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[12NOV21] A Couple of Raw, Unedited Preview Images for 737 Lovers - To Start Your Weekend.

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    Robert, thank you for the preview. I have been doing a lot of flying of your stuff in P3D in the meantime and it's always lovely. I can't wait to see what this new incarnation brings to us in terms of how it translates to MSFS. But P3D still has that ability to wow me sometimes, especially considering I don't fly P3D all that often. So it's THAT much sweeter when I come back to it. It still stands the test of time and your bird still looks gorgeous in it.

    Jeremy Smirnov, M.D.


      Robert, any news on the performance boost(rendering pipeline) pending by asobo??
      Doshi Kevin
      Computer Science graduate


      • rsrandazzo
        rsrandazzo commented
        Editing a comment
        Doshi- We bring this up with Asobo occasionally and get vague and obfusecatory answers. Prior to the release of Update 5, we were told that it was 90% complete but they had found a problem that needed resolving, and it would miss the Update 5 and be pushed in a subsequent update. It did not make update 6 obviously and we aren't allowed to discuss update 7 (which is in testing) but I can tell you that we continue to inquire in hopes it will make Update 8? It is frustrating- but this is a common theme. - RSR

      I cant wait the next sim update to delay this gorgeous plane couple of months



      • rsrandazzo
        rsrandazzo commented
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        Saygin- We have already built/run it in the pending update. No worries- nothing broke. :-) - RSR

      Absolutely wonderful - it's looking incredible from those raw images so thankyou for sharing!

      Really looking forward to this now!

      British Avgeek / Luke Carter


        Not saying "we will release it on time in this quarter, nothing's changed" means "there will be a delay, we are looking into 1Q22 as a release window" to me
        Igor Alekseyev


        • Ephedrin
          Ephedrin commented
          Editing a comment
          Believe me… it doesn‘t mean that. It means simple nothing, anything can happen.

        👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Can’t wait Captain


          737, 747 and 777 for MSFS. Can't wait
          But for the time being: how far are you with the LNAV/VNAV update? much urgent

          And what about DC-6 for P3D V5?
          Last edited by VoyagerP3D; 13Nov2021, 18:04.
          Christian Mbeumo i9-10900K MSI Geforce RTX3090 Suprim X, 32GB DDR4 @3000MHz 4k/UHD


            I like it. I take out my wallet
            Igor Krutskikh / Fly Arbuz


              It’s looking so good. The only problem with the updates is it makes you want it even more! Terrible marketing….. 😫 runs and checks pmdg savings account……
              Elliot Westacott - EGKK
              B737-3/9 & MAX Pilot
              i7 8086k RTX3080 32GB RAM



                The difference between the two builds on either side of the screen there is astounding. Thanks for the update Rob, appreciated as always.
                Pete Simpson


                  Looking amazing! Can't wait for more.
                  Riku Tuhkanen


                    What I can’t wait for is all these jokers coming in hot with a -900ER at MLW after months of crossing the sill at 100kts in their DC-6s (myself included 🤣)
                    Matt Smith


                      The more we get lacking and mediocre addons released by other developers for MSFS, there more I can see how great the DC-6 actually is.
                      It just stands the test of time and has even been growing on me after taking a break from it for a while to engage with other virtual aeroplanes.

                      I will keep a close eye on this 737 you are making, although I'm not much of a Jet airliner afficionado.
                      Will it also have this wonderful cockpit companion, who talks so nicely to me during a flight (AFE?).
                      Andreas Kleinwächter


                      • rsrandazzo
                        rsrandazzo commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Andreas- We'll see if we can talk him into renewing his contract. He can be a prickly sort. :-p - RSR

                      • darshonaut
                        darshonaut commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Fingers crossed

                      Really cool to see this side by side as I own the NG3 for P3D I also cannot wait for this beauty in MFS. Thanks for the raw Image Previews, really appreciated
                      Alexander Wurz


                        Cool! Can you reveal if you plan to release the 737 MAX later or is it too early for such promises?
                        Mateusz Dybek
                        Boeing 787 Dreamliner fan



                          Which daughter is prettier is dangerous territory... BTW, which daughter is smarter?

                          All are traps.

                          Thank you for sharing.
                          Jeff Bea

                          I am an avid globetrotter with my trusty Lufthansa B777F, Polar Air Cargo B744F, and Atlas Air B748F.


                          • rsrandazzo
                            rsrandazzo commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Jeff- We only have one daughter- and I frequently tell her "you are my favorite child." She caught on to my sarcasm at a young age and plays it back to me now... "I'm also your least favorite child." - RSR

                          Looks really gorgeous so far, thanks for sharing those.
                          Dan Morand
                          i7-7700k OC 4.8, 16GB RAM, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2


                            My god the visual difference between the two sims!
                            Mattias Nordin


                              rsrandazzo With all respect Robert but comparisons should be fair. After i saw your screenshots i was really surprised because "Prepar3D Side" looks mmm... really strange. Few minutes ago i downloaded your 737 and install it in my Prepar3Dv5. I have no visual tweaks or something, only few lines in HDR.hlsl file (to fix too dark cockpits in HDR mode). I setup cameras and local time exactly as on your screenshots and take a look how's my screenshots looks. Feel the difference.
                              Because too many blue channel on your i know what's the problem, it's old HDR fix which really affects to cockpit in your 737 (too many blue color and "flatish" panels).




                              I really understand your position and really want to believe in MSFS as "future era" for most simmers but please, be fair for your existing customers and for people who will become to your customers in near future.
                              Last edited by AlexZander_D; 13Nov2021, 17:29.
                              Alexander "Angry Яussian Simmer" Dementyev


                              • Abriael
                                Abriael commented
                                Editing a comment
                                If you think that makes it look any better in the comparison, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. Nothing in the screenshots you present compares any more positively than the ones Robert posted.

