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Thoughts about ultra wide screens

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    Thoughts about ultra wide screens

    Hello flight simmers,

    I might need a bit of your advice on a possible purchase of a new monitor. At the moment, I've got an ASUS VS247 24'' as my main monitor. A year ago, I got a smaller Hanns-G.... whatever for free and have been using it as a second monitor. Although a second monitor in general was a huge improvement over a single one, but the 2nd monitor is really old and not very good. The direct comparison always reminds me how of much better the colors on the ASUS are.
    I got the ASUS a few years ago, I've actually bought 2 then: One bigger (I guess it was 25'', I can't remember exactly), but I decided for the smaller ASUS and took the other one back to the shop, because the ASUS was so much better concerning the colors and, above all, the quality of the image when viewed from different angles. What's more, the ASUS has nearly zero glow, whereas the other one is glowing like a sunrise^^

    So, with the increased time spent in front of the screen for home office - plus the still amazing views in P3d v4 - took me to the decision to kick off the smaller no name monitor, use the current ASUS as the second monitor instead, and go for a new one as the main monitor. And the big question is, which one.

    On the one hand, I've always been happy with my ASUS, but if I go for a new one anyway, I could maybe need something bigger. However, I don't want to lose too much quality just in favour of the size, nor do I want to spend 500€++ for it.
    These are 4 options, which I'm uncertain about yet:
    - Buy another ASUS, very similar to the current one, just bigger (probably the cheapest option and a relatively reliable one)
    - Buy a curved one with similar capacities than the current one, maybe a bit bigger
    - Buy an ultra wide one (straight)
    - Buy a curved ultra-wide one, such as the Xiaomi Mi 34'' Gaming monitor (probably the most expensive option)

    Does anyone of you have any good suggestions what is worth buying in that situation from his own experiences switching to a new monitor. For example:
    How much better does a curved monitor make FS experience?
    And how much better does an ultra wide screen compared to a 16:9
    Also important: Does anyone of you have comparisons, how much performance in P3d v4 is lost by the additional pixels it has to deliver at an ultra wide screen?

    Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, I can't go to any shop to watch several monitors "live".

    My CPU (i7 9700k @4.4 Ghz) does fine and stays cool. But my GeForce 2060 Super is working pretty hard. Visually, it does a very good job, but it's getting 70Β°C+ frequently and the fans are howling pretty often, especially in clouds.

    Thought I post it here into this forum, as flying airliners like the ones by PMDG is what I'm doing most of the time while simming.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
    Dominik Jensen

    I bought an AOC CG32G1 last November for Β£300. It is 1440p, 32", 1500R curve gaming monitor, with 144hz refresh and 1ms response.

    I love it. The colour definition is great and the look and feel is excellent. I havent noticed an fps hit by changing monitor either.

    I found you see a lot more on the screen and so you are not having to look around for things in the cockpit.

    Neil Holloway
    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb 3200mhz, Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super


      I've been using a 55" Samsung 4k TV and it's been the best thing I've ever used. My specs are lower than yours so I'm sure you could run it. Personally I don't like the lack of hight on the ultra wide screens. I spent 500 Euro the TV. Best 500 ever spent πŸ‘Œ
      Sander Rutte


        They're pretty wide
        Yoshi Elder


          Curved ultra wide is the way to go. I can’t imagine flying without it.
          Jeannette Benoit


            I've had an ultra wide screen before and always had the problem that while I could easily view the PFD, ND and EICAS it was pretty hard to look out and see the runway at the same time. That always gave me a hard time.
            After that screen broke down I got a 50" 16:9 screen and it was probably the best decision I've taken for flight simming so far (except for getting my first yoke almost ten years ago!).
            I really don't want to miss out the ability to scan all my instruments while at the same time look outside for the runway as well! Getting that scanflow right alone was probably worth the ~550€ I spent for that screen.


