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[24DEC21] T'was the Night Before Christmas...

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    Like a boss! I cant wait for this mate!
    André Nóbrega


      Wow, amazing update. Buzzing for what the Nee Year is going to bring. A great Christmas and prosperous 2022 to all at PMDG.
      Mark Record
      PMDG Products: DC-6 & 737-700 (soon)


        Dear Captain R. and Team - I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy 2022 when it arrives. Thanks for the update on the 737, and your poem was quite clever and made me laugh, even though the meter got messed up in a few spots
        Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,
        Jim Blake
        Captain, SWA Virtual Airlines
        Real World C172 Pilot, AOPA #06034701


        • rsrandazzo
          rsrandazzo commented
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          Jim- If you need a fellow aviator who is calm under pressure, come find me. If you are trying to win a poetry contest- I'm one of the last people on earth you should consider. :-) - RSR

        Thank you Robert and Merry Christmas PMDG Team!!

        Eugene Warrick
        Eugene Warrick


          Merry Christmas to you all. Oh and yes, it is Christmas here in Australia already.
          Terence Jordan
          Flyin​​​​​​g is my life


            I'm a bloke that you called out, I'm from Australia you see.
            Where airtraffic is thin this year, an aeroplane you rarely see.
            Though as I read through your poem, what flies directly overhead, nothing but a glorious Seven Three.
            What some may call coincidence, others may call fate.
            You wrote out to us in song, so here is my best attempt as I undertake my first post here.
            Last edited by CrypticLab; 24Dec2021, 21:12.
            Tristan Ridge


            • rsrandazzo
              rsrandazzo commented
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              There we go, Tristan! Merry Christmas, mate. Best to you. :-) - RSR

            Great update on our up coming new bird, thank you.
            wishing you all at pmdg a very Happy Christmas. Have a good one 👍
            Andrew Bolton


              Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

              All of us at PMDG hope all of you have a pleasant weekend ahead and a Happy Christmas. The last two years have been particularly difficult for all of us here on this marble we call Earth. I know that we all come from different places with different perspectives and sometimes our community can get a bit grumpy within itself. We hope that in spite of this, each of you can take a few moments to say hello to someone you might not normally acknowledge, greet someone new and welcome them to the community, and share a few laughs and smiles with those who's company you enjoy here in the PMDG forum.

              We are glad you are here, and we are really looking forward to an exciting 2022 with all of you!

              You forgot to mention the lump of coal for all of us who are staying with P3d not going over to MSFS and XBOX.
              Bode Bridges
              I Earned my Spurs in Vietnam


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
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                Bode- Heck no man- no lump of coal. We have a new LNAV coming for you shortly. :-) The coal is for the whingers... No matter what platform they call home. - RSR

              Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
              Jim- If you need a fellow aviator who is calm under pressure, come find me.

              I'm guessing you've never heard the sound of being tracked by anti-aircraft radar in your headset?

              Bode Bridges
              I Earned my Spurs in Vietnam


              • rsrandazzo
                rsrandazzo commented
                Editing a comment
                Bode- I haven't. I spent my youth singularly focused on trying to get a navy flight training slot, but my own shortcomings coupled with being "at the doorstep" right as the cold war drawdown started sent those aspirations whistling. Fortunately, all of the rest of my aspirations have come true- far more so than I might otherwise have dared to hope. - RSR

              Hope you guys have a good Christmas. Much like Thanksgiving, I will be out here working.
              Captain Kevin

              Kevin Yang


                Merry Christmas Robert!!!

                I still have no love for FS2020, but those are nice photos. Moving from Dubai back to the USA finally. Perhaps when I get my FS PC set up again, I'll take a look at 2020. It will take so long for my stuff to get there, the 737 should be released by then :-)

                Kendall Scott Mann
                Still Telling Pilots Where To Go!!!


                  Great update, nicely done, you are a great writer Robert, you should write a book someday. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 to you and your family and to everyone in this great PMDG community.
                  Cristian Caicedo A.