                                It still looks like an extremely obsolete sim with less blue. The thinly veiled accusation of dishonesty is entirely out of line, IMHO.

                              • rsrandazzo
                                rsrandazzo commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Alexander- I live and work in a developer environment. That means I have no addons installed on the development machine. I have no tweaks. No shaders. No tools to make things look any different than they look out of the box. That goes for both sims- so my screen is what I see while working with two different sims running side-by-side "as installed without any adjustment." I think that is an honest comparison. Can I tweak one of the sims to make it look nicer? Yes- I can and I do on my simming machine... But showing what it can look like after a significant investment of time/addons/tweaks and comparing that to another platform "out of the box" feels intellectually dishonest and also misses the point of my post entirely. (Also- it is kinda funny that you are sort of accusing me of "making one of my children look ugly intentionally." I mean- it actually made me laugh. LOL!!) - RSR

                              • AlexZander_D
                                AlexZander_D commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Robert, i don't want to say that you did it knowingly but as you i'm working in flight simulators industrie and try to keep all platforms so clean as it possible and my doubts only based on experience, i saw such blue toning before and it was only after shaders modification. Anyway, many people waiting for 737 and just another old-school simmer who's love to be grumpy about "old good times".
                                P. S. I'm not waiting for 737 but really want to see 777))))
                                P. P. S. And maybe you understand me wrong, but it's P3Dv5 "from the box" and only one modification here (to fix too dark shadows) but even if i restore default shaders i can't reproduce your screenshots.
                                Last edited by AlexZander_D; 13Nov2021, 23:12.

                              I used to fly with FS2004 back in the days and I built a homecockpit around your first version of the B737NG.
                              That homecockpit is now gone but now I fly MSFS in VR and I've been waiting for this expansion since MSFS release!
                              I really look forward to fly this jewel!
                              Thanks a lot for the update and for your hard work!


                              • rsrandazzo
                                rsrandazzo commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Nameless- And you should see it in VR... oh my.... When we get the 747 done, I may have no need for the 747 sim pit... - RSR (Please sign your posts for me in our forum, thanks!)

                              I haven't posted on PMDG fora in years, but... seriously... my wallet is itching :-)
                              Last edited by markom; 13Nov2021, 19:30.
                              Marko Milivojević / Марко Миливојевић


                                No way.
                                Sloped runways and a digital backup attitude indicator Upgrade!

                                David M. Edwards: Founder, C.E.O., and Editor-In-Chief---> Aerospace Weekly (A.W.)


                                  Since I'm staying with P3d and not going to the dark side with MSFS, I am now starting to understand how the "red headed stepchild" feels.
                                  Bode Bridges
                                  I Earned my Spurs in Vietnam


                                  • rsrandazzo
                                    rsrandazzo commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Bode- I've always been the "Black Sheep Middle Child." Although I have neither black hair nor red. :-) - RSR

                                  RSR- will there be WX and TERR? Quite suprised a " quality " airliner like the CRJ doesnt feature this. Perhaps its a limitation of the sim? Just curious.

                                  Peter Osborn


                                  • EasternT3
                                    EasternT3 commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    It's currently a limit of the sim for aircraft programmed in C++ (like the CRJ) and requires Asobo to open the API for devs to use. That being said the chatter from Asobo and devs sound promising for the feature to be here sooner rather than later

                                  • rsrandazzo
                                    rsrandazzo commented
                                    Editing a comment
                                    Peter- I think it is a bit unfair to criticize Aerosoft and the CRJ in this instance- as Asobo is the one that needs to deliver here. The weather radar layer has been promised for some time but it needs to work through the priority process in their development agenda. Honestly I think it might be another 12-18 months before we see it and then all of us will be connecting into it and life will continue along happily as before. During internal discussions we often express frustration at their agenda- but then I like to stop and remind us all: "We have a developer with an agenda and they talk to us about their agenda and listen to our wants and needs and try to find ways to make them work." I've been trying to get LM to look at a bug in P3D for six years and haven't gotten so much as a "okay we see it we will take a look." We have a great thing going now, in my view. - RSR

                                  Eagerly awaiting the release!
                                  I took a long break from the 737 (last was FS2004), but with FS2020 I’m back, and so is my favorite plane…

                                  Great work!!!

                                  Hans Krohn


                                    Hi Robert, as the wisdom saying goes, am starting to enjoy the journey instead of the destination with the PMDG products. Every night before I gone to sleep I give a short visit to the forums if new information is posted. 😊 and when I see you updates is just amazing, work of art. Stay healthy and keep up the good work 👍
                                    Felipe Turbay


                                      Hello All!

                                      Had many PMDG products over the years with FSX, P3d, and now MSFS and I am really excited for the 737. I believe this product will bring a lot of folks over from FSX/P3D to the MSFS platform.

                                      Alan Mixon


                                        Looking good there. While I've got MSFS installed, I still haven't (yet) started to do my flying on it - too busy enjoying some of the aircraft that either:

                                        - haven't yet made it over or
                                        - don't have the fidelity of their equivalent in P3D

                                        With the 737's release, I'll certainly be starting to get more flights in on that platform.

                                        All these jets are great but there's a lovely gap for a certain 2 prop regional... 😉
                                        Trevor Hannant


                                          Will we be able to accurately fly RF legs with the MSFS version of the NG?
                                          Jordan Collins


                                            I wonder if Michelangelo ever compared himself to the greats who came before him....probably not.

                                            The 737 looks, ok.
                                            Callum Richardson