              I see, the opinions wheather ultra-wide or 16:9 stay different. I've now decided for the AOC C32G1 as a bigger curved 16:9 monitor as a compromise. Maybe the day might come when I regret now having spent some more €€ for ultra-wide, but on the other hand, I've just ordered the Honeycomb throttles and a new car for the end of the year - so there are still reasons to save money at some points πŸ™ƒ

              Thanks a lot for sharing all the experiences!

              Best regards,


                I think it is important to maintain the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. My choice was the Samsung 42-in 4K TV and it about a forearm length in front of my nose on my computer desk. Like Emi, it's large enough to allow realistically sized DUs and my instrument scan on final handflying either FD or raw data is easy. I'd personally never be interested in a curved screen, but that is a personal preference.
                Dan Downs KCRP
                i7-10700K 32GB 3600MHz 2080Ti



                  I nuked your post here showing your screen setup because there were some passwords displayed within the photo that i don't think you meant to show...

                  Might be worth changing those passwords now.

                  Robert S. Randazzo
                  PMDG Simulations


                    [email protected] commented
                    Editing a comment
                    That is a classy move Robert! Thank you for looking out!

                  Responded privately to Robert, but I also have to thank him publicly for the sharp eye and the quick reaction.
                  Passwords were immediately changed.
                  Thank you Robert!!

                  Many regards,
                  Roberto Stopnicki
                  Toronto, Canada


                    Ultrawides in my opinion are a must have for me in Flight Sim.

                    Although VR is taking most of the flying time away from the ultrawide, I would opt for a G-sync (helps with smoothness/stutters) and at minimum 100hz.

                    Alex Ridge - EGKK


                      Well guys, today I've finally got my new AOC C32G1. Ugh, I just installed it and I personally find it absolutely awful 😨😱😱 I mean, yes, it seems to work as it should. But being used to the much smaller ASUS VS247, everything looks way more artificial and less crisp (the resolution in P3d is the same than before and it can't go higher). I've tried a lot with the colors and I can't even nearly get it to the sharpness of the ASUS, let alone the colors which have been more blueish on the ASUS. It's almost as if my eyes had gone bad if I look into that screen when P3d is running. And the curved design drives me crazy, as it looks to me as if looking through glasses that don't fit my eyes! Even more, it is sitting way too high to me, I've always got the feeling that I need to turn up my head, even if I don't really have to.

                      I guess I have to send it back quickly and either go for a second ASUS VS 247 or go ultrawide with a non-curved monitor, that is about as high as the current ASUS.

                      Just to be sure: Can you confirm that P3d v4.5 is able to support ultra-wide ratio by design? Because at the moment 1920 x 1080 is the maximum resolution that P3d is showing - and it's also the one I'm using all the time now with my 16:9 monitor. If I get a 21:9 monitor, will P3d recognize that and automatically show a resolution with more width??
                      My graphic card is the RTX 2060 Super.

                      Thanks again in advance.

                      Best regards,
                      Dominik Jensen


                        I've managed to get P3D to show up in 4K before on a 4K monitor, so it can definitely go higher than 1920 x 1080.
                        Captain Kevin

                        Kevin Yang


                          P3D does not natively support "ultra-wide" or aspect rations (this is what you need to focus on) wider than 16:9. The 16:9 (1.777:1) aspect ration has been the international wide screen standard since early 1990's. It is simply the standard display 4:3 squared. There are a few 16:10 devices but I avoid them, and the ultra-wide comes in so many different variants, most popular probably from cinema 21:9. However, there is no way to stretch and crop a 16:9 display to fit a 21:9 that I'm aware of. I just checked this topic in Wikipedia and found that 64:27 would be the logical extension since both standard 4:3 and wide 16:9 can be expanded with scalars to fit.

                          Don't confuse resolution (1K 4K etc) with aspect ratio. You can have many resolutions within on aspect ratio. The standard 4k display is on a 16:9 aspect ration and turns out to be 3841x2160.

                          Stick to 16:9.
                          Dan Downs KCRP
                          i7-10700K 32GB 3600MHz 2080Ti


                            OK, does that mean that any flight simulator screenshot on an ultra-wide screen has to be distorted or stretched in any way? I don't properly understand the term "4:3 squared".