                    Merry Christmas fellow simmers. I'm going to try to squeeze one more flight in before the end of the year. Be safe everyone and let us hope 2022 is better than 2021. Well for me anyhow.
                    Mark Trainer


                      Merry Christmas to everyone at PMDG! Looking forward to the next years of beautiful products and even worse poetry for every new product (just joking 😉 )
                      Jacob Stolz


                        Merry Christmas All,
                        Robert Rixx


                          Excellent update. Looking forward to acquiring the 737 for my hangar really soon.
                          Harry Nelson
                          Dell XPS 12Gen i7-12700k (12core 25mb Cache 3.7 to 5.0Ghz), 16GB DDR5 4400Mhz RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB LHR, 2TB M.2 NVME SSD + 2TB SATA 7200RPM HDD, 750W PS


                            Thank you so much for this creative effort Robert. Your writing is truly amazing considering you are an engineer and programmer most of time. It must be the best Christmas treat by any developer out there. Anyway, your post suggests that the issues with the load/save functionality are sorted out and the release date does not depend on Asobo anymore? Maybe I interpreted it too optimistically ,

                            Mark Tegge
                            Mark Tegge


                              Great update, thank you and merry Christmas! When it launches can we expect a day one release on both your store and the MS marketplace of just like the DC-6 you will wait until it’s more stable to release it on the marketplace?
                              Sylvenzo Guenette


                                Originally posted by Sylvenzo View Post
                                Great update, thank you and merry Christmas! When it launches can we expect a day one release on both your store and the MS marketplace of just like the DC-6 you will wait until it’s more stable to release it on the marketplace?
                                Day one on Marketplace will not happen as we want to make sure that any initial bugs will be solved before pushing it to marketplace.
                                Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                                PMDG Technical Support


                                  "EGPWS is griping about flaps, gear and terrain,"

                                  Not a bug.... a feature, represents 5G C band radar altimeter interference...
                                  Rich Boll
                                  Wichita, KS


                                  • Ephedrin
                                    Ephedrin commented
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                                    500.. 400... 20, retard retard... approaching minimums...

                                  Wow cant wait for what you guys are coocking , good luck for the final push and merry christmas

                                  Dick Inside


                                    Thanks Captain R and PMDG team, the light hearted verse was a perfect counter to all of the doubters out there 😏. Very keen to add the PMDG 737 to my MS2020 hanger, I have the FSX version but FS. 2020 is such a step up in every respect and I struggle with the SIM (not the 737) every time I try to do a FSX flight. In the meantime I have migrated to the Heavy Division 787 and FBW A320 but will jump back to the PMDG 737 just as soon as you let me have it.

                                    Best regards

                                    Mike Jones


                                      Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post
                                      Bode- I haven't. I spent my youth singularly focused on trying to get a navy flight training slot, but my own shortcomings coupled with being "at the doorstep" right as the cold war drawdown started sent those aspirations whistling. Fortunately, all of the rest of my aspirations have come true- far more so than I might otherwise have dared to hope. - RSR

                                      That "beep" has a way of taking all the fun out of flying. 🤣
                                      Last edited by Bluestar; 26Dec2021, 02:19.
                                      Bode Bridges
                                      I Earned my Spurs in Vietnam


                                        Dear Rob!

                                        Your message is wonderful and fills us with hope
                                        It comes at a time with things hard to cope

                                        The Douglas has shown us what you can really do
                                        The Boeing will come, they just have to let you

                                        Til then we rejoice with the pictures you show
                                        They make very clear there is much still to know

                                        We’ll patiently wait til the others finish their work
                                        And you then send us a plane, like a babe on a stork

                                        I send you and your family a New Year ringing bell
                                        Including all PMDG folks in this message as well

                                        Please don’t get upset with this note and this letter
                                        I am not trying to compete or be any better

                                        I just think we are both very good at a lot
                                        But penning some poem? mmmm maybe not

                                        I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that the new year will bring peace and quiet of all kinds to all of us.

                                        Many regards,


                                        Roberto Stopnicki
                                        Toronto, Canada


                                          MAYBE RR, MAYBE if I get the

                                          “PMDG internal betting table DISCOUNT” on that NG3

                                          edit: But it certainly won’t come before the NG3 AND my favorite airplanes cough A320 cough are ready to go. #FBWFTW
                                          Last edited by FBWFTW; 26Dec2021, 19:44.
                                          Ross McDonagh
                                          PC: Jetline Systems Customized Gravity GT2
                                          i7 10700K @5.1ghz//RTX 3080ti 12GB/32GB DDR4 @3200mhz//2x 1TB M.2 NVMe/1x 360GB SATA SSD//850W Corsair Power supply


                                            Very original Robert! Hope you and your family had a merry Christmas. Have a very happy new year!
                                            Andreu Escuain

                                            i7-10900 @ 3.60 GHz - be quiet! Dark Rock 4 - HyperX Kingston 32GB RAM @ 3200 MHz DDR 4- 2TB m.2 SSD WD Blue - MSI GeForce GTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR


                                              Rose are red,
                                              Violets are blue,
                                              I suck at poems,
                                              So Happy New Year and hope you have a great release, whenever it comes true.

