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A few shots of the DC-6 taken through the beta period

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    Originally posted by SVitalini View Post

    Upgrading a 2080Ti only for MSFS is likely not worth it at the moment. We are still heavily CPU bound. Id say wait till you see the new optimisations and DX12 before you upgrade from a 2080Ti upwards.
    yes, even the opposite:

    many people with a 30## complain about very (!) low FPS down to the single digits even in moderate resolutions while I with my 1080TI have smooth and almost stable 30FPS locked. I probably can't fly a NG3 with this PC in High/Ultra settings but the DC6 should be no problem.
    i7-6700k, GTX 1080TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz, 4k
    Marc Ehnle


      I was prepping for another test run out of LVFR's new Fort Lauderdale, sitting on the Zulu ramp that is habitually crowded with JBU A320s; and whilst doing the walk around, realized that there were no recent photos of NCG. This is the old girl Henning spent some time with in Namibia and is quite literally the start of the PMDG DC-6 journey.

      I could not allow this travesty to continue and so I pulled out my Yashica (anyone remember those?) and snapped a few pics for you. I hope you like them!

      See, I told you JBU hung out on Zulu!

      Last edited by cavaricooper; 02Jun2021, 02:51.
      Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


        Originally posted by cavaricooper View Post

        Love this shot, Carl. Possibly one of my favourites, just because of the unusual perspective!
        Mark Adeane



          Lined up on 10R for the first time in the sim world I could see what I already knew about the idiosyncrasies of 10R at KFLL. LVFR has done a really nice job and the runway contours and unique characteristics were immediately apparent.

          Bye Bye Mr. Les Paul...

          What you see, I think is wonderful. What is missing is the sensory assault that I can only attempt to transmit to you.

          First and foremost, there are 4 Pratt & Whitney R2800s. They cannot be missed, ignored or dismissed, as their presence overwhelms your world. They send out an all encompassing wall of sound that reaches into the inner depths of your Cochlea and embeds itself within, only to send you some suggestive reminiscents at three in the morning as you roll over. They become your ever present companion, and listening to their operation becomes second nature. I am reminded of "the Ghost" in Das Boot, who lives in the engine room amidst the roar, and is completely undisturbed by the ear splitting, Migraine inducing noise, until a single cylinder has a single stroke not quite perfect.

          Those engines transmit their power through 4 enormous propellers, who claw forward, pulling all this Dural airborne. The motive forces involved therein are enormous, and when watching the cowls dance in taxi, matching their motion to the isolated Main Instrument Panel, they are unusually modest about what is to come.

          Then there is actual motion noise. As you release brakes at 50" MAP and she slowly starts moving there are compressed oleos bouncing over centerline lighting, rattles and squeaks from a Septuagenarian, bumps from the asphalt and vibratory thrumming from the sheet metal that surrounds you and threatens to impale your very flesh with very strategically placed and non ergonomic levers. This does not suddenly cease. Rather, each wheel tends to go flying individually. Like 3 recalcitrant children, each bent on going their own way, each departs Earth at it's self appointed time and space. If leaving terra firma in a crosswind, as is so often the case, the upwind wing flies first. That MLG gets light first, and you find yourself needing considerable aileron into the wind to keep things almost level. Of course, the NWG had departed the pavement moments earlier, and the accompanying change in noise level, with you being seated mere feet above is also distinct. Then there's the last bogey to boogie.

          Take off in this beauty is always a mild surprise. You are truly commanding amongst the last of the transports still captained by Masters of Flying Boats, and there's definitely a nautical element involved. The deck angle certainly isn't clearly definitive... one minute you're a bit of rolling stock, and then you aren't. All the while you’re truly flying the wing not just pointing an arrow in the direction you want to go. As the anchors of Asphalt drop away, the fuselage rotates into the wind, and there will be times you will be keeping straight by looking at the runway through the corner windows. The controls are heavy and solid, and again the feel is nautical. This is Santa Monica strong, sailing into the sunset.

