped parking brake switch for newer NG's.
                                                    - blue colored digits on the Digital Cabin Pressure Control System (DCPCS) for newer NG's.
                                                    - no retractable landing lights for newer NG's.

                                                    And... the option to choose a clean or a dirty VC would be great.

                                                    Jeroen Eekhof
                                                    Jeroen Eekhof


                                                    • Kevin Hall
                                                      Kevin Hall commented
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                                                      How many real airline flightdecks do you see in a dirty state?

                                                    "NG3" and "Preview", this I like


                                                      Looking forward to the updates. I was a customer when you guys where just selling manuals. I still have a couple of them in my book shelf.
                                                      Keep up the great work.
                                                      Al Stallbaumer
                                                      WestWind Airlines
                                                      KDFW Hub Manager