                                              Wojtek Pietrusiewicz


                                                I cant believe this still not a thing : " so once the community convinces Asobo to give developers access to the weather layerso once the community convinces Asobo to give developers access to the weather layer"

                                                like seriously what wrong with you ASAbo.

                                                what should we do to convince them ??


                                                • EasternT3
                                                  EasternT3 commented
                                                  Editing a comment
                                                  I'm going off the twitch dev updates and it was said it's all to do with trying to limit the extra data being streamed as more data streamed = higher costs of running the sim

                                                • Peter Clark
                                                  Peter Clark commented
                                                  Editing a comment
                                                  Yeah, streaming content from the servers and MetoBlue is different than giving an API to read local weather data to run a radar. There’s two different things going on.

                                                • EasternT3
                                                  EasternT3 commented
                                                  Editing a comment
                                                  Not the way Jorg explained it in the Q&A, he made it sound like wx radar's wouldn't read local data but rather from the source and therefore increase costs.

                                                rsrandazzo Merry Cristmas and happy new year! thanks for your, information

                                                Best Regards.

                                                Petter Storvik
                                                Petter Storvik


                                                  Originally posted by rsrandazzo View Post

                                                  so once the community convinces Asobo to give developers access to the weather layer
                                                  As far as I can tell, this flight sim community has not been able to convince Asobo to do much.

                                                  The gaming community has been 10 for 10 on their ability to convince Asobo on everything.

                                                  I think the threat of no more Working Title, Fly By Wire, Orbx, Aerosoft, and PMDG development can convince Asobo of ANYTHING.

                                                  The flight sim community has very little say, or Hi Fi Technologies would have been one of the first on board, to at least help with wx development and radar implementation. Not to mention the scores of other aviation basics that come closer to last place in the priority list.

                                                  In other words, don't look at the flight sim community, we have been trying to "convince", going on 3 years.😩

                                                  Until MPTO is added to the default scenery, I personally will not ask for even a speck of ash from the MSFS team.

                                                  Paul Racines
                                                  Win 11 64bit pro | 1200W PLATINUM POWER SUPPLY | ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO | i9-10850K | RTX 3090 | DEEPCOOL CASTLE 240EX |128GB DDR4 3600MHZ G.SKILL TRIDENT Z NEO | 2 TB NVME | 2TB M.2 | Seagate IRONWOLF PRO 8TB | Oculus Rift


                                                  • EasternT3
                                                    EasternT3 commented
                                                    Editing a comment

                                                    Thanks for your response, firstly I must say I do agree with certain aspects of your points but feel that you are potentially missing certain points. MSFS has aspects that need address but overall personally, it's the best sim I've used, which I have used every MS/LM sim since FS2002 bar LM v5.

                                                    To start with your MSFS forum post, of course Metoblue has a monopoly on the wether system, why? because (from my understanding) this is how it was set up contractually, what we don't know is if this is only for 3 years (for example) or the entire life span of MSFS, are monopolies good? Of course not, consumer choice is always best, and for weather in MSFS, we do have a choice, MSFS's system or weather force by REX, and having used both, I would say REX is more consistent than the MSFS system, but the point is there is a choice.

                                                    Of course HiFi are desperate to develop for MSFS, the money in MSFS is nothing like it's been for previous sims, yes companies that develop for flight sim love aviation, but a lot of companies (PMDG included) are also profit oriented, and I am guessing the income stream at HiFi is very dry, so that's why they are desperate to develop for MSFS. What I don't get is if REX has a weather system for MSFS, so what's stopping HiFi and it's not the closed system because this would have stopped REX.

                                                    Not that this is relevant but, so what 3rd parties have to fix and upgrade the default aircraft, they're default aircraft, Zibo fixed/improved the 737 for XPL, does that mean Austin are inadequate at creating a sim? I can't think of a single default aircraft that resembles a hint of decent fidelity, but then I don't expect that, look at it this way, for example PMDG spent, a decent amount of time on the NGXu and it cost $100, now how can you expect default aircraft to be a decent level, without the sim costing hundreds of dollars

                                                    "Screenshots and social issues are a priority over aviation realism still" Again I point you to the wishes list/forums, if people are asking for social issues more than aviation stuff then of course this will be prioritised, it's called listening to the the community. You said in your OP "I personally will not ask for even a speck of ash from the MSFS team" you don't understand you're the issue, of course if you don't ask for things, they won't happen.

