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[19MAR21] A round of small updates for the 777 product line were just released via PMDG Operations Center

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    [19MAR21] A round of small updates for the 777 product line were just released via PMDG Operations Center


    A few moments ago we pushed a set of updates for the entire 777 P3D product line. This is another minor-cleanup and nuisance removal update that is available for you via the PMDG Operations Center micro-update process. To obtain the update, simply launch the PMDG Operations Center, click Aircraft and Liveries and then click Product Updates.

    From this page, you will be notified of an update for the entire range of 777 to bring them up to build 1.11.1201.

    The change list for this update cycle is pretty brief:

    PMDG 777 Full Product Line - 1.11.1201 - 19MAR21
    ================================================== =======
    0009587: [General - Unsure] PVD Inop on both takeoff and landing and previous update 1.11.1183 (rsrandazzo)
    0009582: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] AUTOBRAKE advisory message intermittent on braking disconnect (rsrandazzo)
    0009612: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Protection against low speed climbs (emvaos)
    0009605: [External Model - Geometry] 200ER Beacon no splash effect on Ground (jbrown)
    0009604: [External Model - Geometry] 200ER TLA insufficient to reach m/switch for T/O thrust range system logic at deeply derated thrust or very high assumed temp. (rsrandazzo)
    0009591: [Systems - Wheels & Brakes] Autobrake deceleration rates after 1183 update (rsrandazzo)
    0009588: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] CLB page TRANS ALT is affecting how the altitude will show in a STAR VECTORS segment instead of the Descent Forecast TL page (emvaos)
    0009597: [EFB - Performance and Computational] 200ER : MTOW changes not being retained after sim reload and EFB MTOW in OPT TO (emvaos)
    0009603: [External Model - Geometry] 777W incorrect nose gear contact position (jbrown)
    0009581: [External Model - Geometry] Push Back tug is loading with front wheels turned to the left. (rsrandazzo)
    0009594: [External Model - Liveries] American Alrlines N753AN livery Tail number issue (psterling)

    Over the next few weeks, we are going to be pushing updates to the 747 and 737 product lines in order to roll out updates for those product lines that have accumulated as a normal part of the product maintenance process, and other changes that resulted from discoveries we made during the 777 development cycle such as eliminating the "acceleration with excessive AOA" bug and those types of things.

    I don't have any schedule information for those changes largely because I don't want to hem myself into a schedule that we might/might not be able to make- so watch here and we will let you know as we roll them out!

    Thanks again for all of your support of the 777- we hope you have some fun flying planned for her this weekend!

    I'm going to grab some dinner and then I'll be back with some further updates on the Road Ahead!
    Robert S. Randazzo
    PMDG Simulations

    A BIG thank you Rob and team for the continued post-release updates, especially the timely Autobrake fix!

    Enjoy your weekend, off to fly the 777 now
    Leo Cal


      Thanks pmdg. You always fix them in time.

      Tieyuan Sun


        Good job and continue with continuous improvement.

        Happy flights and happy weekend.

        Much Health

        Jose J Flores
        Jose J Flores - SVZM FIR - PDV5.1. Win 10 Pro, GPU AMD RX480 8 Gb VRam, 16 MB RAM, AMD Phenom II BE, 3.6 Mhz.


          Thank you to the PMDG team for this micro updates making the 777 better and better!
          I got flight plan projected for the beautiful Orbx Vancouver Airport CYVR to PANC on the 777-200LR tomorrow-) RO
          Rolando Olmo


            Thank you Sir!! :-)
            Pablo Vazquez
            Flight Attendant for a major US airline


              Appreciate the update Robert and team great to see.
              Danny Z.Cebis


                Dittos Robert and crew.
                Victor Green


                  Wow seems like I'm right on the 77W nose gear contact point issue
                  Kingfu Chan


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                    Yup, my apologies.

                  Much appreciated Robert, enjoy your weekend!
                  Zsolt Szivak


                    Thank you all at PMDG for your diligence on fixes. You guys are great 👍.


                      PMDG Team,

                      A Big thank you...

                      Eugene Warrick
                      Eugene Warrick


                        Thank you!!
                        Florin Marinache


                          Thanks for the update.
                          When guys are we seeing the radio 8.33 ??
                          Quentin Bertrand


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                            Wow, bold face font too!