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MSFS & Performance Degradation

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    MSFS & Performance Degradation

    While not entirely related to PMDG aircraft, it will eventually affect them in some way or another if this issue isn't fixed by Asobo.

    Incase you don't know, after flying for any length of time in MSFS 2020, 2 hours or more the sim starts to degrade in performance. So significantly that the FPS can get down to a slide show. I have a very high end machine, yet like so many other users of the sim - still suffer from the performance degradation issue.

    I think developers need to push Asobo to find a fix for this issue, as its just going to create a big headache for them further down the line with more and more people spending more time in the simlator.

    There are a countless number of threads throughout forums further describing in detail regarding the performance degradation. No doubt some of you reading this have come across this issue and are equally as annoyed by it as I am. I just hope that Asobo fix this issue before PMDG release the NG3, as I do plan on spending hours upon hours flying the NG in the simulator and wish not to come across the issue when doing so.

    Ciarán Andrews

    I saw this been mentioned a lot but I haven‘t niticed it myself like so many other things. I made several flights longer than 6-7 hours with the DC6 and ended a 4 hours flight with the modded Da62 an hour ago without any issues. I wonder what this could be. It‘s the same with the CTD problems, the sim has never crashed here except once due to the message-problem in the GNS530 which has been fixed by the modder. It‘s really weird how this sim behaves on different systems.

    Apparently there are two simupdates voming dedicated to bug fixes only so fingers crossed that things become better soon.
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    Marc Ehnle


      Ciaran. I have seen this issue but not to the extent you describe, I have only experienced every 1 in 50 flights (ish) it in cruise (which personally I'm not fussed about) but I'm back to high FPS by decent/landing.

      That being said, a user linked the most recent Asobo Q&A in the 01OCT Update (I've linked below) where they say they listen to the forums etc and the main point to take is SU8 will be a 'bug squashing' update where they hope to eliminate 50% of bugs in the sim, hopefully this will be one.

      The Q&A

      On a unrelated side note Jorg and Seb spoke promising about the weather system and opening it for aircraft weather radars (and also terrain radars)
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      Joe Colehouse EGCC


      • Swaluver88
        Swaluver88 commented
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        So 6 months later...

      • shamrock
        shamrock commented
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        It seems that Asobo are stuck with MS pushing for more visuals to be developed for the sim instead of prioritising ironing out all known bugs first. Atleast this is my opinion.

      • Swaluver88
        Swaluver88 commented
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        thats because that was the biggest selling point of this sim and what the majority of the general buyers want. like RSR said in a comment where the money is earned gets the priority.

        however reading through some of the threads on the MSFS forums people aren't happy with the core of the sim itself, so im sure asobo will focus on the core but they also have to prioritize based on what MS wants.


      did U already tried to delete your rolling cache memory in the sim? If U do this from time to time, it could solve these problems.....

      grtz JJ
      JJ Baas


      • shamrock
        shamrock commented
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        I will try this. Thanks for the tip.

      Certainly doesn't happen to me. And I do flights of over 6 hours.
      Giuseppe Nelva


        Random thought but do you have the GNS750 installed by chance? There was a pretty major bug with that a little while back that caused this (note on dev mode you can see your RAM usage constantly rising). It still runs in the background regardless of which aircraft you're using so may be a factor. It's been patched now so worth updating if so.

        That bug was a while ago though so bit of a shot in the dark. Thought I'd mention as when I'm running the sim for a while I've not really noticed any performance degradation.
        Rob Crawshaw
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        Flight Sim Content Creator |


          I decided to delete my community folder and create a new one, luckily it isn't P3D so I didn't have that many payware to reinstall. Turned off rolling chache, turned off multiplayer and real time AI traffic. Stutters are pretty much gone I have yet to find the time to see if the performance degrades after more than a 2+ hour flight.

          MSFS was taking over 15 minutes to load before I deleted the community folder with a very fast M.2 drive. Now it takes less than 2 minutes. I guess I have to be more careful about how many mods I download for the sim as doing so can seriously affect the performance of this sim like every other program.

          I am not saying that the performance degradation has gone, only time will tell
          Ciarán Andrews


            I fly for long periods of time and haven't noticed this happening to be honest I have only experienced on CTD, which is remarkable in my opinion. I have noticed that having a lot in your Community Folder does slow down the load time considerably, what I have done is use this it is excellent and I file addons to separate folders like all liveries are by country, so before I start MSFS if I am flying in Spain I turn on Spanish Scenery etc. I do this for addon planes as well.
            Charlie Goulding

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