          Gear and flap comes up rather quickly and by 400’ you’re clean and accelerating. With only the Atlantic ahead going to METO was a sound choice (get it?) and the sound note changed dramatically. From TO power to 46/2600 you’re going from Crescendo to Fortissimo. Things are still loud, vibratory and alive, but now not raw and sinewy. Then it’s time to head to Bimini, and power comes back to Climb at 40/2400. Again the note changes, now it’s only Forte and you settle into the long, slow climb to 13k. Gear to neutral, hydraulic bypass to off, lights off and retracted, cowls to 6 degrees and while you monitor the constantly decreasing MAP you finally have time to sip your coffee and look at the view.

          There’s much more for you to discover about the PMDG DC-6, but for now I will leave you with

          Last edited by cavaricooper; 02Jun2021, 12:39.
          Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


            Just one photo tonight, and let me tell about what you cannot see...

            We are at ImagineSim Atlanta (beautifully done and a frequent departure/arrival of mine simply because of the stellar ATC at KZTL). On the left is the South Cargo apron where I like to spill oil on the nice clean concrete.

            I'm squatting low, ducking, and way, way too close for comfort. The noise is deafening, and it's not one shapeless noise, but rather a complex interwoven fabric of slightly wobbly spinning metal hubs, airfoils slicing through the air at a languid 750RPM, of cowls flexing and rocking from idling vibration, the occasional clank of a crank rod audible in the complex sound cocktail, the rumble of cylinder intakes and the throaty roar of short exhaust stacks spilling hot air from collector rings out into the Atlanta night. I will add that none of this really impressed the Trolly Dolly, who looked in, wrinkled her perfect nose and asked if I could please turn down that racket.... the nerve!

            What you do see are the stars above, the soft light splays of various points of diffused and dispersed light beams and spots from all around the apron. You see the seemingly bright landing light in close proximity, the harsh reflections of the under wing inspection panels, close to the extended landing light, the softer diffusion of the landing light on asphalt and the inside ring of the cowl. You see the reflections of green center taxi lighting on the aluminum fuselage.

            Now, just wait until it's dark and stormy, and the landing light only pokes anemically out into the night when the generators are producing at above 1000RPM and you have to find your way out of the apron of an unfamiliar airport. Suddenly, you will curse the self same, but now horribly dim landing light, and mutter about how Maintrol could have at least upgraded THAT bit of the old girl with LEDs. Add to that the fact that extended ground operations can burn out the incandescent bulbs without a cooling airstream, and fervent prayers for brightly lit ramps are in you near future.

            She certainly hath charms to soothe the savage beast.

            Last edited by cavaricooper; 03Jun2021, 02:33.
            Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


              Damn it Carl !!! Stop it with all that nostalgic talk. My goosebumps might fail in the extended position. I grant you clemency on the sole fact that she’s being prepped for the grand showcase as we speak. (Whispers: Please keep them coming )

              First Officer Boeing 777 - Xander Koote


                Originally posted by HighFlier View Post
                Man those are some really breathtaking shots. Too bad I can’t recreate them with my current PC specs. I can only afford medium settings at the moment unless I want to plummet way below 30 FPS.

                Since you have your specs listed, is that 2080TI performing to your liking or are you eyeing an upgrade?
                Hi, as I said else, I have a GTX970 4Gb and an old i7 (5800 I Think) with 32 Gb internal RAM.
                FS2020 works perfect at medium settings. And with clouds and waterwaves low it runs even better.
                So, if the DC6 doesn't take to much fps it will be possible for a medium system as well. (assuming you're not talking about a Pentium 3 system 😋)
                Eric van Dorp


                  Thank you for this DC-6 pictures! Seeing this tutorials and complexities of mechanical instruments, mainly in the 6 pack "baro" instruments. Does PMDG simulate Friction Error? if so, that would be interesting like in the 737 mechanical standby Altimeter/Speed Indicator compensator, any ways; can't wait to see and experience it myself in MSFS. -) RO
                  Rolando Olmo



                    SOLD on day one.
                    David Murden.
                    [email protected] All Cores HT ON, 32GB 3200MHz DDR4, RTX 3080.


                      Does she sound as good as she looks? I found the audio levels in the tutorials quite low plus I was watching on mobile. Hoping the performance is good on this plane too. I know it's all steam gauge or mostly but it looks quite complex and detailed, plus it's fairly large so I would imagine a fair number of control surfaces. Looks absolutely fantastic.