                            Let me say it like this: If a monitor is bigger than my old one, it has to have a higher resolution, because otherwise, it's no benefit from having a bigger monitor, because everything seems a bit more blurry. (the logical consequence of every pixel being a bit larger), no matter if 16:9 or 4:3. So...

                            Originally posted by Captain Kevin View Post
                            I've managed to get P3D to show up in 4K before on a 4K monitor, so it can definitely go higher than 1920 x 1080.
                            ...have you got an idea, how that could work?


                              Originally posted by DeeJay View Post
                              OK, does that mean that any flight simulator screenshot on an ultra-wide screen has to be distorted or stretched in any way? I don't properly understand the term "4:3 squared".

                              Let me say it like this: If a monitor is bigger than my old one, it has to have a higher resolution, because otherwise, it's no benefit from having a bigger monitor, because everything seems a bit more blurry. (the logical consequence of every pixel being a bit larger), no matter if 16:9 or 4:3. So...

                              ...have you got an idea, how that could work?
                              Simple: 4:3 squared is 4x4 : 3x3 = 16:9. They are related by their squares. Basic math.

                              Yes, larger display should have higher resolution to maintain the same pixel density. I am using a 42-in widescreed (16:9) that is 14-in from my nose, sitting on the computer desk in front of my keyboard. Resolution is 4K. It works great but I wouldn't be happy with a 1k display.... 4K is pretty common now.
                              Dan Downs KCRP
                              i7-10700K 32GB 3600MHz 2080Ti


                                Originally posted by DDowns View Post
                                Simple: 4:3 squared is 4x4 : 3x3 = 16:9. They are related by their squares. Basic math.
                                Got It :-) Was more of a language problem, as I've hardly done any maths in english language so far.

                                OK, so I've now ordered a 27' ASUS monitor, basically the same that I already have (24'), just a little bit larger. I hope this will deliver a bit more size without being able to count the single pixels like on the one I will send back. So, no magic gamer display, no curves, no more experiments, just a solid mid-sized monitor.

                                My graphic card is yelling enough when flying complex airplanes through the clouds into big airports with PBR and lots of AI traffic. I don't want to imagine what it would mean for the RTX and the poor cooler fans if I went 4K (however that might be done in P3d).

                                Thanks again for your advice.

                                Dominik Jensen


                                  I run a Sony x800D 43in 4K TV as my monitor sitting an arms length away and I love it. I hope to move to a larger screen 55in one day. The immersion is incredible.
                                  Dan Moore


                                    All right, I got the new simple ASUS 27'' monitor today, and it's way better for me! Just one very strange issue:

                                    The 2 monitors are switched in the wrong way. Normally you can easily switch them back in the Win10 display menu. But switching them into the right order only lasts for a split second, and then switches back again. The same happens if I do that in the NVidia control panel.
                                    Monitor 1 (the new one) is connected via Display Port and the second one (the smaller, older one) via DVI - exactly the same configuration than with the AOC that I've tested in the last days. And there, it worked without a problem.

                                    Can anyone help me, especially about the problem that Win10 doesn't want to switch the monitor positions?

                                    Dominik Jensen


                                      I've just purchased a 38" widescreen and don't regret it at all. For watching things like Youtube it's great, even though you get the black lines down the side, because I sit relatively close to the screen the viewing area is not too big, and you don't notice them while watching. For productivity I can have 2 windows open next to each, and for flight simulation it's truly excellent with the extra fov.
                                      Andrew Marrs

                                      i9-10900K, RTX 3090, 64GB


                                        OK, problem solved. There was a tickbar at "Use this monitor as the primary device" (or whatever that would be called in an English Windows version), that was unticked. Works now.

                                        Yeah, there you see how much size is a matter of taste. I'm sitting less than a meter away from the screen and I couldn't be happier than with the flat 27'' monitor, while many seem to have TV screens, ultra-wide screens or corved gaming monitors.