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    Back in the days, I reluctantly bought the PMDG MD-11, while waiting for the 737, as it was the only high quality study-level airliner available for FSX. I actually ended up never buying the 737, but flying around in Europe on real short haul MD-11 Cargo routes, published on this forum, was great. The systems on the MD-11 were intriguing, the robotic voice slightly horrifying and it was a fun challenge to hand-fly the plane. I still think the MD-11 was the best aircraft add-on I've flown to date. Atmospheric, exotic and challenging.

    I've heard rumours about the DC6 selling really well, and personally my interest in the hobby has been relit by the new MS/Asobo flight simulator.

    Higher volume sales could perhaps make it possible for the developers to scale up a bit, and offer more products. I don't know if PMDG still have the connections and competence on the MD-11 to make a new virtual clone of the airplane, but I would think that the increased marked and interest in flight simulation could open up for more products.

    Any rumours or ideas?

    - Jon

    At least 2 MD-11s are now in the pipeline by other developers, one for P5D, one for XP11/12
    ZHU Hai
    B737 Ground instructor


      Originally posted by AngelofAttack View Post
      At least 2 MD-11s are now in the pipeline by other developers, one for P5D, one for XP11/12
      The P3D MD11 is a dual development with MSFS.

      Jon - a few people have asked the same question of PMDG and the answer has always seemed to be no, but RSR did say PMDG have 11 products in the pipeline for MSFS, however is still unlikely for the MD11 to be one
      Joe Colehouse EGCC


        Jup PMDG won‘t do it again for reasons that go beyond my understanding. IMO the MD11 failed for them because the infrastucture for complex long haul addons wasn‘t there and then they built addons that would naturally outsell the MD11. If they had brought the MD11 now instead of then with the experience and possibilities they have today it would have been different, 100%.

        Anyway, as it was said before, no PMDG eleven anymore but others are in the making. TFDi did the 717 and they did it really well so there is something for us to look forward. And man I agree: I‘d take a MD11 above yet another 737 anytime.
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        Marc Ehnle


          The reasoning has been explained many times. MD11 is not profitable period. We had the legacy 737 and 747 back then, so nothing to do with complex long haul.
          Chris Makris (Olympic260)
          PMDG Technical Support


            Originally posted by cmakris View Post
            The reasoning has been explained many times. MD11 is not profitable period. We had the legacy 737 and 747 back then, so nothing to do with complex long haul.
            I know, Chris, it wasn't meant to sound rude, it somehow does when I read it a second time. It's simply that when the MD11 was released there was nearly no infrastructure available for the community like addon airports, charts, no tracking programs, Vatsim was even very young, technical possibilities were not yet there, no EFB, no extensive performance calculation, all the things that quickly became available shortly after. It's not only that people aren't interested in the MD11 like they are in the 737 or 747, it's also to a large degree that such a different aircraft would have needed different support from the community and 3rd party addons (Navigraph for example). All that came later. I wouldn't be surprised if the TFDi version will outsell the PMDG one. Not because a "better" product but a more supporting environment today.
            Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6900XT, 32GB DDR4 RAM @3600MHz, 4k
            Marc Ehnle


              I suspect people want to reminisce on their days with this old bird. Flight Simulator has come a long way; in *some* ways the sweet spot was a level of complexity that kept one engaged but not overwhelmed (please no one jump me). And although I never flew PDMG MD-11 it sounds like the flight model was really ahead of its time.

              For me it is Level D Simulations 767, of which I racked up an almost embarrassing number of hours on FS9 (back in the day). Also, I could plant that thing on the runway like a champ every time.

              On today's tubeliners I tend to spend as much time preparing to fly as I do actually flying (I like short hauls whether it's a real-world route or not).

              Looking forward to what we'll see in 2022.
              Mark Trainer


                I've not tested the recent PMDG products, but the MD-11 felt like a real machine, not an animated object. I also think the system simulation was pretty deep.

                Originally posted by cmakris View Post
                The reasoning has been explained many times. MD11 is not profitable period.
                Maybe this is still true, but with even dedicated Boeing and Airbus flight controllers showing up as main-stream products after the MSFS relaunch, maybe the marked is different now. Even a DC6 is a pretty exotic plane? But the MD-11 most have been a huge undertaking...

                - Jon
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                  It’s my favourite aircraft- a cross between Boeing and Airbus, but unfortunately no discussion regarding this subject ever ends well.
                  Jude Bradley
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                    While I'd like to see it return as much as the next person, I'd rather PMDG work on other products than the tired 737, 777 and 747. It would be nice to have another addition to the 7 family done right (cough 757/67 cough). And the tri-holer is returning albeit under a different name, which I expect their work to be just as good as what we have come to expect here. It's a shame because obviously it's a lost market to hold on to but it's also holding them back from working on other new projects. After seeing how recently a once well respected developer has now broken up and their product line left out to die, it's nice to know that PMDG will be picking up the slack, slowly but surely.
                    Jacob Buchanan


                      A 757 would be fantastic. What other developer are you referring to that broke up? PMDG taking over some already started projects?

                      -Jon M.


                      • Swagger897
                        Swagger897 commented
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                        Not going to mention their name here but their 757 used to be a third party staple aircraft back in the Fs9 and FSX days. Their last release before the team disbanded was a 767 but since then everything released has been subpar.