                      One of the first things I thought to myself flying in MFS was "Wouldn't it be cool to have a big old prop liner dancing through the clouds with big loud engines roaring away." Had no idea what a DC6 really was until PMDG announced it. Although I've seen the plane before I'm not sure if I was thinking about this one or another superliner of the day when it popped into my head. Needless to say hearing about PMDG planes and how good they are from day 1 I was naturally curious. After watching the DC6 tutorials and flying some VOR and ILS in the mb339 I think I'm ready for this bird. I'm guessing Fathers Day but perhaps earlier if everything is ready 🛫 Will dedicate my first flight to a friend who tested MFS and got me back into flying before passing away to Covid 19 last November.

                      PS Love the CRJ sitting in the background of the tutorials. Performance on the latest version of the CRJ is superb and I'm a big fan of that plane not having known much about it prior to release either. I spent more time learning the CRJ then any other plane so far though and I'm looking forward to doing the same in the DC6.
                      Last edited by KWAiRT; 04Jun2021, 23:48.
                      Kurt Meyer - Tech \ Tester \ Modder \ Voice Actor - BC Canada
                      i7 8086K \ Asus Maximus X\ Corsair H115i - iQUE CMDR \ 32GB Corsair RGB 3600 CAS16 \ 1TBx2 970 M.2 \ EVGA 1080ti FTW 11GB - Nvidia 466.27 \ ASUS GSYNC 240Hz @1080p \ XBOX OEM Wired Controller - Mouse and Keyboard \ MS Store Microsoft Flight Sim - 1000 + Hours FT \ Navblue + Navigraph + OnAir \ Windows 10 Pro 2004 Build 19041.867


                      • DDowns
                        DDowns commented
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                        The sounds have really taken shape and are fantastic. I have Klipsch computer speakers with subwoofer and I'm lovin' it.

                      The sounds have really taken shape and are fantastic. I have Klipsch computer speakers with subwoofer and I'm lovin' it.
                      Dan - which speakers do you have? I need to replace my current speakers (which are about 16(!) years old ) and I know that Klipsch makes arguably the best hifi/stereo speakers ever made.
                      Patrick Bell, Sr. USA
                      Home-built DFI LanPartyJr X58 MB, Intel i7-920 (OC'd to 3.8GHz), Triple-Channel Corsair 12 GB DDR3 3200 RAM, Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD, nVidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition, MS WIN 7 64-bit Ultimate.
                      P3D v4.5. PMDG products: ALL


                        Scootin' out of SBA at 50/2800 this morning, in sea fog...

                        ...and turning to head to Gaviota

                        ...and inbound (Warren) BEATTY...

                        ... this one needs no explanation...

                        Last edited by cavaricooper; 05Jun2021, 12:52.
                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                        • alaaar
                          alaaar commented
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                          A killer shots again......Better than life

                        Originally posted by PopsBellNC View Post

                        Dan - which speakers do you have? I need to replace my current speakers (which are about 16(!) years old ) and I know that Klipsch makes arguably the best hifi/stereo speakers ever made.
                        Klipsch ProMedia THX Certified Computer Speakers, they make this product specifically for computers. A 2.1 speaker with 260W subwoofer. $106.00 at Amazon.

                        Yes, I learned about Dr Klipsch from technical papers by him that I studied in my engineering acoustics class, and when I got stationed in Germany I went to the BX and got a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls ($1000/pair in 1978) that I still have and cherish. The company went though a bad decade of mismanagement but they have long since recovered and make really good speakers systems.
                        Dan Downs KCRP
                        i7-10700K 32GB 3600MHz 2080Ti


                        • PopsBellNC
                          PopsBellNC commented
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                          Awesome - thanks for the info, Dan!

                        Hope for N70BF

                        best regards
                        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                        This gallery has 1 photos.
                        Christian Urban


                        • Mickel
                          Mickel commented
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                          Assuming it’s a relatively easy switch, I’ll convert my P3D version, once we’re let at it.


                        There will be lots of superb PMDG liveries to choose from.