                                                    "PMDG would not have to call on the community to convince the MSFS team" I think you like many others are taking Robert's words and twisting them for your own agenda, when Robert talks about the community, that means the developers as well, not just users like you and I, I follow many forums and Mathijis over at Aerosoft posted a couple of months back hinting that wx radars will be available by the time their Airbuses release (currently looking like end Q1-Q2)

                                                    "The MSFS team does not want to open up the wx" You mention the Asobo Q&A's like you watch them yet you state points that are factually untrue, I will find it and post it when I have more time but Jorg has mentioned at least 3 times that they are actively looking at opening the wx system, but there is 2 sides to the wx, opening the actually system up (to HiFi etc) and the API for PMDG etc.

                                                    The biggest red flag for me is "I can't wait until 3 parties only have to ask once and its done in a matter of hours or days, not weeks and years". I think you are missing a big thing here, and I urge you to go watch Rob on TheFlyingFabio's stream, he explains this better than I can type it, as you mention PMDG does have a good relationship with Asobo compared to a non-existent relationship with LM, as mentioned many a time, PMDG was going to base a team in France with Asobo before C19 hit. However just because the relationship is good, paraphrasing RSR, asobo don't sit on their behinds all day waiting for PMDG to ask them for help. Robert has stated that asobo has responded and fixed queries within hours and days where feasible, but larger issues take longer, the wx seems to be like this for reasons already explained, that you seem to not understand or fail to acknowledge and put it as an excuse. So therefore these larger issues have to fitted into Asobo's own agenda, which takes time. In short as Robert said, PMDG is a small fish is the eco-system of FS, so the thought of PMDG should be put front and centre is quite narcissistic. RSR went further to say if PMDG folded tomorrow then they would but forget within 3 weeks, although I think that's untrue, I do think it's a great metaphor for no company is front and centre and they'll always be a developer to take your place.

                                                    "So I reiterate, the flight sim community will not be, because it has not been, heard like is being called for in the OP" Again, sweeping statements like this aren't needed. I have given you examples of the community being heard, you chose to ignore that, you are adamant that wx radars are not being worked on yet there's video and photographic proof of the opposite, can you just not fathom that it might not be a 5 minute job?

                                                    "cry a sad story about money and time budgets (we are talking MS, not "Bob's country computer corner shop"!) They can get a loan and do what is takes! Stop the excuses" Obviously you are not well educated on the business front, if you think the answer is getting a loan and doing what it takes, a) either your delusional and think money grows on trees, b) trolling or c) need a good long lesson is business and economics to realise why even companies like Microsoft do not write blanks checks especially for a niche project like MS2020.

                                                    "but its likely NG3 purchasers will have to pay extra" as I mentioned a few times I suggest you actually do some research because if you had you would know that RSR has spoken a number of times regarding "more accessible pricing" and "the steep reduction of pricing compared to P3D" so saying the price will increase because of the wx radar antics for example is completely wrong.

                                                  • pracines
                                                    pracines commented
                                                    Editing a comment

                                                    When you begin so show you have the ability to logically defend flight simulation and flight simmers rather than defend some new founded idea that a billion dollar company can release a product full of ommissions, bugs, and then sell a 10 year journey, when not even one human being alive today can guarantee that they will be alive the next day, then you will be able to understand me.

                                                    Until then we cannot agree on anything. In my view, you need to learn alot about what is good and right.

                                                  • EasternT3
                                                    EasternT3 commented
                                                    Editing a comment
                                                    Thanks for your comical response, I am getting fed up talking to you who obviously has no idea what you're talking about and lives with his head in the sand (that everything is so straight forward) and doesn't know how to formulate a response. I make one comment about how companies don't write black checks, and you think I don't defend the hobby or users, well done you for misinterpreting my comments. If you knew anything about development you'll know any games releasing with bugs and omissions is normal whether it's MSFS, P3D, XPL, Call of Duty, Forza, FIFA etc. (That doesn't mean it's right though)

                                                    Oh and news flash, no game/sim/dev has the guarantee it'll be here tomorrow, LM could cancel P3D tomorrow, PMDG could shut down without releasing the NG3, GFO, LNAV etc (as promised)

                                                    Let me give you advice, when your debating something, actually use correct information, backing it up with proof is normally better, and not information that is nearly 18 months out of date, and actually respond to points made and don't ignore them like you have, almost like you know I'm right and can't counter my points
                                                    Last edited by EasternT3; 02Jan2022, 14:26.