                        More importantly, this will be PMDG's first foray into MSFS, and the cadre of superlative artists in the FS community will no doubt jump on. I have personally heard from several (who are preeminent in that field) and I don't believe there will be any livery shortage .

                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                          I sure hope at least a few of the late South American Cargo DC-6 Ops will be represented as well.
                          First Officer Boeing 777 - Xander Koote


                            Originally posted by Burning_Bridges
                            Is there a list of included liveries and registrations?

                            I wanted to do some research on my own for DC-6 liveries and often we can't see the registrations on the screenshots.
                            Liveries are still work in Progress. The plan is to have at least the same as the ones offered with FSX/P3D version
                            Chris Makris (Olympic260)
                            PMDG Technical Support


                              all those beautiful shots and their stories masterly (if that is a word) related by Carl are simply amazing... great job...
                              Cristian Caicedo A.


                                Interesting video for DC6 Fans.

                                Last edited by bobsk8; 10Jun2021, 14:36.
                                Bob Cardone


                                  It all looks incredible. I will be a buyer on day one. Just wondering, has there been talk of a version without the "fancy" spinners and instead just the rounds propeller hubs?
                                  Ben Bruchie



                                    Light, glorious light, in full bright, and soft shadow. In incandescent, indecent retina burning brightness, and gentle, enveloping, comforting shadow. Light as you've never seen it in Sim. Light, glorious light.

                                    Wispy tendrils, more felt than seen. Moisture moving on oil canning metal. Nacelles more alive than cold aluminum has any business being. Motion blur, and still suspension simultaneously.

                                    Not bad for an old girl

                                    Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                      cavaricooper can you tell us if the plane has the exhaust fire as seen in the p3d version?
                                      [email protected]_N [email protected]_M_0_S


                                      • Markadeane
                                        Markadeane commented
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                                        Yes it does.

                                      KZME and KZTL were their usual superb selves this evening and so these next few are a thank-you to them. They have put up with me all through this journey, and their superb professionalism has made my job much easier. I remain obliged.

                                      Over the top of ATL

                                      The visual for 27L, short final

                                      and finally poking my head out of the window to watch a departure out of 27R. Notice #1 is stopped along with #4, while #2 & #3 did all the pulling on to stand. Cowls are full open, and the apron lights have just come on. The landing lights went off as soon as I vacated- they have a tendency to burn out without cooling airflow, and so I have started burning incense to the Apron Lighting Gods.

                                      You can see CB's still roiling far in the distance, in the soft pink to orange to blue, up high, with the first stars of the evening are just making themselves known. You can also see the much cooler, sterile apron poles cascading their bright white light along the leading edge, around the English Wheeled engine nacelle so still now unlike moments earlier, and glinting on the props. The inner ring of the front cylinders, has already retreated into the murk of shadow, and all the while, the sound, the all pervasive, fully enveloping soundscape mostly blots out the roar of Fifi with her LEAPs roaring. MAN FLEX 50, SRS RWY, AUTO THRUST BLUE certainly has its charms, but for now (don't remind me later)- JETS SUCK!

                                      Don’t forget to CLICK THE PICS to view them in 4K.

                                      Last edited by cavaricooper; 11Jun2021, 02:16.
                                      Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                      • Cyberstudio
                                        Cyberstudio commented
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                                        That last screenshot looks soo good! Lets hope to hear from Robert soon!

                                      Originally posted by cavaricooper View Post
                                      You can see CB's still roiling far in the distance, in the soft pink to orange to blue, up high, with the first stars of the evening are just making themselves known. You can also see the much cooler, sterile apron poles cascading their bright white light along the leading edge, around the English Wheeled engine nacelle so still now unlike moments earlier, and glinting on the props. The inner ring of the front cylinders, has already retreated into the murk of shadow, and all the while, the sound, the all pervasive, fully enveloping soundscape mostly blots out the roar of Fifi with her LEAPs roaring. MAN FLEX 50, SRS RWY, AUTO THRUST BLUE certainly has its charms, but for now (don't remind me later)- JETS SUCK!
                                      Is there a decidedly different roar when the window is open? I do hope so. I was watching a vid of a freighter in the Caribbean and they had it partly open in flight to help cool the cockpit (or coz it's cool to fly with an arm resting on the sill...).
                                      Mike Dryden
                                      GFO Janitor
                                      Retrieving lost & abandoned airframes
                                      My liveries:


                                        Originally posted by Mickel View Post
                                        Is there a decidedly different roar when the window is open?
                                        The sounds are very much present and integral to the Six- in volume, spatial presence and vibratory stimuli (with a Sub).
                                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                        • mats0916
                                          mats0916 commented
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                                          I concur! It's awesome!

                                        • Mickel
                                          Mickel commented
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                                          Thanks Gents. Good to know.


                                        Some of you following along have been wondering about Crossing the Pond or longer SA routes in the Six. Today, I'm flying 1100HP cruise and sent in a fuel order for 16,500lbs, far below her max capacity. I have been studying the Trans-Atlantic crossing information and am planning a Gander-Shannon very soon. At first glance even JFK-LHR isn't out of the realm of possibility. These figures should give you something to chew on and assuage your concerns about the length of her legs. Keep in mind there are other more miserly fuel options available.

                                        I can promise you that you can completely exhaust yourself flying this old girl around the world. Thankfully, there is much to do in cruise, and nary a Magenta line in sight

                                        I've really been enjoying myself in the Six- today we are at 15,000 and the US is passing below my wings at a rate and altitude where I can really take in all the vistas. If I could convince the Trolly Dolly to respond to my Call Button with tea and biscuits, I'd really be sitting pretty.

                                        We are just passing to the south of Durango, and there are BIG rocks ahead

                                        Last edited by cavaricooper; 11Jun2021, 19:40.
                                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                        • Swaluver88
                                          Swaluver88 commented
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                                          That OFP look awfully close to the SWA one not exactly but close

                                        • cavaricooper
                                          cavaricooper commented
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                                          The eagle eyed amongst you will notice my MLW of 88k... higher than the 80k of the Douglas manual, and lower than the max 91.1k... a nice compromise in my book. I doctored the PFPX files from the earlier release to match the current weights and they are working beautifully. For short trips totally unnecessary, however, when stretching her legs, particularly over hazardous terrain, the EROPS planning portion becomes invaluable. Testing multiple scenarios for water crossings, or CBI flight, is where it becomes particularly brilliant. C

                                        • Swaluver88
                                          Swaluver88 commented
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                                          Amazing work carl

                                        Take a look at the tanks... we've used Alternates feeding tank to engine (I just can't forget G-CIVX altogether now, can I?) since TOC and once 1 & 4 get to about 150lbs, the cross feeds will go on so that we can get the rest out of ALT 2 & 3 with a little added fuel pressure during changes and cross feed operation.

                                        Then once all ALTs are drained down, we will go back to Main Tank to Engine for the rest of the flight. This is a more current fuel management flow, and has moved on from the earlier methodology.

                                        In actuality, current RW operations seldom need ALT fuel, and avoid pressurizing the vessel to reduce fatigue. Should the ALTs be needed, however, this is the drill.

                                        It's starting to look like Kansas now Toto...

                                        How do you spell flat? I spell it K A N S A S...

                                        Last edited by cavaricooper; 11Jun2021, 19:32.
                                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                        • Swaluver88
                                          Swaluver88 commented
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                                          Oklahoma and or Kansas is most likely where I'm gonna wind up moving.

                                        Fuel in Alt 1 & 4 is about finished...

                                        We've got cross feeds on, and pumps are pressurizing the system to run out Alt 2 & 3.

                                        Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                          Glorious!!! 😲
                                          [email protected]_N [email protected]_M_0_S


                                            Righty-O... we've run them down about as much as I care to. Lot's of AvGas on board so there's no need to push anything....

                                            So... it's Tank To Engine (on Mains with X-Feeds closed) and we're feeling very 747ish now

                                            Looking ahead we're briefing on the BRADFORD7 for the arrival, and as the fuel calcs have been right on target, we have time for coffee!

                                            (Roberto, this one's for you. You're gonna love her mate. We need a pic of that model again!)
                                            Best- Carl Avari-Cooper


                                            • stopnicki
                                              stopnicki commented
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                                              Can't wait Carl!! The Andes are waiting!!